Bishop disavows Fr. Rodrigue, removes

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    As for all of this 'discord' going-ons between Fr. Michel and now, the two bishops ...and between Emmet & Mark Miravelle with CTTK... At this point, I'm just not going to take sides to this nor am I going to stick up for anyone. God will take care of this in His own timing. Just like how it happened with all other seers and their local bishop(s), and the disbelievers vs. believers at: Fatima, Lourdes, Garabandal, Medjugorje, etc. Time will tell in His due time. Time for us to just stand back and continue to just pray the rosary, regular confession, read bible, attend Mass, fasting and Love. God is Love; not hate, not criticisms, not discord, not division. Evil is rampant everywhere and time is running short.
    Wasn't there a private revelation(s) in past that Our Lady had said something somewhat like the following, "...there will be cardinal against cardinal, bishops against bishops, priests against priests..."? (I don't remember right offhand where I saw this from.)
    In the meantime, we should just post the links here in forum to keep us all up to date and then just pray and wait to see. IMHO +++​
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    It was Akita.
    And you're right prayer and penance. The Rosary is our weapon.
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    I'm intrigued I must look in to this bible.
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    If I, as a layman, falsely claimed extraordinary intimacy with the Trinity, Our Lady and the saints and to have received detailed knowledge of the future of the world and the Church, my sin would be enormous. If a priest committed this sin it would be indescribably serious, how could that priest be unaware of the mortal damage being done to his own soul? I cannot bring myself to believe that any priest would be so corrupt as to knowingly seek to mislead good Catholics in this way and for so long.

    There have been numerous cases of Catholics and others making outlandish claims of prophetic knowledge for attention/celebrity/power, money etc. so it certainly happens and such motives cannot be totally discounted in any case but they do not appear to be apparent in this one (at least to me).

    He might believe what he says only because he is mentally deranged.

    He might be convinced that what he warns of is going to occur and, to encourage the necessary prayer and sacrifice, has invented the direct calls from God and the saints to try and ensure maximum compliance with good but distorted intentions.

    He could be the victim of diabolical intervention and is merely recounting details of things that he believes have come from God, though they have not, and believes that he has a duty to preach about them.

    The alleged disobedience to the relevant authority is definitive proof of falsehood for some but if I believed that God were instructing me to tell the world about its immediate future and to warn it to reform, I would probably not be reduced to silence because of the disbelief, disapproval, or even direct instruction to desist, from any authority in the world.

    Occasionally, when I have what I believe is an important dilemma, after saying the Rosary, I pray for guidance and open the Imitation of Christ at a random page. I did so last night about this and, for what its worth, this is what I read:

    Chapter 45 ‘On Not Being too Credulous…’:

    ‘…. and that we are to be wary if anyone should tell us, ‘Look, here is the Messiah’ or ‘There he is’ (Mt.24:23) and this I have learned at great expense and I hope that it will make me more cautious in the future.’
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    The Bishop was doing what he believed was correct.

    Fanning the flames of panic is not a good thing for anyone to do sua sponte, without consultation with the predictor's Bishop.

    However, in light of current events, the flames of panic are going up astronomically, and will continue that way it seems, with or without the input of Fr. Miguel Rodrigue.

