Beware Regeneron’s monoclonal antibodies against coronavirus

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  1. BrianK

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    If you weren’t aware, Nurse Claire was able to get Julie KindandTrue to join her and Ann on a subsequent podcast. It’s a difficult subject but one everyone urgently needs to hear:

    Barnhardt Podcast #163: Moloch vs. The Innocents
    SupernerdDecember 29, ARSH 2021
    [Direct link to the MP3 file]

    In this episode, Ann and Nurse Claire are joined by Mrs. Julie Collorafi, a homeschooling Mom who plays the organ at her parish, who in her spare time also just happened to single-handedly blow the lid off of the molochian industry of making drugs out of murdered infants grafted onto mice. Think Regeneron and monoclonal antibody treatments are “the pro-life alternative” to the DeathJabs? Think again. And for those still on the Trump train of kayfabe, you will never hear the term “Operation Warp Speed” without wincing in disgust after listening to this blockbuster episode. Recorded, quite providentially, on the Feast of the Holy Innocents.

    Prayer to End the Monstrous Fetal Industry
    Almighty and eternal God, Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Mercifully look upon mankind, steeped in the grievous sin of abortion and the trafficking and the exploitation of the bodies of murdered unborn babies through the monstrous fetal industry.

    Have mercy on us, we beseech Thee, and through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of the blessed and glorious Virgin Mary, deliver us from these evils in every land and nation, that men may no longer offend Thee, who art already so grievously offended.

    We wish to make amends to Thy Divine Majesty for this genocide, and for the cruel and barbarous use of their tiny bodies in medical research and manifold products.

    Receive this our prayer and act of reparation, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary Most Holy.

    Holy Innocents of Bethlehem, pray for us.

    Saints Francisco and Jacinta of Fatima, pray for us!

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

    Links, Reading, and Video:

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  2. lynnfiat

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  3. BrianK

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    It’s made using humanized mice, not fetal embryo stem cells per se.

    But the humanized mice themselves ARE made by injecting or transplanting cells or tissues from living aborted infants. (Yes, the infant must be far enough in development to have fully differentiated organs, and the tissue must be harvested while the aborted infant is still alive.)

    It’s a distinction without merit, in other words.
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  4. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    I just found out that the news source is left leaning. I truly don’t know what news source to believe anymore - with the exception of LifeSite news!
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  5. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    I’m also wondering how many of the drugs some people take daily are tested or made from aborted babies. It’s so horrifying! May His Kingdom come soon that He May reign and destroy all evil from the earth!
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  6. andree

    andree Powers

    I have read that the food industry is also guilty of participation in this evil - here is an article about flavour bio-engineering.

    Apparently Emmanuel Macron made his first millions by negotiating the sale of Pfizer Nutrition to Nestle for 11 billion euros. What the heck are they were doing in that branch of research that makes it worth 11 billion for "food development"? I read that whatever it is it's going into their infant formulas - yikes!

    To avoid all this stuff, we have to return to a simpler way of life, buying only real food and making our own meals, growing our own food, favoring small farms, producers etc. Which is probably what the Lord intends for us!
  7. BrianK

    BrianK Powers Staff Member

    Fr. Michael Copenhagen: "Things will get worse before they get better"
    I encourage you to listen in on a conversation between Patrick Coffin and Fr. Michael Copenhagen. I have admired Father ever since I heard his address at a rally in DC. You can read a transcript here of his straightforward, compelling remarks.

    We are moral actors, as he says -- our morality springs from within, from our union with God. We are not robots who download the latest version of theologians' attempts to rationalize current medical practices. Somehow we've been maneuvered into having the notion that when "the Vatican says" such-and-such, we are off the hook for moral reasoning, that our sense of right and wrong can be outsourced. But conscience has never before been treated this way in the Church -- we have to act out of complete conformity to God's Law, having clean consciences.

    In his long talk with Coffin, Fr. Copenhagen explains how cooperation, on such flimsy terms, with immorally derived medical products harms our humanity and our relationship with God -- and will lead and has already led to serious injustice that will be decried in the future.

    I particularly urge you to watch between the 37 and 42 minute marks. The need for repentance is real and his way of expressing it is so helpful for those who are wondering how this all can be happening. Until we reach the point he speaks of, through suffering -- until we are convinced that God alone is God -- we will continue in this purgative way. But if you have time for the whole discussion, I think you will find it helpful.

    You can watch here on You Tube or onFacebook where the livestream first occurred.
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  8. Jo M

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    Scary. :eek: Have you ever seen those plant based burgers with genetically engineered "heme"? Impossible Foods uses it to make their fake meat "bleed", this couldn't be safe. Gross.
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  9. andree

    andree Powers

    Yes, and that stuff is just horrible! And I read a while back that this stuff has very high estrogen levels, so high that if you were to eat these meals daily you'd be taking a hormone treatment without knowing it.
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  10. Jo M

    Jo M Powers

    :eek::eek::eek: Even worse than I imagined!
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  11. BrianK

    BrianK Powers Staff Member

    Because of their soy content?
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  12. BrianK

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    There have been several good articles on this issue, which were precipitated by a very disingenuous article from a progressive Patheos Legionaries of Christ priest blogger Fr. Matthew Schneider LC.

    They started with a short blog post I wrote for Creative Minority Report:

    Not so fast. The Very Misleading Article By a Priest on Drugs And Abortion Testing

    Crisis Magazine subsequently picked up on this issue from my blog post and ran with it:

    Stop Pretending the COVID Jab is Morally Equivalent to Other Meds

    Eventually LifeSiteNews followed up on this:

    Is it true that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are abortion-tainted just like COVID jabs?

    Finally Catholic Family News did the best article on the subject I’ve seen:

    The “Everything Was Tested on HEK” Lie
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  13. andree

    andree Powers

    Yes, I think it is because of the soy. I heard Catherine Austin Fitts make this claim over a year ago and now can no longer find the article that had the levels of estrogen per burger. Now I see many articles debunking the estrogen content, but those could be paid by industry.
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  14. AED

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    Yes andree. I think so. Its usually convenience foods with additives with thee mysterious ingredient "other natural flavorings". I find that highly suspect. Also beauty products. I've gone full "Amish" with no processed anything--olive oil and white vinegar and local grains and meat as much as I can. Its a lot of work....sigh....but so worth it to eat our garden's produce all winter. And buy our meat from local farmers. We've been at this for 36 years!!! I think the rest of the world is catching up. LOL.
  15. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Surprisingly another view on the vaccines. It’s all so confusing.
  16. andree

    andree Powers

    Oh why can't we be neighbors :(

    Maybe some day we will be, after God's Great Reset!
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  17. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    You have definitely been ahead of most of us!
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  18. AED

    AED Powers

    I think it was grace and that inner Voice of the Holy Spirit. Everyone thought we were crazy when we bought our house. Run down and ramshackle but it had a lot of land. Land developers were after it but a miracle happened. The owner sold it to us at a much reduced price because she wanted a family! On our own we would not have been smart enough to do any of this. I give God through St Joseph ALL the credit.
  19. AED

    AED Powers

    That would be lovely!!
  20. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    That’s amazing that they refused a land developer and sold it to you at a reduced price…that never happens! God meant for you to have it!
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