Bishop disavows Fr. Rodrigue, removes

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    From Spirit Daily today,

    In an "Open Letter to the Faithful," Bishop Lemay of the Diocese of Amos speaks out, withdraws all support for Fr. Michel Rodrigue. Fr. Rodrigue no longer holds any position in diocese. The bishop quotes St. Luke, "Take heed that you not be deceived."

    Criticizes Christine Watkins for "false statements," discusses "Countdown to the Kingdom" site.

    Link is here,
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  2. AED

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    Wow. Well that is pretty definitive. I feel sorry it has come to this.
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  3. Jason Fernando

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    What??? So this means no more World War 3 this Fall? No more nuclear missiles successfully hitting the US? No wonder he was the first priest I saw who keeps on laughing in his talks.
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  4. Lumena

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    He was a veritable stand up comic.
  5. AED

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    Well who knows what's coming this fall. Keep the Rosaries going is what I say!!!
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  6. Christy1983

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    The full text,

    An open letter to the faithful of the Diocese of Amos and to all those in search of the truth.

    Amos, September 3, 2020
    Subject: Disallowance of Father Michel Rodrigue‘s messages and prophecies

    Brothers and sisters,
    Father Michel Rodrigue arrived in the Diocese of Amos on August 1, 2011. We had met before, in May 2011, a month after I became Bishop of Amos. He had explained to me his plan to found, in our diocese, the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict Joseph Labre. It would have three branches and would be dedicated to the new evangelization in the hope of giving more life to small parishes. I welcomed it with confidence and hope. During the first five years, he was pastor of the two parishes of Amos and was also responsible for the formation and accompaniment of the members of the Fraternity: young men to become priests, female consecrated women and couples. At that time, we had frequent and very good exchanges.In 2016, at the request of Father Michel Rodrigue, I agreed to release him from the parish priest hood of Amos and entrusted him with three small parishes, including St–Dominique–du–Rosaire where the Fraternity had already bought land. From the beginning, in order to have a Sunday free and despite the distance to be covered, Father Rodrigue organized the programming of Sunday masses, on the same Sunday, for his three parishes. This allowed him to have about ten consecutive days to dedicate himself to the formation of the members of the Fraternity and to other activities, such as parish retreats and others. Beginning in 2017, on several occasions, Father Rodrigue went to the United States to preach retreats; in 2019, the frequency became greater.

    On March 25, 2020, while we were on a Covid–19 break, the Countdown to the Kingdom website posted eight lectures given in California by Father Michel Rodrigue in November 2019. He is presented as the “Apostle of the End Times” and an official exorcist of the Church. I would like to make it clear that he was never appointed official exorcist of the Diocese of Amos.

    In the presentation of Father Michel Rodrigue, on the aforementioned website, appeared this statement: “Fr. Michel Rodrigue receives the full support of his bishop, and all of his locutions and visions are submitted to his local ordinary for approval”. Indignant and shocked, I wrote this to Father Rodrigue on April 21, 2020:

    450, Rue Principale Nord
    Amos (Québec) Canada J9T 2M1 Tél. 819–732–6515 Poste 201 Téléc. 819–732–7994

    I am extremely shocked and I feel betrayed by these remarks, since I never approved of them. I therefore ask you to correct this falsehood on the aforementioned site. I also want to be informed how and when this will be done. I want to make it clear that I absolutely disagree with the prophecies of you on the aforementioned site (Ex. Warning, days of darkness, Era of peace, punishment, World War III (nuclear war in 2020), construction of shelters, etc.). This is what I intend to answer to the people who have asked me.

    As I requested, corrections have been made on the aforementioned site. Unfortunately, the false statement is still present in Christine Watkins' book "The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience" (pages 278 and 280)

    Today, September 3, 2020, more than four months later, I am making this statement public because I see that anguish is rising among many people who share Father Rodrigue‘s messages and prophecies. My Vicar General, Father Raymond Martel, devotes a lot of time to responding to e–mails from the four corners of the world, as well as phone calls from worried people.

    To this total disavowal of Father Michel Rodrigue‘s messages and prophecies, I add that I withdraw my support and that of the Diocese of Amos from the Studium Saint–Joseph, founded in 2015 by Fathers Michel Rodrigue and Simon Dufour. This Studium, of which Father Rodrigue is the rector, had as its goal to give theological training in Abitibi, a region far from the major centers.

    Finally, I would like to inform you that, since June 30, 2020, Father Michel Rodrigue‘s residence on our territory has become his only link with the Diocese of Amos. He has renounced his pastoral charge as pastor of the three parishes that I had entrusted to him. He also renounced his member ship in the Presbyteral Council and the College of consultors. He also retired as an active priest in the diocese. He remains an incardinated priest in the Diocese of Hearst–Moosonee, Ontario. At this time, postal mail is our only means of communication with him.

