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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by padraig, Jan 11, 2010.

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    We have lots of birds here in Spring and Summer. They are raising their young. Teaching them how to fly. So cute. Sometimes when I go out in the yard, the adults set up a racket to warn the tiny birds that a dangerous human being has appeared.:) Then there comes a point in mid-August when all is quiet and they have all “flown the coop.”:love:
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    Hmmm. Maybe. I am not sure but I think it may have been earlier.
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    Yes. So true. Me too!
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    In the west we have not done as much research into all this as they have in the East (Including Russia). In Britain especially they tend to be atheistic and materialistic and so not open to such things.

    During the Cold War they did a lot of research into communication between Nuke Subs using telepaths. I think the Russians had a pair of identical twins they had a lot of success with. But a lot of this stuff was classified. I suspect it still is.

    Whenever the Tribulation is over and we are in the Era of Peace I suspect there will be new sciences closer to things like this, more natural and less materialistic.
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    You know they have statistics of when planes and trains crash and boats sink. The cancellations of tickets at such events are far higher than usual. I believe for instance there was a far higher rate of cancellations before the Titanic took off on its last voyage.
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    One of my favorites also.
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    True. I believe Our Lord blesses some with a premonition of pending disaster. There were such incidents surrounding 9/11.
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    Yes. I believe this. I remember reading of a woman--devout Christian--on a plane with her daughter--waiting to take off when the strongest sense of "get off this plane" came over her. This was before all the security regulations and she demanded to deplane before take off and they let her. The plane later crashed. Author Catherine Marshall who related this incident asked if others received the same nudge but disregarded it. We will never know. This woman apparently was devout and always tried to follow the Holy Spirit. Food for thought.
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    I think people often get warnings just before death in order to help them get set. You see this especially with soldiers in war time. Which is why Catholics often pray for protection against, 'An unprovided for death'.
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    I think if we loook back on our lives we say many times when a, 'feeling' changed our course of action or direction. Perhaps that short cut dwon a dark alley we did not take or cancelled journey. I suspect this is very,very often our Guardian Angels. This is especially true for children who really, really need them.
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    I can only imagine, anticipate the additional graces & countless blessings that await my group once we fiiinally make it to Europe! We 15 of us have persevered, determined to follow the Holy Spirit & Blessed Mother.
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    Although like St Paul we must wrok out our Salvation in fear and trembling. HArd times are coming, may the Good Lord and His Blessed Mother grant us the graces we need to persevere to the end.
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    I was walking in the Trastevere area of Rome one day, not far from St Peter's itself. If is very poor and working class just as it was when Blessed Anne Marie lived there and like so many things in Rome it seems Eternal and never changing and so was very much as it was, I suppose when this saint walked it's streets.
    I passed an old Church were small children kicked football outside and on a sudden impulse went in to pay a prayer visit. There was some kind of high level meeting going on inside and I saw scarlet and purple robes up by the altar. I wandered about and to my surprise found Blessed Anna Maria's body in a glass case incorrupt.

    What a joy.

    What a lesson this mother of a large and tumultuous family in the days before washing machines and fridges could find time for God in the very busiest of lives, not only to find Him but to pace her way to the very,very heights of holiness. If she could do it, we can do it too. She found time not only to raise a family midst very great difficulties but to reach out to help countless others too.

    Her huge fame , I suspect may have been , in her humility her very greatest burden. But, as Padre Pio tells us, such gifts are given not for the person who has them but for others. They are Gifts for others.

    She did not start out this way. When first married she lived a frivolous and care free life. But conversion brought change of life and deep progress in the Spiritual Life.

    Dear Anna Maria, mother, wife and mystic, pray for us who have recourse to you.

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    Twice in my life I received an overwhelming feeling to get away quickly from a person. The first time I ran home, the second time I got out of the store.
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    My Irish, great grandmother could read tea leaves and had mystically experiences but this was looked down upon by my grandmother (both women were very spiritual, holy and fully catholic). I learnt about this ability of my great grand mother through my aunties, because my very holy Nanna would never speak of them to me, I believe she thought they may be from the evil one.

    I once asked her about the tea leaves reading of her mother and also about an incident her mother received about the birth of a child which indicated what happens in pregnancy to the baby and the mother after a certain event. My nan was very cautious in relaying the incidents, she said, more or less that I should just trust the Lord and not be concerned with such things; however at other times my Nan would tell me of the strange stories that concerned her mother!

