'Black Swan' Events in China

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    Xi Jinping warned China earlier in the year that there may be 'black swan' events in the near future (such events being unpredictable and potentially catastrophic). Recently a black swan appeared in Tiananmen Square in the centre of Beijing. Police apparently drove off the crowd that gathered as the authorities (who are as superstitious as the majority of their countrymen) regarded this as being a very bad omen.

    Black swan visits Beijing's Tiananmen square; Lockdown policy changes spark anger with locals - YouTube
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    Purchased and placed.
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    Crumble? I thinks it’s just beginning to get even stronger.
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    I think the "getting stronger" is an allusion. I agree it's at the beginning of crumbling, but it's a process. Our Lady told Mirjana in Medjugorje that what is happening in this time leading up to the secrets and the Triumph is like Mary lifting the dirty rugs of this world and sweeping out the filth. It's that filth we're all seeing, and it's overwhelming...but it was there all along, hidden under the rugs. Now it's revealed, and Mary is going to clean it up. But it's a messy, unpleasant process. Our prayers and fasting will speed it up!
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    China has enormous current troubles that the CCP are attempting to keep under wraps or to minimise where they cannot keep them secret. There has been massive flooding in many areas and the effects have been exacerbated by the numerous dams built by the regime many of which have overflowed. This has had an impact on agricultural output and caused widespread loss of life and infrastructure. The corruption and resultant poor construction materials used for infrastructure has also resulted in roads and bridges collapsing in flooded areas and even those unaffected. The virus and the total local lockdowns that the CCP have imposed to try to isolate and curtail infections has also had a massive impact on industrial output and exports.

    A major multi-billion building company called Evergrande, the biggest in the world, has recently been laying off workers who have been demonstrating because they are owed wages. The Chinese have few safe outlets for investment and so, if they have sufficient funds, tend to buy second, third or even fourth properties and prices have risen significantly for decades for this reason but even first properties are now becoming unaffordable to most city dwellers. This bubble clearly cannot continue indefinitely and the expected crash will cause massive losses and enormous discontent to the middle class on whom the CCP rely for support.

    China's biggest problem is one of population. Because of the 'one child policy' its working population is diminishing in proportion to those who have retired (or are soon to be retired). The claim a birth rate of 1.7 which is regarded by experts as grossly inflated and is more probably 1.17 which will make this problem catastrophic over the next couple of decades and result in an ever decreasing GDP.
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    And that catastrophic problem may cause more tyranny in order to control the discontent. The chaos will bring hardship and less freedom.
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    Agreed, this was a big reason they lifted the 1 child policy. But even at 2 children their birth rates were still sharply declining still so back in May of this year they made the policy 3 children.
    The average income in China amounts to roughly 15k US dollars per year.
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    The Venezualan Mystic Maria Esperanza said that Russia would attack China across the Amur River. The Amur is the big one that acts as a natural Border for China.

    This sounds crazy as they are both Nuclear Powers, but we live in crazy, crazy, crazy times.

    Perhaps ownership of Manchuria?

    Who knows? But this would fit in with Fatima.


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    Tower of Light, China

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    Totally agree PF!!
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    Something of potentially enormous significance globally is about to unfold this week. Evergrande, the massive Chinese property development and investment company, has bond interest payments of billions due for payment this Thursday, Sept 23. These payments are due to individual Chinese investors, Chinese banks and western banks and investment companies. Evergrande, by its own admission, is insolvent and is believe to have applied to the Chinese government for assistance. It is believed that the CCP will refuse to assist but may well insist that any liquidity be used to repay Chinese banks, since these are owned or controlled by the CCP itself, but will permit them to refuse payment to western banks and other investors, some of which may then be in difficulties as a result.

    We, the taxpayers in the west, may end up 'bailing out' banks as a result, so subsidising the Chinese property bubble/Ponzi scheme. And, worse scenario, this could start the whole domino line of the global economy to start falling. Watch this space...

    Evergrande Crisis Intensifies - YouTube
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    Yes, this is very serious. I know CA public employee pension system is invested in China's real estate markets. I can only imagine how many more pension funds in the US and in Europe are in this boat as well. Blackrock, one of the biggest investment firms in the US has been investing in Chinese markets for some time and were called out on it by of all people Soros who sought for congress to act just two weeks ago to stop them.


    The markets in the US took about a 3% haircut today over speculation relating to this. It certainly has the potential to impact the world.
    The chinese people are also heavily invested in China's real estate market with an estimated 70% of the working age population taking part in it.
    The chinese average median income equates to 14k US per year. They do not have the generous benefits most of us enjoy in the west and rely heavily on these investments and their younger generations to see to them in their old age.
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