    This is the light that must be shed to remove doubts and questions about the position of the Bishop of the Diocese of Amos and to warn fragile Christians. I invite you to reread the words of Jesus, quoted by Saint Luke: “Take heed that you not be deceived” (Lk 21:8; cf. Mt 24:4ff and Mk 13:32). Let us abandon ourselves to the divine Mercy of our God, from whom all comfort comes. May the Holy Spirit drive away from us all sickly fears and anxieties. May this prayer to Mary sustain and reassure us: “Under the shelter of your mercy, we take refuge, Holy Mother of God. Do not despise our prayers when we are in the trial, but from all dangers always deliver us, glorious and blessed Virgin.”

    Trust and peace to all!


    450, Rue Principale Nord

    + Gilles Lemay
    Bishop of Amos
    Amos (Québec) Canada J9T 2M1
    Tél. 819–732–6515 Poste 201 Téléc. 819–732–7994
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  7. Dolours

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    That must come as a great relief to you, Christy. You're not outside the ark splashing about in the rising water. You can sleep easy tonight :D.

    Say a prayer to St. Michael for Fr. Rodriguez.
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  8. HeavenlyHosts

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  9. Christy1983

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    Well, on the "Countdown to the Kingdom" thread, a few forum members insist Bishop Lemay's letter is not definitive. The Countdown website has also posted what, to my mind, is an incredibly arrogant and desperate response. The Countdown authors do not accept Bishop Lemay's authority over Fr. Rodrigue either.

    What a sad state of affairs. If I see a good rebuttal to the rebuttal, I'll post it.
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  10. HeavenlyHosts

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    It is sad, indeed. I think we need to look at the way Fr. Rodrigue has conducted himself.
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  11. AED

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    I am done with this. Done.
  12. AED

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    Yep. Prayers for Fr Rodrigue and the Bishop of Amos.
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  13. Advocata Nostra

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    Exactly how I see it.
  14. That is simply not true. Currently, as the open letter itself states, Fr. Michel is under the authority of the Bishop of the Diocese of Hearst-Moosonee — not Bishop Lemay — and it is that Bishop who is currently to be considered the competent ecclesiastical authority in matters pertaining to Fr. Michel.

    Insisting now that others at CTTK not currently accepting Bishop Lemay's authority over Fr. Rodrigue as something that should be corrected shows that one is not keeping up with the actual state of things.

    Bishop Lemay rid himself of what he considered to be an annoyance for his diocese and for he noted in chancery's having to spend time answering the many inquiries that are arriving. And just who created this confusion of the public? Certainly not Fr. Rodrigue since he has been silent through all of the "throwing under the bus" public comments about him.....seems to be the only one behaving obediently while taking all of the "incoming".
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  15. HeavenlyHosts

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    I believe that it was Fr. Michel who renounced his connection with the diocese of Amos. Bishop Lemay did not "rid himself " of Fr. Michel.
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  16. Christy1983

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    The actions described in the letter took place while Fr. Rodrigue was under the authority of Bishop Lemay--else how could he resign posts in Bishop Lemay's diocese? Bishop Lemay said he was blindsided to discover Fr. Rodrigue was telling people Chastisement was imminent--while Fr. Rodrigue was under his authority. The bishop has judged the actions that took place under his watch, and now offered a full explanation to the faithful of the events that have occurred. Fr. Rodrigue returns to the jurisdiction of a bishop in Ontario.

    You have no way of knowing anything beyond this. All else is supposition, colored by your own beliefs.

    I suspect both bishops have been in frequent contact and have agreed on a course of action. I very much doubt there will be any change in Fr. Rodrigue's status.

    I blame the Countdown authors for promoting Fr. Rodrigue's now-discredited messages. They did not even check with Bishop Lemay before launching their book/website/video barrage. In the case of Edson Glauber, his messages had been banned by his bishop in 2017--yet the Countdown people went ahead and promoted them anyway. They are careless. They have caused much of the "anguish" described in the letter.
  17. HeavenlyHosts

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    This is true.
  18. Jason Fernando

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    What a shrewd move by Fr. Rodrigue to resign his current post and move to another bishop's jurisdiction so as not to be reprimanded/punished by his former bishop. :ROFLMAO:
  19. HeavenlyHosts

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    And then remain quiet and only be accessible by postal mail.
    I thought the same thing.
  20. Advocata Nostra

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    Respectfully, this is an unkind assumption about the bishop which is unfounded in fact. It’s second-guessing his motives in an uncharitable light. One can choose to believe he felt that way, true. But then you’d have to include here all the remaining bishops on earth who are constantly contacted by their concerned flock over many and ceaseless concerns.
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