    Our Lady has warned repeatedly that bishop will go against bishop and cardinal will go against cardinal.
    She begs us to remain faithful.
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    I think it depends on what "consensus" means? To me it is not exact details between alleged prophets of these times. It is a consensus on certain details. It is a consensus of a great tribulation (details may differ, but not contradict) as they do throughout scriputre, such as each messenger seems to have been given a different pieces of the puzzle of the tribulation, but they are not replacing the puzzle pieces of other Catholic prophets, rather adding to the completion of them with what God himself has provided (Amos 3:7). The heart of the prophecies beat of the same drum. One may be given details of major war, another may be given astronomical events. One may be given details of the gift living in the Divine Will in the era of peace to come. All pieces of the puzzle God gives to his prophets are provided to know the time of times is upon us. A consensus that the world we know is going to quickly and dramatically change forever. One thing that they seem to have in common is that through it all comes a long era of peace. Through it all the Church becomes one, "as you and I Father are one" in truth. Through it all the consensus of Catholic prophets are saying a minor tribulation (which we are in) becomes a major tribulation after the Man of Sin is manifested after the Warning. There is consensus on this on CTTK. There is consensus on the following within the alleged Catholic prophets:
    • Minor tribulation (natural disasters, lawlessness, pandemics, civil unrest globally, wars and rumors of war.
    • Intermediate tribulation begins with a War, short but very deadly, global economic collapse, major astronomical earth changing events, things are at their worst and communism returns!
    • (Warning/Illumination of Conscience)
    • Major tribulation: Antichrist and False Prophet are manifested and control the world population by a micro-chip, which implanted within the skin brings a rejection of God's warning and slavery at the direction of the Antichrist for 1290 days.
    • 3 days of Darkness as the ultimate purification of God, which ushers in the Era of peace our Lady of Fatima and Revelations 20 speak of. The fulfillment of our Lords prayer "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven". Living in the Divine will, within God's earthly kingdom, will come as our Lord foretold in the only prayer Jesus taught us to say. There is Catholic consensus on this as well among the credible prophets.
    So there is consensus among Catholic prophets and saints, such as St. Faustina and others on various points God has revealed to them.
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    Good to hear from you, Steve. As I was reading your post, something stood out. You spoke theoretically about someone believing they had a duty to preach about messages received.Why, then, didn’t this person preach it to his superiors? Wouldn’t he want them to know? See my point? Wouldn’t that be part of his supposed duty?
    I really like your method of obtaining heavenly guidance. Thank you for sharing it.
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    We know the hierarchy of these times are not necessarily the answer, they are often the problem. If the hierarchy were sound in faith and practice we would not be in the end times. Pope St. John Paul II knew this and he was very prophetic, even saying we have entered the time of the Christ vs the Antichrst etc.. Pope Benedict spoke his own prophecy at times. Pope Francis...... well like I said, some bring God's prophecy and some bring contradiction and confusion and need our prayers even more. Being a "superior" does not mean they have wisdom. Especially in the many "superiors" that Pope Francis has given red hats to.
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    There is not one approved prophecy that speaks of the microchip - let alone a consensus. In fact your views mirror a version of millennialist, of which every form has been condemned so far.

    It is dishonest to try to claim St. Faustina agreed with your personal (and frankly erroneous) views of how it will play out.
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    I found mine at Amazon because they sold each book of the Navarre Bible individually. Most of them I bought used-like new, and when I received them they really were in new condition. Also by buying them used they cost a lot less than in new condition.
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    You stick with your views and I will stick with what I have been given. We won't have long to find out who believed in "nonsense".
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    I’ll drink to that.

    Curious though, are you saying you have been given messages?

    And how can you possibly say that St. Faustina agrees with your version which includes a microchip - similar to John Leary whom we have been warned about?
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    For those unaware, the University of Navarre in Spain was founded by Opus Dei
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    Why is that a problem Aidank ?
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    Take what is good. Fr. Rodrigue has only brought me closer to God; confession, the Holy Eucharist, the rosary, consecration. Time will tell. Does anyone here think any real prophet would not be attacked? 2 of his prophecies have already realized- the riots on the streets and prior to covid he said that God told him he would not travel again.
    I don't know if he's real or not, but Im taking what is good and leaving the rest to God. He is His sheppard and we are to pray for all His sheppards.
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  16. Well, frankly there is as yet so much missing from the background of just what the relationship has been between Fr. Michel and his bishop for the last 11 years that I can't see how anyone could form any final opinion about him solely in the negative. Other than the one retreat offered in the videos no one has any idea of his many years of his vocation and his life for that matter since apparently much began in his youth....which isn't unusual for mystics. Mix that in with a Bishop who was known to Fr. Michel as someone who just foundationally did not accept anything within that area. That makes it very difficult to communicate constantly about one's experiences. But we do have the actions of the Bishop that themselves seem to work against the sudden need to defend one's image once the public becomes interested as simply not involved in any way with any of that "stuff" related by a priest serving that diocese for 11 years whose appointments and service have never been criticized until suddenly when the authority is put on the spot, it's only the mystical events that are targeted and those w/ an aforementioned bias by the authority. And the actions of the Bishop, in fact and not by way of assumption, have been to personally back a major order that itself came from within the alleged mystical experiences/communication w/ heaven of the priest.....the creation of a new kind of religious fraternity of priests, deacons, and consecrated laity w/ its necessary centers of two monasteries. That is no light matter for any Bishop...esp. knowing that if not $$$ supported completely by donations then that responsibility would fall upon the Bishop. And the Bishop also approved the constitution of what he felt he later had to rather discredit as not an "order" as has been used interchangeably in order to remove himself from what later became a basis for his own connection to Fr. M's mystical type of messages! And of course that second monastery also necessitated the Bishop removing Fr. M from his other diocesan responsibilities due to its urgency which he did while apparently receiving a response to wondering why this one was so different in urgency from the first.....because God the Father wanted it! Now unless this was some kind of regular happening between the Bishop and all of his priests, that they could just come to him w/ a large scheme that entails large sums of money and needing physical space beyond what the diocese already provided to which he would just give his blessing, one has to believe that this particular request w/ its raison d'être was something different.

