As I Knelt Before My Lord

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    As I Knelt Before The Lord

    My day had finally arrived, it seemed to have come so fast.

    I layed down and breathed my last.

    I rose through clouds so very white.

    I saw so many angels surrounding such a beautiful light.

    I somehow found myself kneeling before my Lord.

    I hung my head and waited for His final word.

    I feared to see upon me His judgment and look.

    I then noticed He was holding my book.

    As He turned the pages He continued to read.

    Please forgive me Lord my heart would plead.

    The last page was turned, this was it, I could tell.

    Please oh Lord dont open the gates of hell.

    As my tears fell I felt so small, so weak.

    My heart leaped as His hand was upon my cheek.

    As I looked up upon His glorious face.

    He smiled upon me and held me in His loving embrace.

    These were my final thoughts and visions before I went to sleep last night and I thought that they were worth sharing. They may not be my final outcome but they are certainly ones I wish they will be. They are certainly ones to reflect on knowing for sure that that day will most certainly arrive.

    May God bless everyone.....
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