Benedict XVI: last Pope of old era or first of the next?

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    "SEEWALD: The election of Pope Francis is perhaps an exterior sign of a epochal turning point? With his does a new era begin definitively?

    BENEDICT: The temporal divisions were always decisive a posteriori: only in a second time is it established that here began the Middle Ages or there began the modern era. Only a posteriori is it seen how movements developed. For this reason I won’t hazard a like affirmation now. Nevertheless, it is evident that the Church has been abandoning more and more the old traditional structures of European life and, hence, changes appearance and lives new forms. It’s clear above all that the dechristianization of Europe progresses, that the Christian element is vanishing more and more from the fabric of society. Consequently, the Church must find a new form of presence, must change its way of presenting itself. There are epochal upheavals underway, but one doesn’t yet know to what point it can be said with precision that one or the other begins."

    Either way we have entered a new era. Who can doubt it considering all that has happened under Pope Francis and how the world has become so crazy?

    Not long now, not long.
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  2. Byron

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    I totally agree. The German Synod may just open the door to a whole new era.
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    this reminds me of the chinese proverb" wish for your enemies to live in interesting times"
    such times are the coming decades:confused:

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