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  1. Krizevac

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    I'll be honest, I haven't even watched all of this YouTube yet, I'm on lunch break while working from home. I'll watch it all later. If any of you have seen the movies mentioned I'd be interested in your observations
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  2. AED

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    I couldnt get it to play.:(
    But....some of my "favorite Catholic" movies are The Bells of St Mary's, Come to the Stable, the original Miracle of Marcelino, The Song of Bernadette, Heaven Knows Mr Allison, Brideshead Revisited (made for TV 1980's version) that is for starters. Most of them are old.
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  3. Fede

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    Thank you.. Sometimes You need to just take a break from life and I have been searching for faith movies and it is so hard to find those on the main stream.
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  4. Fede

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    I will definitely check these out . Thank you!
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  5. AED

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    On you tube some can be found surprisingly.
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  6. AidanK

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    Just the day before yesterday I watched the story of st Therese of Lisieux on YouTube. So beautiful.
  7. AidanK

    AidanK A great sinner

    Have just watched first two episodes of Brideshead Revisited (80s version). Full of legendary actors eg Olivier and Gielguid. So much Catholicity as id expect from the brilliant Evelyn Waugh.
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  8. Te Deum

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    I saw The Mission a few years ago and thought it was good and I would watch it again. Calvary more recently, and while I always like Brendan Gleeson in movies (a great actor) there was something I can't quite put my finger on and probably won't watch again.
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  9. AED

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    I love the novel and the 80's version.
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  10. andree

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    This is not a Catholic movie, but protestant. But I loved it and the little old lady in the film really is great at reminding us to fight the real enemy, which is not our neighbour, but Satan and his minions.

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  11. andree

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  12. TinNM

    TinNM Guest

    May 10th is the Feast Day of St. Damien, Father Damien of Molokai... I saw this film, some acquaintances, not sure if they are Catholic saw it too and enjoyed it. You know, you can look up his wikipedia entry and some other Churches hold him in reverence as well and I had to pass that on.
    Father Damien - Wikipedia
    The movie is at youtube and tubitv.
    Molokai: The Story of Father Damien (1999) | Full Movie | David Wenham | Kate Ceberano | Jan Decleir - YouTube

    Yes, and I've heard per above about that Father Peyton movie. I hope to see it. I hope all in the post is presentable, I want to keep a low profile and mainly just lurk, lots of good info and discussion but I wanted to share it. This movie really affected me. Good Father Damien's sister was a Nun and as a Nun caring for the enfermed, picked up typhus and passed on. Anyway, I had always heard of him growing up but this added quite a bit.
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  13. Ananchal

    Ananchal Vigilans

    I have a small library of Catholic/ faith based movies (I don’t watch tv anymore) one movie that I got that I enjoyed (although in today’s culture it may be “canceled”) is Lilies of the Field starring Sidney Poitier (spelling?) I also found a movie on St Barbara that I was surprise how much I enjoyed (I never had heard st Barbara’s story)
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  14. PurpleFlower

    PurpleFlower Powers

    My son just learned today that St. Barbara is the saint to call on for protection against thunder and lightning...which he plans to do, as he's afraid during storms! (He's 8 :)) I don't know much about her other than...her father locked her in a tower for being a Christian, right? Something like that?
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  15. TinNM

    TinNM Guest

    "Risen" is good, I even heard one of the hosts on Relevant Radio rant some about it. I don't think it's perfect but it's a good watch. NOT strictly a "Catholic movie".


    Next, even if it is in Spanish, one can see how Mexican cinema portrayed "Our Lady of Guadelupe", check 45 minutes in of this old black and white movie. They actually do pretty well in my opinion on this, apparently, there are a few "Our Lady of Guadalupe" movies from down there.
    Película católica completa: Apariciones de la virgen de Guadalupe - YouTube

    I have not seen the next movie but it sounds good and it's almost 3 and a half hours long, that is some long movie, I'd be best to have some time to absorb it. His feast day is May 26th, so coming up soon.


