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Discussion in 'Music' started by Spirit of Truth, Apr 4, 2015.

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    This version gives me goosebumps and tears roll down my face everytime I hear it. Her voice is stunning. For anyone in Australia, you'll know what I mean.
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    Did anyone know there is actually a Christmas Carol for the slaughter of the holy innocents?? There is, maybe some of our friends overseas have heard it, the "Conventry Carol" sung by ANÚNA.

    Here is a write-up on the daily reflections from the Blessed Is She website, one geared towards Catholic women and pretty good imho.....I think they are connected to the Pray More Novenas website as well.

    The Saddest Christmas Carol Ever - Blessed Is She
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    I often wonder about just how much Mary did know. At the Annunciation for instance when the Arcangel told Mary not to be afraid it was not being afraid of himself but of the overwhelming news he brought, that she was to be the Mother of the Saviour of the World.

    Later on at the Presentation when she was told that a Sword of Sorrow will pierce you heart she knew then about the Passion.

    One mystic comments that after the Annunciation she began to enter into the fulness of her Queenship over creation where , for instance she had full control over the animal Kingdom. That, for instance she related very well to the birds of the air and they to her.

    Also she could work pretty well any miracle and did many, many but because of humility they were shrouded in secrecy.

    This goes very, very much against the Protestant or Modernist Catholic point of view which kind of places her as, 'Just one of the girls', so to speak. But surely the whole point is that she was not just one of the girls?
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    Great question Padraig. A friend of ours actually dislikes this song… says mary did know! I know, I don’t know
    .. lol. I know Mary was sinless and in perfect Union with God …. She had the singular grace to be born without sun, but then chose and acted through her entire life to stay sinless. So, maybe she dud know and as you said, in her humility , these things remain hidden.

    anyhow, it’s a nice song. Happy New Year!
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    Whether one likes it or not, the Philippines have a bit of a different outlook on religious music in their majority Catholic nation.

    Schoenstatt Young Women's and Girls choir, sounds quite like contemporary Christian music but I like a few of their songs.

    "My life for Schoenstatt and Schoenstatt for the world"...

    I hope the movement overcomes any perceived problems.

    Christmas Carols sung by Schoentatt Sisters in Australia:

    They are a real movement. Map of Schoenstatt Shrines around the world.

    Map of the Shrines –
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    Did any of you notice how they changed our traditional green and red Christmas colors all over the world? Christmas in Paris, London, Spain, New York etc., looked like Disney World in the summer. What’s with the pastel colors? Is it all about globalism?
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    Thought I would share this song that came out a few months ago. Brings back memories of when each of us truly turned to Jesus.

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    Procession at Lourdes, singing Salve Mater Misericordiae.

    This talk on music, well, there are musical directors at churches, it'd be interesting to hear their views on the discussions about music at Mass.

    We have some "chant" at our Church but it wasn't really identifiable at "Chant" say, like Gregorian, like singing "Veni Espiritu Sancto" for example.
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    Something to lift the spirit, great acoustics and performance.

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    I know this is not in the realm of Christian music, but nonetheless I thought it was quite beautiful. A friend sent it to me with this note…

    This song about Vincent van Gogh written by Don McLean was released on the flip side of the 45RPM song American Pie in 1971. Although "American Pie" is considered an anthem in modern music, this tribute to van Gogh is every bit as powerful.
    Don McLean wrote this song about Vincent van Gogh who never sold a painting while he lived. His brother Theo supported him even after Vincent declined mentally. Whoever made this video deserves THANKS for selecting Vincent's paintings that perfectly match Don McLean's lyrics that pay tribute to this genius!!!

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    This song popped into my brain today… always loved Van the Man….

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    Yes I know Cohen is an atheist. Or as Our Blessed Mother says in Medjugorje, one who does not yet know the love of God. Anyway this is a stunning version by Pentatonix
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