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Discussion in 'Pope Francis' started by local, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    FYI, THIS WAS HIS POST IN 2012 (POST #45 in GBL News ) :

    "I am now more open to any questions, yes Allyd, I confirm, we will leave the Warning and the Great Miracle of Garabandal before May 2017, before the century of Fatima exactly, I am close to some Garabanda's seers and I am allowed to confirm it now, I can also confirm without any doubt that the month of the Garabandal Great Miracle is the month of April between the 08th to the 16th of this month."


    OOOOOPS ! :(

    BTW, he is NOT close to ANY of the "Seers" ( He has never met Conchita,I asked her, Mary Loli is dead, Jacinta lives in California, and Mary Cruz lives about 100 miles from Garabandal,and speaks to no one. He only knows Mary Loli's sister.
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  2. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    First of all, no one is going to convince her to speak now on any topic. Second she does not know the year of the Warning, only the date of the Miracle, which she is forbidden to speak about.
  3. Joe Crozier

    Joe Crozier Guest

    In my previous posts I used to say that the Pope would go to Moscow to try to broker peace but he would fail. Nice to see I am not alone in those thoughts.
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  4. Joe Crozier

    Joe Crozier Guest

    I think we are all just so sick of waiting. I have waited 40 years. Poor me. Poor Conchita has waited much longer and with all that on her heart and mind. What a burden. What a worker.
  5. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    Im probably wrong, but the Pope sending Missionaries of Mercy out in Febuary to forgive sins only a Pope can forgive makes me wonder ???
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  6. Richard67

    Richard67 Powers

    That's ashame. I thought Conchita knew the year of the Warning.

    Regarding the Miracle, it is my understanding that Our Lady ordered her not to divulge the date until 8 days in advance. But what about other details? For example, Conchita knows the "event of the Warning beginning with the letter A" but has decided not to elaborate. Is this a personal decision or one made by her local bishop? If it is a personal decision than surely it should be reconsidered in light of the nonstop guessing game that has gone on regarding the Warning. This is the one aspect of Garabandal that has always given me pause: the fact that certain details - in fact the most important details in terms of deciding the supernatural validity of this apparition such as dates - are not out in the open yet on the other hand certain details relating to those secret dates have been teased to us in public: such as "the event beginning with the letter A" or the fact that one of the seers said that the Warning will occur in an even year, or the fact that Conchita narrowed down the Miracle to a certain date range. I mean, if Conchita is prohibited from talking about the date of the Miracle, how was she permitted to give details that narrow that date down to a limited range of months. Something doesn't add up here Glenn.

    Has Conchita been silenced by her local bishop? If not, I feel that the time has come for clarification and at the very least a statement of some sort from Conchita to those who have put so much stock in this apparition and have wasted so much time playing this guessing game.
  7. Joe Crozier

    Joe Crozier Guest

    In my head I know it is going to be horrendous but I don't really understand this in my heart. Conchita has had to carry this knowledge around every day for more than 50 years. She has known exactly how bad it will be. Can you imagine living with that terror all those years. It makes me think of the words of Christ to Staretz Zilouan of Mount Athos.
    'Keep thy mind in hell and do not despair."
    While I remember these words from a book on him I have just looked him up again
    He asks
    "How do the perfect speak?"
    'The perfect never say anything of themselves....They only say what the Spirit inspires them to say"
    Conchita gets close to this but Thursday's child (me) has far to go.
  8. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    You probably will be right Joe.
    If Reuters report today is correct, quoting the guardian news. Putin said the USA is supporting terrorism and is destabelising the middle east. Putin stated there is no difference in terrorists, moderate terrorist or extreme terrorist...

    With the Bi Polar attitude of the West, I can see the Pope coming back to Rome without a deal with Russia on peace. Keep in mind what Putin has to deal with....remember Obama said to Americans, if you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor ..Baraks word! You will pay less for health insurance....caugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah! rates are doubled... many more lies, but Putin is supposed to trust Obama. Obama is a coke head I believe. King of the double speak
    Papa Francis will do his Best for Peace!
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  9. Joe Crozier

    Joe Crozier Guest

    Yes, he is a peacemaker.
  10. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    I'd rather have no war, but to me the West is really stirring the pot.

