Archduke Otto Von Hapsburg RIP

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    I was interested in this , Bobby because of Catholic Prophesies that the , 'Great King' would save Europe at the end period of the Tribulation and that the great King would be of Royal Stock. They don't come more Royal than the Hapsburgs...but I checked out the son and he doesn't seem to meet the bill.

    But I was at a Medugorje conference in London many years ago and one of the speakers there very much impressed me, she was a real live Princess from Bavaria in Southern Germany and I wondered....

    Her name was Princess Milona de Rambures nee Hapsburg

    ...and here she is giving her testimony:


    She was young when I saw her but would be about 50 now... I wonder if she ever had children..a son...
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    She seems very humble and sweet...but the young Ferdinand...well I have seen on a couple of those sites that we aren't supposed to pay attention to, that he is the antichrist! :eek: That he will be a great leader, but will be the bad guy in the end. I took this with no sincerity of course. But now here is his photo again, and somewhere in my mind apparently I filed it away as something to remember because as soon as I saw this photo I recognized him and it got my attention. Others (like Ron Conte) feel he will be the Great Catholic Monarch that is also foretold. I hope he is the latter, not the former.
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    His grandfather Charles was a bona fide saint and I think his grandma will be canonised too:

    Charles of Austria
    TODAY IS THE first feast of Blessed Charles since the announcement last December that the cause for the canonisation of his wife, Zita of Bourbon-Parma, has been opened as well. In an age when most people in government and public leadership seem barely even decent, let alone saints, it is all the more important to seek the prayers and intercession of Charles and Zita — husband and wife, mother and father, Emperor and Empress — for the preservation of peace, the prevention of war, and the renovation of our families as well as our societies at large.

    Charles was born the son of the second son of the Emperor’s brother and so the possibility of him ever ascending to the Austro-Hungarian throne seemed distant, perhaps even remote. When the great Pope St. Pius X received the young Charles, however, he said:

    I bless Archduke Charles, who will be the future Emperor of Austria and will help lead his countries and peoples to great honor and many blessings–but this will not become obvious until after his death.

    One saint prophesying the future of another.

    A particularly appropriate way of praying for the holy emperor’s intercession would be to say the novena composed by the Emperor Charles Prayer League for Peace Among the Nations (or Kaiser Karl Gebetsliga für den Völkerfrieden), which can be found here.

    Pilgrims can also venerate his relics or pray at shrines dedicated to Charles in Australia, the Philippines, Austria, Belgium, Bohemia, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Lebanon, Canada, Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Chile, and of course on the Portuguese island of Madeira where he died and is entombed.

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