Catholic who almost went to Medjugorje

Discussion in 'Welcome to New Members' started by Aniela, Nov 7, 2018.

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    Thank you for the prayers. They are much needed. I saw my father for father's day and my youngest brother showed up. You know how family visits go when you just talk about anything. One of the things that came up was my brother said he doesn't believe in the virus just like he doesn't believe in religion. It made me sad as I have been hoping he would turn back to God. My dad doesn't believe in anything neither and says it is because he lost his dad suddenly as a child and if God exist he would not have taken his dad away in such a way (he was one of those sewer workers and a truck went out of control and .. ya I don't need to say m0re). It is hard when adamant family is so against what I believe so strongly in.If it wasn't for God I don't know where I would be. I have been crying the last 2 days even though I am on Paxil (depression / anti-anxiety medications) but I do go through these times when it seems like nothing is enough. I pray to God, I take my meds, yet it seems I still always cry until a few days later when I gain composure again and thank God. When I am like this I can't talk to my family as they do not understand.. All I have is God. I am glad I have God as without Him I don't know where I would be. The trigger was my youngest brother. Just things he says ... I have never been able to handle anyone not being happy with me or looking down on me or hating me or not being happy with me. Even though I grew up with very very little encouragement I know how my family is and it is not their fault I have depression. I just ... I just wish things were somehow a little different. Thank you for your prayers.They are DEFINITELY needed. Thank you and God Bless you all.
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    You and your family Aniela will be in our Rosaries.
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    I, too, have been struggling to pray the Rosary daily - for elven years now. But I have gotten better at it. Now, I say a complete Rosary on most days I reckon. You can start with small steps, maybe just one decade a day. You can pray when driving, that really helps me.
    The Rosary is our remedy against evil. This was confirmed by Our Lady in Akita and Fatima.
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    Prayers for you and your family, Aniela.
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    God works through our humanity while also working above and beyond our outstanding, where we have no human control!
    However it is all dependent on our or our forebears prayer and penance!

    We can never control God but if we do whatever He tells us (our Lady's words) Miracles do happen with our prayers!
    God Is and God Does !

    He is Omnipotent! He Alone is Divine and He uses Our prayers in His perfect way! We await His works which come to fruition in His Time and in His Way.

    We usually feel at a loss (while on our pilgrimage to our home) , but if we continue to pray (do as He tells us) , we can add to Gods great works!
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    Aniela, have you read "He and I" by Gabrielle Bossis? If not, look into it. Jesus loves you deeply and I think if you could hear a bit how He talks to those who love Him like you, it would be such balm for your soul.
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    I haven't heard of it before but I will look into it. Another issue lately is I feel bad for my mom who has let my youngest brother live with her in her small apartment because his ex kicked him out (I forget if I had mentioned this before or not) but my mom has been going through verbal abuse at the hands of said youngest brother. He loves her deeply as she always stuck up for him against our verbally and mentally abusive father (he is better now and regrets the past) but my brother's temper has gotten the best of him most times lately. My other brother has told my mom to kick him out saying he won't mature until she stops enabling him but at the same time she doesn't want him to be homeless. I don't know what to do and we've all been praying for him constantly.
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