    Im ex US Navy, and used to run out on the decks with my Petty Officer, he was (sw) Surface Warfare Specialist) to identify Ruskie spy ships in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
    The days of Ronnie are gone and a new America appeared ...Obama world:(

    Obama has totally brought havoc to the middle east
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  11. fallen saint

    fallen saint Baby steps :)

    No this is interesting...how can fallen saint talk to Jacinta :)


  12. Joe Crozier

    Joe Crozier Guest

    I am probably being a bit judgmental so don't get too mad at me but your comment make me think of the indignant response of the prodigal son's brother and of the workers who worked all day and got the same pay as the workers who only turned up at the end of the day or of those who lost what little they had and it was given to those who had loads. These are all examples of how God's ways are not our ways and how God makes the rules, not us. God does no harm or injustice in his actions. He always acts perfectly and within His rights. Just so Conchita behaves perfectly according to her conscience, the voice of God, and according to the instructions of heaven. She has not wasted our time. We have wasted our own time by useless speculations ( me included of course) and soul sucking expectations born of a need to know rather than a willingness to believe and just get on with life in accordance with the messages. That was Adams big mistake - he chose the tree of knowledge rather than the tree of life. He learned nothing and nothing much has changed despite having been told that the way of faith gives the more abundant life. "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe." Jesus was not speaking figuratively. He meant this blessing. "No, we think, that's far too boring! "We can't tolerate this interminable waiting. Why don't they just tell us. They know, why shouldn't we know. At least give us a crumb." But the girls are obedient to the smallest detail and they have given us as much as they can for now. God has let Conchita know His way through the revelations from His Blessed Mother. How can we think we know better? God knows best. We don't. Conchita knows this. Do we? She says in one of her interviews that all she wants to do is love God and do His will. She needs our support not our supplications. Those are for heaven not for her. Let's let her get on with her work in the way that God wants her to do it. It's hard enough. She neither wants nor needs to be badgered by us. Luckily we always have Glenn to badger. He is big enough and tough enough to take it but I bet he gets sick of it too. We can always just discuss things between ourselves and if we get too far off the mark Glenn will put us right. As he always has done. Glenn has always provided great response in our need to know and a great block to pressure being put on Conchita. God bless them both.
    Once again apologies for the preachy tone. It's all for me too.
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  13. Why is the Pope going to Malta? Pedro Regis message: "An order will come from Malta...." causing chaos I believe...I don't have the message in front of me.
  14. Eamonn

    Eamonn Guest

    Jesus Stills the Storm

    25And they came to Him and woke Him, saying, "Save us, Lord; we are perishing!" 26He said to them, "Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?" Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and it became perfectly calm.27The men were amazed, and said, "What kind of a man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey Him?"

    As for myself if i knew every detail of what was coming down the road for us i would probably sit and worry myself to death. We need to put others first in our lives by continually praying for their and our own salvation always remembering that Jesus is in the Boat beside us and having the Faith in Jesus to believe he knows what he is doing. He has already told us himself that in the end the Pope will Consecrate Russia to his Mother's Immaculate Heart and the War against Satan has already been won what else do we need to know. Craving knowledge of future events is useless if the Lord comes today for your Soul and you are not ready to receive him so pray for today and tomorrow will take care of itself.
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  15. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Richard, I feel sorry for people like you here who "get hung up" on the silliest things , while a MOUNTAIN of evidence is ignored. Are you seriously questioning the " supernatural validity" of the apparitions because you don't have the " A" word or the EXACT date of the Miracle ? God provided a MOUNTAIN, yet you stumble on a stone.

    The documentation of over 2000 appearances of our Blessed Mother .

    The video footage of the host appearing out of thin air on Conchita’s tongue with dozens of witnesses standing next to her, as Mary predicted days earlier.

    Thousands of photo’s ( and video proof ) of “ecstatic walks” forwards AND BACKWARDS on rocky cow paths, and FALLING BACKWARDS ON THEIR HEADS totally unharmed !

    The girls in ecstasy unharmed and unfeeling by doctors poking them with needles, pinching them, burning them with matches, throwing sand in their eyes and shinning bright light trying to make them blink, and could not !

    12 year old Girls in ecstasy being able to lift one another over their heads, BUT 2 men could not lift one girl up ?

