Byzantine prophecies on the Last Emperor and Era of Peace

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    I promised myself I wouldn’t cry….

    okay time to get deep.

    Here is the profile

    Your boy is poor, of humble birth, blue color worker, middle aged when he appears on the world stage, wandering gypsy pilgrim, poorly dressed, aware of the prophecies, intelligent, handsome, royal blood, ridiculed, has beef with the hierarchy, an exiled orphan, sinful youth, powerfully converted

    known or possible ancestry

    House of Savoy
    Charles VII
    Louis IX
    King David

    he is a scion from believed to be extinct branches.

    he shows up on the world scene around the time Paris is annihilated

    Some things to expect….

    Expect the unexpected
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    Love the debate
    It was a dark and stormy night.
    Twas the alter cloth that caught his eye…
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