Cardinal Brady Speaks out against Gay Marriage

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Seán, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Seán

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    Cardinal Seán Brady recently spoke out against the immorality of homosexual unions and I was impressed by this:

    We have now reached a crossroads; people can choose to accept Christ's path and stand up for what is good and right, or they can take the easy way out, and blindly follow society. If there will be a referendum, the Christian groups will have to work very hard to engineer any kind of defense. The institute of the family is a reflection of the Holy Trinity, and of the Holy Family, and marriage between a man and a woman is a sacred Sacrament, not a trivial personal decision influenced by the whims of the world. Christ established this sacrament at Cana, and, as scripture tells us, all other forms of this are an abomination.
    I hope and pray that we still have enough faithful Christians who will vote for Christ.

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    I am reading a history of the Papacy at the minute. The reason why schisms and the so called 'Reformation' in the Church happened appears to be huge evil in the Church in the form of corruption in the Vatican itself. I don't think evils will prevail if people pray as Mary asked. If people pray they will make the right choices if they fail to pray they will be lost out there in space.

    Maybe I am lost in time but I see these things being proposed, especially in Ireland and I can not believe folks are actually taking them seriously, its like some weird kind of science fiction novel. If we had not had the child abuse problems in the Church we might have been in a better position to fight these evils but the Church is very,very much weakened now.

    I keep going back to what Our Lady asked for to pray, pray the rosary and to fast, to be holy in our lives. Thats the only thing that will save us.

    I wonder did Cardinal Brady ask for prayer and fasting in his statement? I wonder if he asked that we should say the rosary?

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