    The Blessed Mother voice was recorded, and a photo taken.

    Dozens of rosaries, and religious objects placed on one table, in a pile, and after Mary kissed them, the girls ,WITHOUT LOOKING AT ANYONE , managed to return the item to its rightful owners ?

    The public statements of support for the apparitions by notable Catholic leaders like Pope Paul VI, (Saint ) Pope John Paul II,
    Saint Padre Pio, Blessed" Mother Teresa, Saint Josemarie Escriva,
    Saint Madre Maravillas, Blessed Maria Rafols & Mother Maria Naya, Bishop Joao Venancio , Bishop of Fatima,
    Archbishop Manuel Pio López, of Jalapa (Mexico) , Mother Angelica, to name just some.

    Mary’s insistence on Repentance, Confession, Mass, Communion, the Rosary, the brown scapular, all indicate that this was of God, for no other explanation is possible. OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH !

    To answer your question , " NO" Conchita is not silenced by her Bishop or anyone.

    A 16 year old wise Conchita said :
    “ To guess at dates regarding the [prophesied] Miracle shows a lack of faith in the Blessed Virgin. Indeed, the energies expended on this are so much better spent on living the Message !
    Stop waisting YOUR time with dates, and worry about your soul, that's Mary's message. That's my advice to you.
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  16. local

    local Guest

    The problem with AVISO is that he (may or may not realize) focuses on the sensational. He is caught up with attention-getting in relation to Garabandal. As an example, the latest post about the 2018 Warning date is posted under "BREAKING NEWS"... and tantalizes with tidbits.

    I don't know if he's desperately trying to establish himself as an expert, is trying to drive traffic to his 'news' site in the hopes that people will donate and so he can "feed his rabbits," if there is celebrity issue (some people associate with famous people in the hopes that they too will be seen in the same light), etc. But what I've noticed is that where people like Glenn, Joey Lomangino, Conchita, Albrecht Weber, and others all focus on putting out simple information on Garabandal to inform, Aviso tends to try to make big pronouncements and show that he is part of some inner circle. In my opinion, he distracts from the true visionaries by touting his association with family members of theirs or friends in the town of Garabandal.

    One must look closely at the fruits. I believe people like Glenn, Joey, etc. have done much more for Garabandal in spreading the cause without all of the flash-bang of spectacular pronouncements. If AVISO wants to do true service to spreading the Garabandal message, and if he has new & unique insights, he should do like the others before him and actually be part of the established community and explain where/when/how and not cling to his claimed insider status. I never remember Joey claiming that he had some secret data because he was friends with Conchita and then bragged about it. The same holds true for Glenn.

    Unfortunately, and again my opinion only, I think AVISO is an unknowing tool in distraction from the work of Garabandal. I am sorry to say that. Lots of smoke but no fire.
  17. Pijon

    Pijon Principalities

    The translated message is:

    2950 - From Malta will come an order that will topple the Church and the faithful will suffer.

    Pedro Regis didn't say that the Pope will go to Malta. According to my studies, the meaning of the message is: an order will come from someone linked to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (which is a Roman Catholic lay religious order of, traditionally, a military, chivalrous and noble nature), that will topple the church and the faithful will suffer.

    But, there'll be falsity in that order, because:

    2952 - An order will be given by an Order. Falsity exists in its promise and the throne of Peter will be torn down.
  18. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    I myself am on the fence about Garabandal, but I understand the idea of not giving dates. If Conchita had said in 1965 that the date of the warning was in 2028, do you think anyone would have lived the messages of repentance? No, it is human nature to put things off if they are not immediately relevant.
  19. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Thank you for kind and appreciative words. As for our friend, Anonymity allows for secrecy,unconfirmed stories and also deception. So an anonymous person , can claim to have anonymous sources, to anonymous details. So if you have no connection to any of the actual "seers", you create a connection to anyone associated with them, but to what end ? For me , anyone in his position should say " my name is Joe smith, I am friendly with some townspeople of Garabandal ( including Mari Loli's sister ), and here is some possible details that might help point towards the future date of the Warning." IS THAT SO HARD ?
  20. local

    local Guest

    I agree completely. We should all be in the same boat when trying to promote Garabandal properly as this is about the Virgin Mary and Heaven and not us.
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