Carlo Acutis Beatified

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    If you ever get the chance to visit this in person, you should. There has been an apostolate that travels and set up in parishes. But in meantime, thus is on line version. Quite amazing that a young teen put it together.
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    Carlos Acutis demonstrated a vocation as a victim soul by offering his sufferings to spiritually support Pope Benedict XVI. I hope that his canonization brings a new flood of graces that includes the beginning of the beatification process of Pope Benedict XVI himself, whom he loved so much.
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    What an amazing gift from God to have this modern day young saint! I was blessed to be in the presence of his relic when it arrived unexpectedly at our parish in March, 2023. I will never forget the sight of my grandson, Patrick, touching his brown scapular to Blessed Carlos’ relic. He was really taken with this young saint because of their common interest in computers.
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    So many mystical goings on around this young saint!! He appears to be turning up in apparitions everywhere! It must be heavens way of pointing it's big finger at this very young person and shouting at us,

    'Pay attention!!!'

    I see he was born in London, which comes as a surprise.
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    He had a PS2, he played only one hour \90 minutes a day (he had more free time but willingly limited), so some people are actually discussing if the PS2 counts as a relic:cool:
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