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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by lynnfiat, Aug 20, 2019.

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    This is really an apostolate.
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    I'll tell you a funny embarassing thing happened to me at Adoration many years ago when I was Novice in the Monastery which makes me still smile and wince a little when ever I recall it.:)

    There was the most lovely tiny little chapel down in the infirmary about the size of a living room with tabernacle which no one ever hardly went into . So of course it was home from home from me. I spent many, many happy hours down there and even at nights never used to bother turning on the lights happy to just walk up and down praying. Well one morning in the dark I thought of something bad that had happened to me in the past and I let a big heart felt sigh out of me.

    I had thought I was alone but little did I know that the Novice Master, Fr Patrick was sitting there listening to my big groan/ sigh.:D:D

    A few days later he was talking to us novices when he said how unimpressed he was by people who seemed to be having big prayer experiences and let out loud noises. I put two and two together knew he was talking about me and felt my face turn bright red.:D:D

    The Cistercians were very down to Earth. They had a story about a novice who told the Abbot he had just seen Our Lady.

    'Well tell Our Lady, the next time you see her', the Abbot replied,' to pack your bags for you as you will be leaving the monastery!':):)

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    The message this morning speaks of Jesus and Mary, holding hands as they visit the priest.

    How very touching! (I suspect it is true as someone mentioned that this priest is not long for this world; I suspect they are packing his bags for him, lucky man).

    My family was very undemonstrative. I only told my parents once in my entire life I loved them and this took months of summoning up my courage and quite a lot of drink. But I am so glad now I did. When my brother and his wife (both 26) and there 2 year old daughter all died my mother never cried once. When I spoke to her about this she said how much she wanted to but couldn't.She put this down to my grandfather who was in a perpetual rage. My paternal grandfather was a very bad man indeed and deserted his family very early.

    So we were a loving family, but not hand holders or huggers. More like a little regiment of soldiers.:D:D

    I think this is what drew me so much from a very,very early age to Jesus and Mary. For there yes there was the constant hugs of Divine Love.

    Adoration is such a healing thing. Jesus taught me how to cry. He changed my eyes from a Dry Desert to a Stream. Bless Him. Praise Him. Bless Him.


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    Our Lady speaks a couple of times about Jesus celbrating the Eternal Liturgy in the presence of the Father. How beautiful . I never heard of such a thing before in any heavenly messages anywhere.

    When I was younger I ised to kind of thing of the Liturgy as kind of airey fairy, up in the air stuff, the icing on the cake soto speak.
    I twas Pope Benedict using the old phrase the way we pray is the way we live that brought me up short.

    I know now looking back on my life it was a succession of stepping stones and these stones were daily mass. I am trying to imagine heaven as an Eternal Liturgy. Much to think about. Although we have always spoken of CHoirs of Angels singing.
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    Inspired by this book, and because I had read somewhere on this forum that 33 consecutive masses could heal ancestral sins, I committed myself to 33 consecutive visits to church.

    I can’t go to Mass everyday, have long work hours and often I have to travel for work so I had to choose my dates carefully to be able to do this. I had some mad dashes on some evenings to get there before closures, but have succeeded.

    Some amazing things have occurred during this time, including my asking God a question in prayer in church and it being answered immediately, by a lady I didn’t know, who just started speaking to me on the way out of the door.

    The day after I finished, feeling really proud of myself and when I had not factored in a visit, something awful happened that made me rush back to say a prayer. I’ve now decided I must keep going and 33 days is not enough.

    I can’t recommend these visits enough. I’m sure many of you have a lifetime of calling in on a daily basis. I am ashamed in a way that I have been so lazy in my past, and I’m telling everybody I can what a transformation it has been.
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    Good for you. What a shower of Grace's. Great protection and great healing for your whole family. I too have been lazy. Truth be told I fight it all the time. But I am never sorry when I make the effort to do it. Keep going- you have no idea the Grace's you are winning for others as well as yourself.
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    From In Sinu Jesu, Jan. 8, 2010:

    "This is the prayer I want you to say I all cicumstances of life:"

    My Jesus, only as Thou willest,
    when Thou willest,
    and in the way Thou willest.
    To Thee be all glory and thanksgiving,
    Who rulest all things mightily and sweetly,
    and Who fillest the earth with Thy manifold mercies.

    "Pray in this way, and so you will allow Me to deploy My grace and manifest My munificence in all places and in all the cicumstances of yours life. I desire to heap blessings upon you. I only ask that you give Me the freedom to act upon you and around you, and through you as I will.
    If more souls would give Me this freedom to act as I will, My Church would begin to know the springtime of holiness that is My burning desire for her. These souls by their entire submission to all the dispositions of My providence, will be the ones to usher in My Kingdom of peace and holiness on earth."
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    Thankyou for posting this LynnFiat.

