Canadian Archdiocese bans unvaccinated from Mass!!!

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by sparrow, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. padraig

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    It is especially hard on priests.

    St Robert Bellarmine was pressed one time to become Pope and refused. He said if he could pick up the Papacy as easily as to pick up a straw from the ground he would not bend to do so. When asked why he refused he said that God would ask an account of Popes for all the bad Bishops they had appointed and that there were many , many bad Bishops.

    There are a thousand times more bad Bishops now and the Popes will have to give an account for every one of them. So many of them are active perverts and heretics of the very,very worst stamp. Armies of them are cowards.
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  2. padraig

    padraig Powers

    There are good ones too of course. It you can find them..somewhere or other. Their worst vice is fear of human respect; a very, very terrible thing. They have become effeminate and cringing.

    They bully the weak and run from the strong.
  3. AED

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    Praying Rory. I have a holy hour today at 11. Joining you in these intentions for the election and for all your families and for all Canada.
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  4. andree

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    I'm also praying for Canada today.

    I thought a lot about these events in listening to this podcast by Frances Hogan on the Gospel of John. It's like the Passion is being played out all over again. Frances says John's Gospel makes it clear who crucified Jesus in order of responsibility: the high priests, Pilate (government), the lay people. It's good to meditate on this because she gives hope in the face of he crumbling "institution" of the Church.

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    And now Mexican bishops applying the screws to their own priests. Can you imagine Jesus saying to one of the many people he cured- hey you should have taken better care of yourself….too bad you have thus horrible affliction- you caused it yourself so no help for you.

    This is really outrageous- financial extortion to comply. To a certain extent of believe people who are dealing with this imposition from their own bishops are “white” martyrs. I believe the Lord will see their suffering and accept it. Now, without trying to judge, I’m not so sure I’d want to be a bishop with the Lord asking what did you do when you withheld ME from the faithful?
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  6. Muzhik

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    It's not that they're BAD, they're just ... meh.
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  7. Don_D

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    Lukewarm. I seem to remember Jesus having something to say about that.
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  8. Michael Pio

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    Dear Sparrow,
    I am on your side and in your boat also. Will pray. Have prayed.
  9. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I think there are two ways of looking at the World. One is from a Worldy way , the way that ,say, the Caesar's looked at the World. Then there is the grace aided Mystical /Supernatural way of looking at things, the same way say the Early Christians did. A God's eye view. Saint John the Evangelist has this opposition as a constant theme in Scripture, that the Christian should be set apart from the Ways of the World.

    What sets the Christian apart from the Worldly is the active working of the Holy Spirit in the Soul, the, 'Quickening ', of the Spirit which we beg for at the start of Mass in the Liturgy each day. This principally arrives in the soul through prayer and reception of the Sacraments.

    In a real sense I think the true Christian is an eccentric, a Pilgrim passing through, a person set apart. The more that he or she follow the path of prayer, the more of a stranger an alien they will be. Not only a stranger but as we see in the lives of the Saints someone who will be attacked and nailed to the Cross with Christ.

    The real cause for concern of the Good Catholic is when this is not happening, when we are not being nailed to the Cross. For when this is not happening the World is recognising us as one of their own.

    I think with this Pandemic a real cause of concern is that our Church Leadership is marrying us so very, very much to the World and the Spirit who Rules this World, the Prince of this World who is Satan.

    The under lying idea appears to be that people are basically good and that the World is good that all they need from us is a basically a nudge in the Right Direction.

    But this is not what Scripture and the Tradition of the Church Teaches. As St John tells us right at the start of his Gospel, Christ, the Light came into the World and the World knew Him not and rejected Him as it will reject us.

    I am afraid this insight of Spiritual War and Struggle between good and evil has mostly been lost. That we all of us walk a tight rope between heaven and hell , in which any of us could fall . That we are in a Real War.

    This has been substituted with a feel good of Gospel of, you're nice, I'm nice, everything's nice and we're all nice people doing nice things for nice reasons and that the nice world is heading in a generally nice direction. All we need to do really is to become nicer and nicer.

    For instance we must be nice to our mass baby murdering politicians.

    Which is all total bull shit of course.
  10. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I remember when I was young how uncomfortable I often used to be on my weekly visit to my Spiritual Director. Now there was a saintly priest who knew how to shoot folks in the face with both barrels of the truth. I loved him and I loved going to see him but it was never, ever an easy ride.

    Faith and the Spiritual Life can only ever be life that, with a measure of pain and discomfort. The only Easy Ride we can ever get is on the Easy Slide to Hell. The Road to Hell is carpeted with Sweet Smelling Roses, the steep mountain path to heaven (which so very,very few even make the effort to take) is full of bumps and bruises along which we often crawl on bloodied hands and knees.

    All else is illusion. We fools ourselves if we think otherwise.

    If we Die with Christ, so shall we live with Him.


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    Yes, I can imagine.

    My wife could be my ultimate spiritual director.

    She knows my flaws inside out after 33 years of marriage - how kind she is never to once have confronted me with any of them.

    But if she did it would probably cut me to the quick.
  12. padraig

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    I suppose a good Marriage is like a long Dance with the Holy Spirit.:)

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    It's hard work ;)

    Let's just say it smoothes the rough edges
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    Not for long sadly. Even though they have given an exception for now I wonder how long it will last.

    Vaccine passports are coming to Vatican City | America Magazine
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  19. I'm so glad for the reversal of this decision. I hope it is a lesson for other dioceses around the world.
  20. padraig

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    Cowardice and Fear of Human Respect forced them to exclude people from the Mass and Cowardice and Fear of Human Respect forced them to abandon it. They are rudderless ships.

    If media and the Government insisted that wearing flower pots on our heads was a good thing, they'd have folks checking we were wearing flower pots. For to do otherwise might make them look bad...and nothing could be worse than looking bad.

    You can't stick to your guns (principles) when you have no guns (principles) to stick to in the first place. When it's just matter of, 'what will people think?'(Virtue signalling)

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