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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by padraig, Sep 21, 2009.

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    I saw a sad thing at mass yesterday. During communion a man collapsed into the arms of his wife, unconcious. A little crown gathered round and they ordered an ambulance. I saw there were more than enough folks helping out so closed my eyes and started to pray for them.

    But then the saddest sound went round the chapel, it was the lady sobbing so hard for her husband whom she held close in her arms. I opened my eyes and looked at her crying, she was looking at the man with his eyes closed with and expression of the greatest grief and helplessness. I found it so touching.

    It reminded me of the power of love and of Marriage were the two become one. The couple were in I would say there late sixties. Life and be so sad. Nut still, I thought if it had to happen anywhere in a chapel, at mass and at communion too, surrounded by loving people; what better place.

    Some things make you just think and pray.
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    Hello Padraig...

    What was the reaction of the priest? Did he perform last rites to the sick man? I recall cases like this where the priest just ignores the sick person and continues on in his duties.

    I hope all is well with you and all board members.

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    Well they carried the poor man off to the sacristy, which I think was a mistake as I don't think you are supposed to move people., so I didn't see what the priest did.

    But you're right priests don't seem to regard the last Rites in the same way. I think they regard it as purely a healing rite.

    But I would see it often the old getting ready for the long journey {though if it heals, great} I think the devil plays a keen part in the souls last few hours and I think its really important to have a priest at hand. I certainly hope I have a whole crowd of them, confession ,communion , extreme unction,rosary in hands, everything .

    The Fathers of the Desert wrote lots about what happens in the period around death and if anyone every reads them they would really want the assistance of the Church as much as possible. :shock:

    Its the last chance for the soul to decide for God or against. Folks really need help with this.

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