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    I'm opening a new topic, if this one already exists, apologies and let the moderators delete it or merge it with the existing one.

    I love to read books about saints, whether modern or "older" looking at history chronologically.
    I think I read several books about Padre Pio, Leopold Bogdan Mandić, St. Anthony of Padua, Joseph of Cupertino, the servant of God Anti Antić, St. Francis.... There are even some great movies, especially the older ones.

    I am currently reading two books about St. Andre Bessett. An incredible saint, the prognosis was that he would only live a day or two, and he lived to be 91 years old. A true reflection of God's love, patience and holiness. Somehow Saint Joseph quietly entered the door of my life these years, he was a quiet saint, but extremely powerful and strong as an advocate before God. Andre Bessette prayed to him in particular and recommended others to his prayers. He often used the oil of St. Joseph with whom he anointed the sick and the St. Joseph medals. On one occasion, he was asked about it, and he said that oil is like any oil and a medal is like any medal, but it inspires faith in people, and that is the most important thing.

    They say that according to estimates, the number of miracles during his lifetime reaches over 100,000, although realistic estimates say 10,000 to 12,000...

    As many as a million people came to his funeral in the space of a few days, in the time after the Great Depression when Canada had only about 11 million, and the USA, at least in the north near the border, had less than 20 million.
    I don't think people realize how demanding, difficult and expensive traveling used to be back then.

    By the way, one thing is interesting to me. You could rarely make them angry or upset, but the thing that really affected them deeply was when miracles were attributed to them instead of God.

    There they became nervous, they made excuses, they felt ashamed and insignificant before the greatness of God. This is particularly interesting to me because today many consider themselves "chosen by God", I do not mean only the Jews, but also some other people who consider themselves more special because of this. However, we see that the real saints, those through whom God really worked, understood that being chosen means being humbled because when a person humbles himself, he realizes his smallness and then God comes in his place and works. Their greatness was precisely that in their smallness, and then God exalts such...

    If God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow then His standard has not changed...

    I overdue it a bit.

    The books are:

    1) The miracle of the mountain; the story of Brother André and the shrine on Mount Royal

    2) Brother Andre according to witnesses

    I will also list the titles of the others, they are in Croatian translation, so I need some time...

    Otherwise, you can read the books for free on this site.

    You only have to borrow every hour, which takes a few seconds. If you like to read online...
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    At the moment one of the books I am currently reading is called "Unhumans: the Secret History of Communist Revolutions (and how to crush them) While not Catholic per se, it's very eye opening in the way it presents the subject matter. The timelines of events in different places of the world are not disjointed in the presentation. By that I mean it shows the revolutions as they occurred, at the same time or on the heals of other revolutions, in various parts of the world. In school we learned about Mao, about the Bolsheviks etc, but they were "separated" as events....This book shows how it was/is all connected.

    One small snippet from the chapter on China:
    "In a revolution, the unhumans always come for the people of God, because for vengeance-as-policy to thrive, there can be no higher power or greater will to serve than that of the Party. They smash religion, remove God from the public square, and anoint themselves the new supreme lawgivers. The revolution never ends."

    My own take so far is that this little period of peace we're experiencing at the moment is akin to the "The Hundred Flowers" campaign.........and "synodality" fits right in to that....
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    Revelations by Xavier Ayral
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    I like audio books. I'm about to start the Didache:
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    The Didache is inspiring and recent scholarship sees it as a first century document. It views Holy Mass as a sacrifice.(y)
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    I'm re-reading a novel by deceased priest, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson: Come Rack! Come Rope!

    If you want to be inspired by the priests, Jesuits, and lay Catholics who gave their lives to remain Faithful Catholics during Queen Elizabeth I's reign during the last half of the 16th century, this is a captivating read!

    (re-published by Neumann Press in 1995!
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    The very first Catechism. I was disappointed that it was so short. What I had expected to be volumes turned out to be a 20 minute video.
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    I am reading a book called, The God Mother', recently written by Father Charles Muir about Mother Pasquelini, the nun who helped Pope Pius xii. It is not just about the nun but about her relationship with Fr Muir since he was a young seminarian in Rome.

    It also gives some insights into the workings of the Modernists/ Freemasons to influence and take over the Church. Fr Muir is a lovely man and a great story teller. You see him all the time on tube. There is also a wonderful German film with English subtitles about this extraordinary woman.

    She was a fighter, a real lioness, a lady of huge courage and determination. It reminds me that one single person can be a great force for good in the fight against evil.
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