Catholic Bishop: Gov. Cuomo is “Not in Communion With the Catholic Church,” He’s “Ex-Communioned

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    A series of compromises along the way and each becomes more soul-killing than the one before and soon you find there is no real faith anymore. Only expediency. It's a dire state to be in.
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    Gov.Cuomo's actions/ policies has killed the most vulnerable of the youngest and the elderly. I can’t even imagine his accountability before God . If Cuomo, as a elected official feels Legally protected from the responsibility to protect human life and deliberately celebrated a bill to destroy human life, his accountability before God will not go unpunished. How anyone, with any belief in God can think that they can sign the death warrants for these innocent human lives and stand before God at judgement is beyond my understanding.
    I agree that we need to pray for his soul and conversion. As it appears now, his own actions and “free will” will indeed lead him into hell if he does not reverse his policies and repent.
    Additionally, it is the responsibility of the clergy to publicly demand that he reverse his policies and seek repentance.
    Their accountability before God is in as much jeopardy if they do not. It appears as though this falls on Cardinal Dolan from NY. It was, and is, his duty to admonish the sinner. Since Cuomo is a public official and his evil actions are affecting the lives of the public from their state, it is necessary for Cardinal Dolan to publicly denounce Cuomo and to publicly excommunicate him. Not doing so is a serious violation of his own responsibility before God.

    All of these so called “Catholics” who support abortion/ infanticide should be excommunicated. All clergy of these politicians need to publicly excommunicate these public officials. Not doing so is not going to go well at judgment for any of them. Signing the Death warrants for the innocent without the outcry from the “ shepherds “ is worse than cowardly, it’s sinful in and of itself.

    I believe that the color red (color of blood) that cardinals wear is symbolic of their willingness to be a martyr for the faith. If they are not even willing to chastise these pro abortion politicians, then perhaps they should consider wearing it is more representative of who they really are. Like Cuomo, they need our prayers as well....maybe more. Their accountability before God as ordained men of God holds them to a even greater accountability. How utterly blind they have become that they do not even have the guts to speak up against the deliberate murder of these innocent babies. It’s absolutely beyond words. I guess it’s just too hard and uncomfortable to come down on these “ elite” politicians and then enjoy champagne with them at NY social events, parties and parades. Someday the party is going to end, and it won’t end well.
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    God has all eternity to punish these reprobates.

    They had better repent.

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