    I have had exceptional mystical experiences over my life, especially over my adult life, and I don't know how to interpret them, I wonder if they are from God or if they are a ruse from the evil one! I always go with what my Nanna said and dismiss them; but these experiences always lead me to pray more, and have always lead me deeper into my catholic faith.

    These knowing's of the future, I rebuke, but when they eventualise, I am at a further loss as to why I was given an understanding of these things in the first place, nor why I even had this strange knowing.

    Honestly, these strange knowing's are superficial (ie they are not needed for our spiritual growth and life in God). I now pray when I receive such a knowing that God may intervene in the events and save souls. There is more I could say but it is not needed because all of us are on the same path, we must all encounter the cross which is true love and we will all experience the truth of Gods knowing when we enter eternity. This life and its explanations pales into insignificance when we realise what awaits us!
    May God alone always be praised! Amen
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    If I may, that poses the question of purpose. When people receive such a gift, is the Holy Spirit intending on them to be kept silent or to be shared for His purposes and the growth of His Body?

    Perhaps you have not been prompted by the Trinity to share.

    Just my reflections on discernment.
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    Hi Joan,
    To answer your question above, about sharing or keeping things a secret, I have normally shared the information to those that I feel will benefit but also try to discern to who and how to share with.

    Two examples.....

    1) My eldest Daughter was born in 1982 on the 11th September, the day before my birthday the 12 September.
    On the 11 September 2001, my daughter celebrated her 19th Birthday and it was a busy day for me and the family, I went to bed late, probably around 1130 pm. We live in Australia in a rural area on a property, (we are about 8 to 12 hours in front of US New York time) I slept, but was woken up by the most enormous sounding crash above our house, it sounded like a plane had exploded in the air above our house. I jumped out of bed raced to the bedroom window believing I would see the aftermath of a plane crash with enormous fiery remnants in our back property, but I could not see anything. I woke my husband and asked if he had heard the enormous explosion, he said no.

    I went back to bed and drifted off to sleep, however about 20 minutes later I was woken by another enormous explosion above our house and this time I shook my husband awake, and said did you hear that!

    I ran to the bedroom window and my husband got up because I was so distressed, I remember saying a plane has just exploded in the air above our house, it must have crashed into our property please let us look. We went to the kitchen and I opened the back door and I soured the back property from the veranda for signs of a plane crash but there were none, this would have been around 130am Australian time.

    My husband went back to bed, but I was too distraught by the explosions to sleep, I said a simple prayer and then made a cup of tea and turned on the TV so as to become calm and resume sleep. At this time of night in Australia the channel I watched presented a live US morning show, after about 15 minutes into the show a news flash appeared about a crop dusted plane having crashed into the twin towers.
    This was all happening in real time as I watched, the morning show forego all other news stories to follow this event and about 15 minutes later another plane had crashed into the twin towers, there was video footage presented, I was dismayed, I woke my husband and told him what had occurred, it was probably around 230 am, he was not interested in my ramblings and went back to sleep, however I stayed glued to the happenings, and did not sleep the rest of the night

    My husband knows what I experienced that night before the 911 attack and he just shakes his head as I do, because why should I be let known of such an event, and what was the purpose of this? I have never had an experience of planes exploding above our house before nor subsequent to this experience, why was I given this knowledge? I don't know, to this day.

    2) My eldest daughter had three boys in 2015, but desperately wanted a girl. Her Husband did not want anymore children but relented and said we will try once more for a girl. They had tried to fall pregnant for over a year but were unsuccessful, however both her sisters were now pregnant and she lamented to me that she must be barren and stated that if she had a girl she would want another so her little girl would have a sister. But this would be an impossibility as her Husband said only one more child.

    When she expressed her above feelings in my presence, I mentally went into prayer and received a word, that she would conceive very soon and that she would have twins and they would be girls.

    I know at the time, I said to Angela you will have twins very soon so do not be afraid, and I added that at least one of them will be a girl. I did not disclose all that God had revealed because I know we can be deceived.
    Angela and all around laughed at what I had said, because no one in My family, on my side nor my husbands side had had twins, this was not in our families. But within 6 weeks Angela was pregnant and at the 8th week the ultra sound showed she was carrying twins. Both were girls. God Be Praised.

    Why does God give extra information to some? I don't know! As it doesn't seem to help the one receiving the information nor the others that may benefit, however I love this aspect of my God
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    I believe that to revive people's faith, so that they know that there are things predetermined and that escape the human capacity for forecasting and planning.
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