    I was going to post exactly the same quote this morning but I had an appointment and made a mental note to do it when I got back.

    How lovely to open up the forum to see you had the same thought.
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    You know this is really beautiful. It reminds me of Jesus and Mary speaking to the priest in Adoration.

    It also reminds me of why heaven is often described in terms of the Singing; of Choirs of Angels.


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    I must get a copy of this book!!
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    In the message I read today Our Lady asks us to say the prayer , 'Ave Maria Stella'.

    She promises to fulfill the requests contained in the prayer.

    Ave, maris stella,
    Dei mater alma,
    atque semper virgo,
    felix cœli porta.

    Sumens illud «Ave»
    Gabrielis ore,
    funda nos in pace,
    mutans Evæ[9] nomen.

    Solve vincla reis,
    profer lumen cæcis,
    mala nostra pelle,
    bona cuncta posce.

    Monstra te esse matrem,
    sumat per te precem [10]
    qui pro nobis natus
    tulit esse tuus.

    Virgo singularis,
    inter omnes mitis,
    nos culpis solutos
    mites fac et castos.

    Vitam præsta puram,
    iter para tutum,
    ut videntes Jesum
    semper collætemur.

    Sit laus Deo Patri,
    summo Christo decus,
    Spiritui Sancto
    tribus honor unus. Amen.[11]

    Hail, star of the sea,
    Nurturing Mother of God,
    And ever Virgin
    Happy gate of Heaven

    Receiving that "Ave" (hail)
    From the mouth of Gabriel,
    Establish us in peace,
    Transforming the name of "Eva" (Eve).[12]

    Loosen the chains of the guilty,
    Send forth light to the blind,
    Our evil do thou dispel,
    Entreat (for us) all good things.

    Show thyself to be a Mother:
    Through thee may he receive prayer
    Who, being born for us,
    Undertook to be thine own.

    O unique Virgin,
    Meek above all others,
    Make us, set free from (our) sins,
    Meek and chaste.

    Bestow a pure life,
    Prepare a safe way:
    That seeing Jesus,
    We may ever rejoice.

    Praise be to God the Father,
    To the Most High Christ (be) glory,
    To the Holy Spirit
    (Be) honour, to the Three equally. Amen.

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    I'm just curious, does anyone pray the Ave Maria Stella every day?

    Any experience of good effects?

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    I love this prayer and pray it from time to time but I mean to commit to it now. I live the image of Our Lady as Star of the Sea.
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    Such a simple, sublime prayer and a clear explanation to expound its purpose. Thank you Jesus.

    Jesus, I trust in You!
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    I just bought this little prayer book on Amazon. It is nice and small so easy to carry around/

    Exorcists say prayers in Latin are more powerful so I am going to learn a few off by heart. Hope it will have the Ave Maria Stella in it.

    The devil is astonishingly powerful at the moment. All the devils in hell must have escaped

    No frills, no fuss, no translations. Just straightforward Latin prayers for use in your personal devotions. Nihil obstat and Imprimateur 2012.

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    Promises to those who sing the Ave Maris Stella (Scroll down for Text)
    During a riot at Rome, a mob came to the house where St. Bridget lived; a leader talked of burning Bridget alive. She prayed to Our Blessed Lord to know if she should flee to safety and He assured her to stay, saying: "It doesn't matter if they plot thy death. My power will break the malice of thy enemies: If mine crucified me, it is because I permitted it."
    The Blessed Virgin added: "Sing as a group the Ave Maris Stella and I will guard you from every danger."

    The Ave Maris Stella is prayed every year in the 33 day Saint Louis de Montfort Consecration. I love it in Latin but have only memorized it in English.
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    I love promises like this.:)

    I believe every word. God is so is His Mother.
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  20. padraig

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    It's really nice being off work and at home since I get time to do things I rarely get time to do.

    Today , for instance I got up for Latin mass about an hour early. It's such a long time since I had an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament. The mass itself lasted over and hour so I was over two hours in Church. A struggle and at the same time a delight. I recall years ago I spent nearly whole days in front of the Blessed Sacrament and it seemed like seconds. Time and prayer life changes.:)

    On Friday for the first time ever, apart from Divine Mercy Sunday, I got up to a three o'clock session very early. So impressive, the Church pretty full on an ordinary working day, lots of young men and women, two priests present for confession. The chaplets on loudspeakers, a recording from EWTN.

    A delight.

    Thank you Lord for granting me time to draw a little closer to you. So impressive to see so many good devout holy young Catholics. I get negative and cranky often. Nice to see huge positives.:)

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