BXVI flies to Regensburg to be at brother’s side

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    Thanks Brian. It may be that Msgr Ratzinger is dying. I hope not. I don't think B16 is 'fleeing' from something, as hastening to something/someone.
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    It does appear that his brother is dying.

    Google translated Diocese of Regensburg press release from http://www.kath.net/news/72002

    "It's a surprising bedside visit. Pope emeritus Benedict XVI flew from Rome to Bavaria this morning to be with his seriously ill 96-year-old brother. It may be the last time that the two brothers, Georg and Josef Ratzinger, see each other in this world.

    The diocese of Regensburg asks the public to leave this deeply personal encounter in their private setting. It is a heartfelt wish of the two elderly brothers and does not tolerate photos, public appearances or meetings beyond that. Please understand.

    All people who want to express their sympathy are cordially invited to say a silent prayer for the two brothers. God reward.

    The 93-year-old pope emeritus landed in Munich on Thursday, June 18 at around 11:45 a.m. Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer warmly welcomed him there and accompanied him on his way to Regensburg. The Pope emeritus lives in the seminary of the diocese of Regensburg. The date of his return journey has not yet been determined.

    Benedict XVI travels with his secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, his doctor, his nurse and a religious. The Pope emeritus made the decision to visit his brother in Regensburg shortly after consulting Pope Francis."

    Let's spare a prayer or two for his brother and for Pope Benedict. I'm so very happy for them that they got a chance to be together again in this life.
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    That’s why I put “fled” in the original title in quotes, but I edited it for clarity/charity.
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