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    I know very little about the music of Aretha Franklin. However, she seems to have been lauded by celebrities and liberals everywhere. Her funeral was attended by many of these kinds of people. Nevertheless, it seems doubtful if Aretha reciprocated their sentiments entirely. Much to the consternation of the liberal establishment (and, boy are they the establishment nowadays and don't they let us know it), Aretha nominated one Reverend Jasper Williams Jnr. to preach her eulogy. He might not be a Catholic, but by goodness, the Reverend Williams is truly a Christian and unloaded both barrels at the congregation with a most politically incorrect homily, castigating the black people of the US for their abandoning God for abortion and single motherhood. He condemned them for attacking the police for brutality while ignoring their own mass-murder of one another. Aretha was a soul singer, Rev. Williams accused black America of losing their souls. It would have been great to have been a fly on the wall. God bless Rev. Williams for his honesty and courage, and Aretha Franklin for arranging a truly great send-off.
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    Thank you, DeGaulle, I listened! It's not just the Black Community that has lost its soul...Come Lord Jesus...the Church in so many ways has too! But Our Lady calls us back, calls us to pray, fast, forgive, and stand on the centuries-old bedrock of Truth. We must restore our family life as well!

    Safe Under Mary's Mantle!
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