    Another point missing from the argument against Fr. M's mission and experiences leading up to it is the complete lack, as it would appear, of just examining those who have had a history of some kind with what Fr. M has the miracle healings, prayers answered, encouragement in faith, vocations, spiritual help and hope given, release from demonic activity via his seeming gift of knowing what kinds of attacks are in question with an individual....and esp. his own heavenly experiences during what seem like some near death experiences occurring in his many health emergencies. After all there were doctors involved who could speak to being witnesses of such. And his rather amazing experience related of his pilgrimage to Medjugorje (about which he initially had his own doubts) where he was given access to some of the major materials regarding the apparitions and the mystical materials involved like the mystical type of parchment upon which the secrets are written and just the kind of strange connection he experienced with the main respected prelates involved in that place's revelations.....not ever meeting him before they knew to speak to French to him, etc. So why was this not looked into....unless such evidence would necessitate a real change or awakening to the mindset already established beyond willingness to accept such validations by Father's diocesan authority? And then we have the rubber stamping of the first Bishop's decision by the second who apparently by his own public letter notes that he hasn't been in contact w/ Fr. Rodrigue for 24 years! Where is that discernment and thus fairness to the individual being targeted in that response? There is just too much history of similar treatment of mystics throughout Church history by their bishops that it could cause one who has looked at that history to even think that such treatment boded well for the "mystic".

    So I have a wait and see attitude for a deeper insight to what is still sorely missing in background facts in all of this, but I doubt that such a personality of such a priest that itself seems to have been formed by an unusual life of mystical occurrences, not able to have been planned by any normal state of mind, that had to be known by those who had contact with him, could go missing within a span of 11 years by the Bishop himself.

    But wait a second while I go get my flak jacket on as no doubt there will likely be "incoming" to deal with here!! Meanwhile....a lot of drama but as yet no condemnation. And just out of Christian charity I would like to know if Fr. Michel might now be in some state of need, esp. monetarily, not only for his own needs or those who depend upon him, but for his alleged mission to form priests for these end times as well as the completion of the physical plant....because I would be willing to donate!
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    So well said. And given the attacks on him in the last month or so, its no wonder that God told him to get rid of the internet and he sems to be isolating. I would venture that God is protecting him from all this.
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    This is from a Facebook post. It is from a pretty large public group (14,000+ members) focused on Catholic prayer. I am not a member, and did not participate in the discussions. Nonetheless, it speaks directly to many issues discussed on this thread. Father Rodrigue's Canadian bishops are not alone in their rejection of the underpinnings of Fr. Rodrigue's messages.

    Becky Malmquist
    July 28 ·

    The result of the thread in which I asked if there is any evidence from a Church-approved source that explicitly says there will be a worldwide, simultaneous illumination of conscience is that no evidence has been provided so far that meets this standard. All the examples require taking quotes out of context, reading into the text things that aren’t there, or claiming that a saint said something for which there is no primary source corroboration. Some examples:

    [​IMG]St. Edmond Campion is cited as the first saint to mention the illumination of conscience. But when the quote is read in context, it is clear he is speaking of the Last Judgment, not a worldwide illumination of conscience.

