Carlo Acutis Beatified

Discussion in 'The Saints' started by Don_D, Feb 23, 2020.

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    Chills!!! (Good chills)
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    Yeah. I think I'd come-to on the floor, lol!
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    What a great insight. I bet most of us here have seen dramatic answers to prayer. "How great is our great is His great is Our God forever the same..." (this fragment of a hymn just came to me:))
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    When Carlos was beatified in October, I was reading about him online and kept running across info saying his mother had a dream about him soon after he died. Apparently he said that he'd be canonized very quickly after being beatified, and that when he is canonized, the time will have arrived for the new generation of saints. I can't seem to find it anywhere now, though! Does anyone else remember reading that?
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    If I come across it, I'll post.
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    ...and He said I'll never leave you, put your trust in Me!
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