Austen Ivereigh’s blasphemous Mariological errors

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    Remember how I one time commented on the great and significant difference between Our Lady as a Human Woman and the Basque weather goddess Mari? Well in an effort to defend the abominations present at Rome and the Vatican, -even though the Vatican officials themselves have clearly said that there neither is, nor need there be, any connection between the images and Our Lady- by claiming that syncretisms between Our Lady and pagan goddesses have happened all the time in history! (While any decently catechized Catholic knows that nothing can be further from the truth.)

    In addition to offering up reparation for the abominations themselves present at Rome and the Vatican, I’d like people here to offer up a few prayers for Austen Ivereigh and those like him; as well reparations for these claims. It really is quite amazing this shift from attack on morals to attack on the Sacred itself, truly stunning...
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