    [​IMG]St. Faustina is cited as having prophesied a coming illumination, but nowhere in her diary will you find this stated. In order to come to this conclusion, one must create this interpretation without clear evidence. St. Faustina experienced her own illumination; however, this is common among saints and even everyday people who practice mental prayer and pursue a life of union with God. An individual’s illumination is not proof that a worldwide, simultaneous illumination is coming. In the case of St. Faustina, one has to conflate two different things in order to get to the conclusion of a worldwide illumination of conscience. It’s her personal illumination and a vision of a sign in the sky (involving light during darkness). The element of light is used in both cases but with different meanings.

    [​IMG]Blessed Anna Maria Taigi is quoted as having predicted a worldwide illumination; however, the only evidence of this quote is people saying she said it. There is no evidence in her writings.

    [​IMG]Pope Pius IX: Like Blessed Anna Maria Taigi’s quote, no original source has been found. Also, he does not explicitly mention a worldwide illumination of conscience; one must read into the text, as is done with St. Faustina. He speaks of a “great wonder” which The Warning proponents interpret as an illumination of conscience.

    [​IMG]The apparition at Heede, Germany, does not explicitly state that there will be a worldwide illumination of conscience. One has to read this into the text, similarly as is done with the Pope Pius IX quote above and St. Faustina.

    [​IMG]Along the same lines, some messages of Maria Esperanza, although they have approval, do not explicitly mention a worldwide, simultaneous illumination of conscience. Like the others, one must read this idea into the words. Maria Esperanza said, “In the coming years a new light from Heaven will illuminate hearts.” This could be interpreted to mean increased graces of conversion. Without an explanation, we can’t definitively conclude that what was meant at Betania was a worldwide illumination.

    [​IMG]Elizabeth Kindlemann’s writings have not been officially declared “worthy of belief” by the Church.

    [​IMG]Luz de Maria Bonilla’s alleged locutions are ongoing, so they cannot yet be declared worthy of belief.

    The first example I can find of an explicit reference to a warning or worldwide illumination of conscience comes from the unapproved messages of Garabandal. The local bishops have consistently declared that the supernatural character of the apparitions could not be confirmed. In other words, the messages of Garabandal do not have Church approval.

    Lastly, there are some red flags concerning “Countdown to the Kingdom:”

    1. Countdown to the Kingdom saying that Fr. Rodrigue's bishop approved his messages, and then having to take that back.
    2. Vague references to saints without actual quotes.
    3. Actual quotes being taken out of context to mean something they did not necessarily mean.
    4. Some of the quotes being of questionable authenticity.
    5. The connection with Garabandal, which has not been approved by any local bishop.
    6. The belief in an extended era of peace that resembles the heresy of Millenarianism.
    7. The fairly specific timing indicated in Fr. Rodrigue's recent prophecies
    8. The Imprimatur on “The Warning” book is not the acting bishop, but a bishop emeritus. Also, the bishop who gives the Imprimatur should be of the diocese where the book was published. The book was published in Sacramento, CA, but the retired bishop who gave the Imprimatur is in Lipa, Philippines. This same bishop issued an Imprimatur for Vassula Ryden, who was censured by the Vatican.
    9. It’s very troubling that people dismiss all these arguments by saying, "Well, you need to have faith."
    If what a person longs for is His own illumination of conscience, in getting to know God and His will, and having abiding peace and joy, then his time would be better spent learning and practicing mental prayer and pursuing a life of union with God. And if one day a worldwide illumination were to be given, he would be well prepared for such a meeting with God. But more importantly, he will be well prepared to meet God face-to-face in the particular judgment when his life is over.

    -The Authentic Contemplative Prayer Admin Team
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    Christie the above is very good.
    However I do believe there will be a warning, at least I am hoping there will be a warning.

    I am hoping for this, because the world has disintegrated and degenerated to such a degree, and I believe that only a supernatural warning will be capable of saving many today.
    I do not adhere to CDTTK site as they seem to follow many who give heretical teachings. IMO

    I trust in Our Lords Divine Mercy.
    Come Lord Jesus Come.
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    No problem

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