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Discussion in 'Music' started by Spirit of Truth, Apr 4, 2015.

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    I think it must be a balalaika because most of the comments are Russian. Beautiful child and great performance
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    Thank you, yes you're right, in fact it's in the title of the video too! I love seeing talent like this and the joy - it seems like she has a gift from God.
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    Yesterday was funeral in Dublin of Pete St. John- the composer of some great Irish ballads. In his memory, RIP, Here are perhaps his two best known one ….. recorded by many artists.

    Not sure if the misty weather here today, but these songs stirs lots of emotions and memories in my life. Missing many of loved ones… longing for a simpler time gone by….
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    It is on my bucket list to hear the Tallis Scholars in concert --

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    do you think sacred music has the power to open spiritual perceptions? I like to pray the Jesus prayer (Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me sinner) listening to this orthodox song that brings me immense peace.
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    Of course we shall be singing in heaven with the angels for all Eternity.

    Have you heard, 'Hymn of the Cherubim'?

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    I had never heard this hymn; in fact the orthodox chants are a vast treasure to be explored.
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    They are.

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    this song, as well as Anima Christi by Marco Frisina, brings me a feeling of solitude (before the world) and deep union with Christ.
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  12. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    To celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima. I thought this was so well done, had to share.
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    So beautiful, Luan. I think I am floating a few feet off of the ground. :giggle:
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    Problem is, if I remember correctly, he was broadcasting an aria.

    EDIT: Here's the scene as originally shown. The song is "Sull'aria" from Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro":

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    Yes, I thought it seemed a little different. I think I prefer the Russian anthem.

    There is a wonderful piece in the film , 'Hannibal', by the Irish composer Patrick Cassidy which I love, 'Vide cor meum', 'See my heart'.

    The lyrics are from Dante's sonnet, 'La Vita Nuova', there was always a big move in Italy have Dante declared a saint.

    Personally I think these words refer to Contemplative prayer and its effects.

    'To all besotted souls, my counterparts,
    to whom these verses come with a petition
    to write me what you think of my rendition:
    greetings in Love, the lord of open hearts.
    Already nearly over by a third
    were all those hours lit up by stars till morning,
    when Love appeared before me without warning.
    I shudder thinking what his presence stirred.
    It seemed that he was overjoyed in keeping
    my heart in hand, his arms a gentle bed
    for someone draped in silk—my lady sleeping.
    He woke her. And, respectfully, he fed
    that burning heart to her, who shook with dread.
    Then, as he turned to leave, I saw him weeping.'


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    I am relearning the guitar at the moment for retirement, so of course I just loved this.

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