Attack on the Family

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Sanctus, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Sanctus

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    Living in Ireland it seems very evident that there is currently a sustained attack being carried out on the family, namely through the means of the gay marriage/adoption legislation that will be introduced in a referendum next year. It seems that the "powers that be" have the family as one of there primary targets. Ireland seems to be coming under strong attack in this respect.
  2. garabandal

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    This is linked to the Fatima prophecy that Russia shall spread her errors, atheistic secular humanism, throughout the world via the masonic infiltration of the political elites. The attack on the family is straight from the bowels of hell.
  3. Torrentum

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    Plus attacks on religion and the family are handy diversion tactics to take public opinion off the other issues. Ireland being a prime example here when people were dying of the cold in Dublin and one person emigrating every hour, the government decided to fire up a storm about abortion and the seal of confession.
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    Similarly to America losing the hand of God's protection, I feel we could make the same argument here. Ireland have disregarded the faith for one reason or another in the last 10/15 years and have instigated a society similar in nature to atheistic nations. With the same sex marriage and abortion referendums next year, we'll be right up there with nations who have gone so far from God that any discourse on religion, never mind Catholicism, will be seen as crazy talk or conversations for cults or sub groups. I really thought that that Irelands consecration to Our Lady performed last year in Knock would stem the tide. I don't see that happening. Maybe things like this happening internationally will lead to the warning. Hopefully.
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    Good point. Whatever sort of an abomination they happen to introduce, it probably won't last very long!:unsure:
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    It is breathtaking though the sheer manipulative nature of the campaign to introduce such legislation, which will be to the detriment of the family and children. I read that the same-sex marriage campaign is being heavily funded by the EU, no surprises there...
  7. FoundSoul

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    The way we are now Ireland seems just to want to follow along with all the other countries that are trying to get rid of God. But then I go to Mass and cannot believe the people who are in the Church. I think Padraig had a vision where he saw the Faith going out all over the isalnd except for a small light in Belfast, I think, but then the light spread all over the island again. Thinking about that makes me feel better. All I can do is keep praying. I dont know what else to do. We are not in good shape at all.
  8. Sanctus

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    There is renewal on the way thankfully. Just a matter of time it seems.
  9. garabandal

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  10. Bella

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    This news story has just appeared on the BBC news site. It is about the killing of an unborn child in utero. The charge has been called "Child destruction". Yet we have a separate law that says it is perfectly legal to destroy a child up until it's due date. Man's law has got itself in a twist here.

    (I was trying to post this as a new thread, but couldn't work out how to do that, so put it here.)
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  12. garabandal

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    The media promote the 'culture of death', a civilization of despair that is collapsing from within like a house of cards.

    John Paul the Great, pray for us.
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    Indeed the media promote the culture is death. The forces behind the media are so powerful. Mark Mallets writings are so timely here
  14. Torrentum

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    Prochoicers, or more aptly called, prodeathers, are really spitting fire on Twitter about this story.
  15. Bartimaeus

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    My heart goes out to this poor child - delivered 15 weeks early, with no one to love it. It will have to fight for it's life in hospital for probably the next 3 months with no one to really care whether it lives or dies.

    How can it's care be guaranteed in the hospital? Who will care?

    If it lives - what then?

    If it dies can it have a public funeral?

    My heart bleeds for the woman that would have preferred if it was ripped limb from limb in her womb.

    My souls cries out for the two psychiatrists that said this would solve the woman's problems.

    And I have no words for the father.

    We all sow, we will all reap. God forgive me for my contribution to the culture that has made this possible. :cry::cry::cry:
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  16. Sanctus

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    I was reading some of the comments online. They were all saying how "barbaric" a country Ireland is.
  17. Adoremus

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    The whole thing reads like a horror story from start to finish. And it is the innocent child who suffers. And the mother. The father walks away scot-free. This is the true face of "women's rights." What a mess we have made! When will people wake up to the truth?

    I'm not altogether sure that this case is not merely a setup to open a floodgate of demand for full legal abortion on demand. If that happens, Ireland has now paved the way for having the most liberal abortion laws of any country on earth. God HELP us.
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    I do think that this incident is unmasking the agenda of those who support 'pro choice' They are infuriated that this baby was not killed in the womb. I know that the baby has a battle to fight but I know of babies born at 23 an d 24 weeks that have survived to live normal lives. This incident really does shine a light on the fact that a baby has to be killed. This fact is completely brushed under the carpet and glossed out. Keep praying for the protection of unborn children and Thank God that the Obstetrician stood his ground against the Psychiatrists who recommended abortion. Amazing that the baby survived and hopefully will be adopted by someone who will love it.
    The division between those who stand with God and against him is becoming clearer by the day.
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  19. Bartimaeus

    Bartimaeus Archangels

    There is no one more pro-choice than God -
    "I set before you life and death... choose life"

    The people advocating for 'choice' only offer death. :sick:
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