Catholic Perspective on Vaccinations with Pam Acker

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    We have a duty as Catholics to educate ourselves about these vaccines.

    I am under enormous pressure from my family to take the vaccine but I have resisted so far and there may well be serious consequences in my family life if I don't conform to the vaccine narrative (i.e access to my grandson).

    I do not judge anyone who took the vaccine as there has been inordinate pressure and also lack of clarity from the Vatican. I believe God will hold the Pope accountable for his statement that people 'have a moral obligation' to take the vaccines considering that all covid vaccines have links to aborted fetal cells to one degree or another.

    I suggest that if you took the Astra Zeneca vaccine (or the Johnston & Johnston) in good faith that you watch this video as it is clear that this AZ vaccine was developed from HEK293 cell line. This means that a baby was deliberately aborted/murdered so that the kidneys could be harvested/stolen in order to produce cell lines for the development of vaccines. There are human proteins & human dna contaminants in the actual AZ vaccine.

    The other vaccines Pfizer and Moderna are not derived from aborted fetal cells but were tested on aborted cell lines (remote material cooperation).

    Pam Acker who is interviewed in this video has published a book - "Vaccination, a Catholic perspective".

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