Catholic martyrs who refused to take Hitler Oath

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    The following Catholics who refused to cooperate with an evil regime and suffered martyrdom for refusing to take an oath of loyalty to the anti-Christ Adolf Hitler.

    Franz Jägerstätter (also spelled Jaegerstaetter in English) (20 May 1907 – 9 August 1943) (born as Franz Huber) was an Austrian conscientious objector during World War II. Jägerstätter was sentenced to death and executed for his refusal to fight for Nazi Germany. He was later declared a martyr and beatified by the Catholic Church.

    Accused of Wehrkraftzersetzung (undermining of military morale), Jägerstätter was sentenced to death for sedition in a military trial at the Reichskriegsgericht in Berlin-Charlottenburg on 6 July 1943. He was deported to Brandenburg-Görden Prison on 9 August, where he was executed by guillotine in the afternoon, age 36. Jägerstätter's last recorded words before his death were, "I am completely bound in inner union with the Lord".

    In June 2007, Pope Benedict XVI issued an apostolic exhortation declaring Jägerstätter a martyr. On 26 October 2007, he was beatified in a ceremony held by Cardinal José Saraiva Martins at the New Cathedral in Linz. His feast day is the day of his baptism, 21 May.ägerstätter


    Fr Franz Reinisch SAC (February 1, 1903 – August 21, 1942) was a member of the Schoenstatt Movement. He was a Catholic priest and refused to take the oath of allegiance to Hitler, for which he was executed.

    On 15 April 1942, Reinisch arrived a day later than ordered in the barracks in Bad Kissingen and immediately declared his refusal to swear the oath of allegiance to Hitler. He publicly noted that he would swear allegiance to the German people but not Adolf Hitler. He was arrested and brought before a court-martial, charged with undermining military morale. His trial dragged on, so he was brought in May to the Berlin-Tegel prison, where the prison chaplain denied him communion for failing to perform his duty. In August he was moved to Brandenburg in Berlin, where he would be sentenced. In prison he wrote the poem "You're the Great People", as a dirge in anticipation of a death sentence.

    On 20 August 1942 the death sentence was read aloud at 20:00 by the public prosecutor. Reinisch said, "This convict is not a revolutionary; a revolutionary is a head of state or a public enemy who fights with fists and violence. I am a Catholic priest with only the weapons of the Holy Spirit and the Faith; but I know what I am fighting for." Reinisch prayed that night then wrote a farewell letter to his parents and siblings. His final words from the prison cell were, "Love and suffering into joy, F. Reinisch". On 21 August 1942 he made his final confession at midnight. At 01:00 he received Holy Communion. At 03:00 he gave all he had to his family, including a cloth in which the Eucharist was wrapped, his crucifix and rosary, some books and his farewell letter. At 03:30 his shoes and socks were taken off, his hands were tied behind his back, and he was led to the basement execution chamber where, at 5:03, he was beheaded by guillotine.

    On 28 May 2013 the Bishop in Trier, Stephan Ackermann, started the process for beatification for Reinisch. The postulator for this process is Father Heribert SAC. His feast day is 21 August

    Josef Ruf is one of the few Catholic conscientious objectors known by name during WW2.
    On the evening before his execution, Josef Ruf had the opportunity to write to his family and the Christ the King Society. Both letters have survived (copies). In it, Josef Ruf asks forgiveness for the suffering he had to inflict on his relatives, but also affirms his conviction that he had to act in this way “to do justice to God's will”.

    Michael Lerpscher (born November 5, 1905 in Wilhams (Allgäu), † September 5, 1940 in Brandenburg prison ) was a religiously motivated conscientious objector . He was executed in 1940 . Michael Lerpscher was a lay brother of the Christ the King Society , which was founded by Max Josef Metzger .

    In 1999, the Catholic Church accepted Michael Lerpscher as a martyr in the German martyrology of the 20th century .

    Max Josef Metzger (born February 3, 1887 in Schopfheim ; † April 17, 1944 in the Brandenburg-Görden prison ) was a German Catholic priest who was sentenced to death on October 14, 1943 by the People's Court under the chairmanship of its President Roland Freisler on October 14, 1943 because of his pacifist convictions and was executed after six months.
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    Could we be as brave in the face of similar circumstances? We may face this in the near future.
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    Thank you for posting these. Very very inspiring.
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