August 1st: Day of Prayer and Adoration for Persecuted Christians

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    In solidarity with our Persecuted Brethren in Iraq and Syria

    Friday, August 1, 2014

    This was the day chosen by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) for a worldwide day of Public Adoration of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament in supplication for our persecuted brethren in Iraq, Syria, and the Middle East:

    The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter asks all of its apostolates around the world to dedicate Friday, August 1 to a day of prayer and penance for the Christians who are suffering terrible persecution in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.

    August 1 is the First Friday of the month and the Feast of St. Peter in Chains, which is celebrated as a Third Class Feast in FSSP houses and apostolates. It is the feast in which we read of the great power of the persevering prayer of members of the Church: “Peter therefore was kept in Prison. But prayer was made without ceasing by the Church unto God for him.” (Acts 12:5)

    This feast of our Patron should be an invitation to the faithful to join us in Holy Hours and other fitting prayers to beg the Most Holy Trinity that these members of the Mystical Body may persevere in the faith, and that, like St. Peter, they may be delivered from this terrible persecution. May such a day serve as a reminder to us of the stark contrast that stands between our days of vacation and ease, and their daily struggle for survival as they are killed or exiled from their homes.

    It is a day, we believe, chosen wisely by that Fraternity: we please upon all our Catholic brethren, East and West, attached to the Ordinary Form (Mass of Paul VI) or to the Extraordinary Form (Ancient Mass), whatever their theological bent, to join this worldwide prayer day. Whether you consider yourself a more liberal, conservative, traditional, or just plain Catholic, let us join together in this worldwide Adoration of Our Lord Jesus Christ, together with all the Angels and Saints.

    It is also appropriately chosen because Pastors and Chaplains will have 10 days to prepare properly, to contact projects that help Christians in need and collect all kinds of contributions for the Christians of the Middle East (from Aid to the Church in Need to CNEWA, the Syrian and Chaldean Catholic Churches, and other organizations), and, in particular, to add to their bulletins and convey to their congregations how to participate next Sunday, July 27.

    Please, spread this initiative around. No need to link to us, or to even mention you saw it here -- just copy, paste, and just let this idea spread around throughout the world, through the web, through social networks, to your family and friends.

    Bishops, Pastors, priests, join us. First Fridays are a special day of the month, and nothing better next First Friday, August 1, than for all Catholics around the world to join in Adoration before Our Lord to implore his mercy and kindness for our most neglected brethren in Iraq, Syria, and throughout the Middle East.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this!
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    I feel compelled to ask you all to consider praying the 24 hours of the passion of our Lord, as given to Luisa Piccarreta:

    For 25 years, I've avoided meditation on the passion, except through the sorrowful mysteries, because...I just didn't want to! I am a naturally joyful person, and I carefully avoided all of the "bloody" prayers. But since beginning to study life in the divine will, through Luisa, I took up praying one of the hours a day during Lent (and they don't take an hour - some are as short as 5 minutes). I stopped at Easter, then took them up again recently.

    I can't imagine a more powerful prayer, along with the rosary, for these times. We are all entering the passion of Jesus - and it's starting with our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.
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    We need more than words now, we need concrete actions, we need the solidarity of Christians worldwide, not to be afraid to talk about this tragedy”, says Archbishop Amel Nona of Mosul speaking to Vatican Radio over the phone from Nineveh province, Northern Iraq.

    As if in response to this plea, over the past 24 hours a campaign has been mounting in the global twitter sphere to stand with Iraqi Christians, under the hashtag #WeAreN: This refers to the Arabic letter ن, or "n", which Islamic State militants have left on some doorways in areas under their control to indicate that the inhabitants are "Nazarene" or Christian.

    The campaign is uniting Catholics, Orthodox and Protestant as well as people of good will worldwide, in an effort to raise awareness of the religious cleansing underway in Iraq. “This is a horrible term” confides Abp. Nona “but it is what is happening, it is what is going on right now on the ground”.

    The pastor speaks of how his community that has been scattered to the four winds by the Islamists onslaught, he speaks of their courage in enduring persecution since 2003 and the strength that the Pope’s words during his Angelus last Sunday has given them. However, he also speaks of their fear that this brutal ethnic and religious cleansing is unfolding amid global indifference.

    This is why Archbishop Nona’s appeal is not just for concrete solidarity to the thousands of displaced Iraqis but for Christians outside of Iraq to have the courage to speak up in defense of their brothers and sisters suffering in silence within Iraq.

    “We made an appeal to the world explaining what happened to the Christians of Mosul, a crime against humanity”, he says. “We are also appealing for three very important things: protection for us and all other minorities, material support for the families that have fled the city of Mosul and homes and schools for those families who have left everything”.
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    So will I!

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    Great new Avatar Miker. And Torrentum.
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    Prayer for Persecuted Christians

    Father in Heaven, you make your sun shine
    on good and bad alike.
    Your Son Jesus Christ died for us all
    and in his glorious Resurrection
    He still retains the five wounds of his Passion.
    With his divine power he now sustains
    all those who suffer persecution and martyrdom
    for the sake of their fidelity
    to the faith of the Church.
    Merciful and mighty Father,
    do not allow Cain to return again to murder
    helpless Abel, innocent Abel.
    May persecuted Christians around the world
    remain, like Mary, their Mother,
    together at the foot of the cross
    of Christ the Martyr.
    Comfort those menaced by violence
    and those oppressed by uncertainty.
    May your Holy Spirit of love
    make fruitful the witness and the blood
    of those who die forgiving.

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    Perhaps if you have time tonight or tomorrow, you can Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for both the persecutors and the persecuted.

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    Interesting that today is the Feast day of St. Eusebius. Since I did not know of him, I found this little bit of information. I found it very timely that he stood up for his faith against the major heresy of his time and suffered greatly for it much the same as Christians in the ME are suffering fir their faith today. In the end, we know what happens. Perhaps St. Eusebius will become a more familiar name to all of us in the times that are coming when we too may be called to defend our faith. St. Eusebius pray for those being persecuted and pray for all of us!
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    Anyone know a good charity for persecuted Christians, one where most of the money goes to the cause?
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    Aid to the Church in need comes to mind but I can't say for definite re. the % money allocations.
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