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    This situation, which includes most nations north of the equator, is one of the reasons I believe we are in the endtimes. Once the birthrate goes below replacement it seems to indicate a death sentence for cultures. Goodbye Western civilization, or at least what remains of Western civilization. Left to ourselves, come 2100 the "West" will be gone. I can't believe the Lord would allow what He built through the Church to be vanquished.

    Notice the author of the articles doesn't even suggest the possibility of having more children. The only solution offered is immigration. Don't worry, Europe has tried that route and their Christian roots may soon be overwhelmed.

    Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus.
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    We have been sold a bill of goods and one that I was raised hearing and believing in from the women in my own family. My chief regrets in life in hind sight are that it took me so long to find the Faith and that I have not had more children. :(
    Add to this the disparity that families with a single income face and it sure begins to look dour.
    All of this is IMO according to plan.
    Might think I am a bit tin foily for saying this but my first born daughter reached full blown puberty at a very early age and one unheard of for both our families. As an infant our Doctor was shocked when she began developing visibly noticeable breasts. We took her off of store bought milk completely for this reason and only purchased organic products after this.
    Our food at least in the US is IMO turning into poison. It's no wonder other nations want nothing to do with it. I don't blame them.
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    The place I always keep in mind when talking about things like this is Japan, which by 2050 at the latest will have a birth rate less than the death rate. Expect the Japanese to cease to exist as a separate unite ethnic group by the end of this century. (Mostly because as Japan weakens and it can't bring in enough Korean workers to maintain its level of development, it will be left open to conquest by China, who will still have some issues related to Japanese treatment of the Chinese during WW2. Expect many Japanese women to be pressed into service as "comfort women" for the Chinese military and to act as replacements for all the Chinese girls that were aborted.)

    Oh, and something I've been looking for are reports of increases in breast cancer rates for Japanese women due to the legalization of abortion in the 60's.
  5. Mario

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    Your right, Muzhik, Japan is a sinking ship due to a self-inflicted wound!

    Safe in the Flames of the Sacred Heart!
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    It is not simply that populations are collapsing but that are exhibiting some very odd behaviour patterns especially among the young. Japan is the top example of this, with a huge number of young people no longer even dating and a huge number of them no longer ever having sex and living with thier parents forever and ever. Of celibacy if fine as a spiritual vocation but this is asexual behaviour. They simply have no urge to have sex or meet opposite partners or ever get married. Zero. Zilch . Nada.

    If you take it for granted that sex is a primary human urge and it appears to have suddenly disappeared in a huge cohort population, then what does that mean?

  7. padraig

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    Catholic understanding is that when Satan fell one third of the angels went down to hell with him after his defeat. These are to be replaced by humans who take their places among the nine choirs in heaven. Each of us in life is faced with the same devil we replace in heaven if we are faithful. Little wonder the devils hate us so much when we are taking their vacated seats. So the devil who tempts us through life is the devil whose seat we are due to take.

    Anyway when the vacant seats are all taken the ball of game of mortal life is over . No more eats. Perhaps we near this end point?

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    In taylor caldwell's novel Dialogues with the devil she presents the idea that civilizations that buy the devil's lie and contracept unwittingly alter the essence of their nature and can no longer be fertile or even desire to be fertile. The fulfillment /endgame of the culture of death. I read that book in 1968. I see now it was literally prophetic.
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  9. padraig

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    There might even be a physical effect. There is strong evidence that chemical contraceptives are showing up in our our water supplies at high levels. I wonder if later on we will find abortificient chemical turning up the same way?

    I also wonder if these chemicals might not be effecting our hormonal balance and neutering people? ..and if this is so if Governments would ever get around to telling us so?

  10. Muzhik

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    IN places like China where there's been an artificial "push" to alter the natural balance of the number of men and the number of women (IIRC, by childbearing age the natural ratio is something like 51% women to 49% men) and now they have tens of thousands of men who will never find wives, we're seeing an explosion of sexual crimes, esp. gang rape. We're also seeing increasing levels of human trafficking where women from Viet Nam, Cambodia, etc. are lured or even kidnapped and taken to China to be sold to men as wives.

    FWIW, we're beginning to see the same thing in India now.

    Japan, AFAIK, hasn't been practicing sex-selective abortion (at least not at the level of the Chinese) we're seeing a generation or even two generations of overcrowding in most of the country. That MAY be bringing on a natural effect to reduce the population, in addition to the effects of contraceptive pills in the drinking water for those two generations.
  11. Muzhik

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    I LOVED that book!
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  12. padraig

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    This is what happens when men decide they are God.
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