Breaking News - covid passports for NI

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by garabandal, Nov 17, 2021.

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    That means the whole of Ireland is now under New World Order fascist control.

    The Leper Passport is here!!
  2. AED

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    This is horrible--on so many levels. Poor Ireland. Any chance people will take to the streets as they have in Austria?
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  3. miker

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    While certainly not great, it does appear to still allow testing as an option if I’m reading the article accurately? In fact, looks like a negatives PCR test is good for 90 days.

    Not saying I agree with this but unlike other places in world, at least they have kept the testing option open (I think).

    But, in end, is it about protesting in streets or protesting by your vote? All but one political party backed it, so if citizens don’t want it, vote them out
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    Good point.
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  6. sparrow

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    Welcome to the club...
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    No there won't be any protests. Over 92% of population over 12 have accepted the jab without a murmer. I have many prayer friends who I consider streets ahead of me and they have all taken it and have swallowed the hook line and sinker. At times I feel so upset and I have moved away from people I considered my friends. They rarely make contact with me now. This has divided society big time. I try not to be angry about it as that is another trap of Satan that I could fall into. We now have only 8% approx unvaccinated and they are still trotting out the narrative that we are a danger to society.
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  8. miker

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    and yet this……
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  9. maryrose

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  10. miker

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    But more importantly, it does not do what TPTB say it does- prevent getting and transmitting. Insane
  11. AED

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    Maryrose this is so tragic for your friends and for Ireland. This is truly a chastisement of the sort i never saw coming. All the years I have prayed and waited and tried to prepare---who could have foreseen this. May God be glorified in your steadfast witness to truth. And your refusal to be angry.
    This may give you and all of us some comfort and hope. Fr Ripperger was on the Grace Force podcast last night. He said that from what he has recently heard and seen as an exorcist he believes that although we are still facing a tough go of it it may well be over soon. He said the demon in his current case calls himself beelzebul and said in great fear "He is going to take away my power" Fr R says "he" refers to God the Father. It is Fr Heilmsn's graceforst podcast from yesterday.

  12. Yes, AED I watched it also in Youtube

    Demon Says - "He's About to Take My Power Away"

    17:44 "He's about to take my power away from me"
    24:44 Significance of the Staff of St. Joseph
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    Thanks so much for posting the direct link.
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  14. I really liked his talk on St. Joseph pounding his staff to the ground and the demon is so terrified!
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  15. sparrow

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    Same here in Ontario. This division among family, friends and society is plain evil. I pray for the best outcome possible although I don't know what that might be with all the horror stories out there already and more and worse coming every day. And now they are going after the children here, aged 5 - 11! It appears to be insane how the media must be hiding this so the poor people have no idea what they are doing to themselves! I expect maybe you follow Dr. Dolores Cahill.. she alone has sounded the alarm, let alone the thousands of other professionals I have seen.
    How long, Oh Lord, how long? :cry:
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    Yes! Wasnt that wonderful?(y)
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