    The Saint Rita movie is very inspirational, I'd recommend it, also, there's quite a bit on the Bubonic plague, so very timely in its message to today. And also, it spurred me on to check out the St. Rita Shrine online among other places. I'd say she's quite the powerful Saint. Looks like youtube has this movie in full in installments, 22... I saw it on EWTN so we will see: Saint Rita of Cascia / full movie / part 1 - 1 - YouTube The National Shrine of Saint Rita of Cascia (


    "The Inquiry" (2006) is pretty good, again, not perfect. It may not be for everyone. Slightly similar to "Risen" in theme. Again, not strictly a Catholic movie.
    The Inquiry - YouTube

    The movies are countless. I'll stop there. Why I got some email about "A Man for All Seasons", there's that classic too.
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  16. Prayslie

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    Movie: The exorcism of Emily Rose.
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  17. TinNM

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    Here I go again, pardon me and I'm sure it has been discussed but I did watch the "Garabandal" movie and I thought it was quite good. It had English captions off of amazon prime where it is free to watch if one has that membership. I have watched documentaries discussing Garabandal but had not previously seen a movie. I read up a bit on this movie, I'm not positive but it sounds like only local actors and actresses were used. I especially liked the "Guardia Civil", I guess, he's sort of the policeman around there... I post a picture of him in the 2nd photo where he seems to say in English, "I can not deny all I have seen here, all that I have lived through here" (and "Only God Knows" at the bottom of the poster). Yes, I need to watch it again, Conchita as shown in the first movie poster below in the middle is very much central to the movie. Some may not be into getting an amazon prime membership, neither was I. I am fortunate that I do have such access. I also watched a "football" movie, "Greatest" about Brandon Burlsworth, a deceased football player. It's more of a "Christian" movie than "Catholic" but it had a very positive message. But back to the movie "Garabandal", yes, it was pretty good imho and definitely with captions in English. I need to watch it again. The first 30 minutes seemed a bit slow. It is difficult at times to watch movies, they need to develop, but then, it got fairly exciting. (It does look like it is at youtube, this version does not have English subtitles so folks need to find these things for themselves but still, one may watch: )

    Opinions anyone??

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Okay, it appears this was discussed in the forum: Garabandal movie now available on youtube | Mother of God ( I'd say, okay, it may leave some things out but maybe it suffices well as an introduction.
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  18. TinNM

    TinNM Guest

    And here I go again, the Catholic equivalent to these streaming movies services is " " , although, it would cost to get onto it, we get it FREE by belonging to a Catholic Church. I don't know about people from other parts of the world as there seems to be quite a few here but in the USA, I was able to select our church.

    Movie Night - FORMED A lot of these were made in Italy, I see they have a movie on St. Anthony... also, tubitv has a "faith" section so there is a lot out there if one looks. There at "Formed", I see that movie on Saint Barbara. I started watching the Mother Teresa movie they have. I really could not get into it but I'm sure it is fine.

    Has anyone else watched "FORMED"??

    Also, "Formed" just got some of the films from "St. Luke productions" with actor Leonardo de Fillipis, for example, he did a one man show live that showed in many Churches, "Maximilian St. of Auschwitz", now that I look back on it, I'm not positive how great it was but when I first saw it 20 years ago I'd say, it meant the world to me and was significant in getting me back into the faith. Anyway, formed has those too. Back in the day, I had the VCR tape, I watched it countless times.... sometimes I think it is better not to have too many movies. So, I forget if it was entering my zip code or just picking my Church out from a list. They told us in the bulletin we could get "Formed" which I had heard about but it was not difficult to get on with them, otherwise, I think the service is a bit expensive.

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  19. AED

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    Great info. Thank you.
  20. TinNM

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    Luca Lionello who plays Judas in the "Passion of the Christ" was an atheist until that role.... (random link: also Luca Lionello - Wikipedia ) and converted or reverted back to Catholicism.


    The man who played Pontius Pilate, Hristo Shopov of Burlgaria also was Pilate in 2006's "The Inquiry", the actor who played St. John in "The Passion" was Christo Jivkov, he plays St. Stephen in "The Inquiry", Jivkov is also from Bulgaria.

    Monica Cruz is Penelope Cruz's younger sister.... she is in "The Inquiry", Watch The Inquiry (2006) - Free Movies | Tubi (

    More here: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About “The Passion of the Christ” | Mel Gibson The Passion | Jim Caviezel - Beliefnet

    I have Blessed (I think) Catherine Emmerich's book, I have had it for years but I still have not quite gotten into reading "The Dolorous Passion of Jesus Christ"...... her book.
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