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    My dad's aunt had a twin brother he never met. I think the twins were in their early twenties when it happened. She woke up in the middle of the night inconsolable, crying that her brother was killed by a train. He did work for the railroad. Those around her said it was just a dream. He was at home sleeping because he worked the day shift. Turns out he was called in last minute to work the night shift. He got crushed by a train on the job and died. There was no way she could have known this as it had just happened. The family hadn't been notified yet. Yet, she knew.

    A lot of people claimed his grandmother had "the gift", but my dad didn't talk about it much. I regret not pressing him more as to why they thought she had the uncanny ability to predict and/or see things others could not.

    My middle sister might have a touch of it. There are weird things she just knows for no apparent reason. For instance, a co-worker in the next door cubicle, Kelly, was asking those around her to guess what she bought at the store the previous night. The only hint was it was something that reminded her of childhood.

    My sister asks, "Was it Necco wafers?"

    The co-worker was shocked and proceeded to accuse my sister of going through her purse.

    There seems no purpose to "the gift" when it gives useless information like this. LOL.

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    Amazing Josephite!
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    Wow! Totally unrelated to the topic, but Necco Wafers were off the market for a couple of years when the Boston based New England Confectionery Company went out of business. They are now produced by Spangler Candy. Necco Wafers were not my favorite candy, but I did like chocolate ones. I had a childhood neighbor, Robert, who wanted to go into the priesthood. He had an altar set up in his room, and he would invite neighborhood friends over for pretend 'Mass'. His hosts were white Necco Wafers. :)
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    That's great! When my son plays Mass, he cuts little circles out of tortillas. :)
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    Jo M Powers cute! :)
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    Yes!! We played "Mass" as kids and used necco wafers. :)
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    Funny thing, kids who weren't even Catholic would play right along. I can't see that happening these days, parents would be calling the house to complain.
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    Sarah laughed incredulous when the angels told Abraham & herself that in a year she would give birth to a son.
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