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    With all the recent hype surrounding the virus I think it's prudent to keep an eye on other worldly events, what I mean is the things that the world powers will hide behind the smoke screen as to go unnoticed..please feel free to post anything that you might find unusual,,, an example below

    Putin suggests enshrining God and heterosexual marriage in Russian constitution
    Vladimir Putin last month vowed to support heterosexual marriage, saying Russia will have 'mum and dad'
    Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has submitted amendments to parliament that would enshrine God and heterosexual marriage in the country's constitution.
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    This is huge. Like DJT I look at what he does more than what he says. If he does this and it becomes part of the constitution then he is a "defender of the faith."
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    There is already an abhorrence of sodomy in Russia. This would follow.
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    I find that the rollout of these technological advances right at the time of a 'pandemic' to be a little more than coincidental.
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    Look on the bright side. While everyone was focusing on big, bad Putin, it took a pandemic to draw attention to a real threat to world peace and stability. The old saying "The US sneezes and the world catches a cold" has, in some respects, already changed to "China sneezed and the world caught a cold". What we need to worry about now is whether or not the globalists have the will to fix it.
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    from the article
    Russian President Vladimir Putin laid out a path Tuesday to staying in power beyond 2024, as lawmakers approved sweeping reforms to the constitution.

    In a surprise address to the lower house State Duma, Putin said there could be a presidential "reset" allowing him to run after his current term expires.

    "This would be possible... if the constitutional court rules such an amendment would not go against (the constitution)," he said.

    Putin appeared before the Duma after lawmakers proposed a series of amendments to a package of constitutional reforms he announced in January.
    Among them was an amendment put forward by Valentina Tereshkova, an MP and Soviet-era cosmonaut who was the first woman in space, that would annul previous presidential terms.
    This would allow 67-year-old Putin, who was first elected in 2000, to run again after his current six-year term expires, and potentially stay in power until 2036.

    "These amendments are long overdue, they are needed, and I am sure they will be useful for society, for our citizens," he told lawmakers.
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    This is huge news. I’ve been following this story all week and a couple of attacks have occurred.
    Watch this closely- there was almost a regional conflict in January over this:

    “A rocket attack on a military base north of Baghdad injured at least two Iraqi soldiers on Saturday, it has been reported. The Associated Press reported that the strike on Camp Taji, a base housing U.S. troops and coalition forces, saw more than a dozen rockets land inside the facility”
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    This is chilling.
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    You know I have just had the deepest of thoughts regarding the warning from Garabandal if you really think about it what better time for it to happen when the world is in lock down?
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