Approved apparitions in the Amazon!

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    Powerfull - Loving !!

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    Message of Our Lady, February 21, 2015
    Peace be with you!
    My children, I your Heavenly Mother invite you to conversion. Convert and be [people] of my Son Jesus, entrusting yourselves to his hands and his Divine Heart.
    Offer your prayers for the conversion of your brothers who are afar off from the way of the Lord that leads to heaven.
    My children, God does not want your misery and suffering but the salvation of your souls so that one day you should be by his side in heaven's glory.
    Pray, pray, pray that you might belong to the Kingdom of heaven. Pray in order to free yourselves from all perils of the soul and body that lead to the fire of hell. Do not neglect your salvation, neither depart from the path of prayer that I have indicated to you.
    Renounce the world and sin and in this way the gates of heaven will open more and more to receive you. I love you and bless you: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

    Message of Our Lady, February 28, 2015
    Peace my beloved children, the peace of Jesus to you all!
    My children, I your Mother come again to invite you to prayer and conversion. Stop a while in order to dedicate yourselves more [fully] to the Kingdom of Heaven, for man does not live by bread alone.
    If you do not seek spiritual food your souls will become weak and empty and you will fall into terrible sins. Pray with more faith and love. Prayer allows you to be closer to God and to me, your Heavenly Mother. Help your family members to be godly, being a light to them all.
    My children, the days will become increasingly difficult and you will see so many turn away from the true faith. The Church will endure a great cross and many of the faithful will suffer because of what will come. Intercede for the good of the Church and the good of the world.
    The devil wants wars and conflicts, and many countries are corrupt because their rulers are seduced by power and riches. One country will turn fiercely against another, and from there blood and death will spread to many other places in the world. The priests, ministers of my Son, will be persecuted and fought. Pray, kneel on the ground and beg God's mercy for the world in order that divine peace should reign in the hearts of so many who are in darkness, converting them.
    Help your Heavenly Mother by praying the rosary daily for my intentions. Many do not believe that I appeared in Itapiranga and continue to appear, but I tell you that if I had not come to Itapiranga and requested prayer and conversion, Amazonia would be upside down today, because great evils would have devastated many families, but these evils were yet staved off, because God had mercy on you.
    Sin no more, change your lives. Be good, otherwise you will suffer from the natural disasters to come and from the violence of wicked men who want to possess everything.
    Do not be deaf to my pleas: act and intercede more and more ... There is still time for us to change many things!.
    Return to your homes with God's peace. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
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    'My children, the days will become increasingly difficult and you will see so many turn away from the true faith. The Church will endure a great cross and many of the faithful will suffer because of what will come.'
    I wonder what the, 'Great cross', will be?
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    I've no idea, but have a 'feeling', and maybe some people might agree with me, but I've a feeling the cross we will endure, is exclusion economically and socially, due to our adherence to traditional marriage and rejection of the LGBT 'marriage equality' distortion, rejection of militant feminism by keeping the traditional male priesthood, rejection of the takeover of the family by insisting on the centrality and importance of the traditional family unit. (Father, mother, children).
    I've read before, and for the life of me can't remember exactly where, but I read somewhere that the greatest stick the world has ever had to beat the church with, is the LGBT movement.
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    It could be. Though I wonder if that not be better described as, 'Great Crosses'. It seems to be to be a single event.

    It is a crazy guess, but I wonder if it could be the murder of the Pope? Or a successful attack on the Vatican .

    Who knows?
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    God forbid.
    I often think, and this ties in with your singular event approach, if it may be sure to another 'reformation'.
    The ACP and their international friends, splitting from Rome.
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    I must remember to pray more for the poor Church and the Holy Father. Whatever it is it is not good.
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    Perhaps a schism arising from the Synod this fall?
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    Very sad times.
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    I'm thinking it will be, in part, a huge scandal. Possibly some dastardly acts by Vatican officials cooperating with political or worldly goals coming to light? We'll see.
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    [6] And the Lord said: Hear what the unjust judge saith. [7] And will not God revenge his elect who cry to him day and night: and will he have patience in their regard? [8] I say to you, that he will quickly revenge them. But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?

    I think there will be a terrible suffering for the faithful. What could be a greater cross and suffering for the true faithful than the loss of the sacraments. Has it not been foretold by many mystics about the time to come in the church when it will be hard to find the mass and most will be underground and communion administered by the help of heaven? I feel there will come a time which be so painful to our soul when we find it hard to have communion with Our Lord. We are so lucky now to have it so accessible for us every day and yet so few in the world truly realize the gift that is there for them now and may not be in our immediate future.
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    Charlie Johnston wrote the following in response to a reader who was confused regarding Charlie's predictions of the sequence of events to come. Note his comment at the end, this speaks to a great Cross the church will have to bear:
    China will discover that it has got more than it bargained for as many internally convert to Christianity and fight for the soul of their nation. China will ruthlessly and brutally suppress the rising tide of Chinese Christians. The global war will get more and more desperate…stalemated to a certain extent, like the trench warfare of WWI. The struggle will become so desperate that all will lose hope that peace, order and stability can ever be restored to the world.

    Here is Charlie's whole post:
    "...We are talking about two entirely different things here. First is the Storm, which does involve catastrophic collapse of everything and global cultural civil war. We are in the midst of what is going to be a very intense three years. I have said we will have to form small communities…and that in the INITIAL stages of chaos – for three to six months – money will be meaningless, so barter will be needed. But I have also said – and repeatedly – that even in the midst of the Storm we will restructure, have to rise from our knees and build ourselves back up to confront first Islam and then China. That is not going to happen with a fractured nation of small farmers and woodsmen. We have BIG tasks ahead before the Rescue. When I say everything will be the same but without cynicism and filled with love of God and neighbor, I am talking about something completely different; the world AFTER the Rescue. Some are taking these flights of fancy where Jesus will reign directly and no one will ever sin again and we won’t have to make any decisions because Jesus will make them all for us. That is NOT how the world post-Rescue will be. God is not revoking our free will OR our responsibility for making choices: He is going to give us another chance to make them rightly after having allowed us to be informed of the consequences of preening vanity and rebellion through the instrument of the Storm.

    I guess maybe I will have to prioritize making a booklet available on this. This is an incredibly fast-moving and changing scenario ENDING in the description you quote. Perhaps I have not been clear, but it seems to me I have been pretty consistent. Perhaps it is just that there is no place where the bulk of it is laid out together. For me, a frustration is that often people seem to seize on one aspect of this sequence, which will be constantly evolving, and think that is the whole story and are surprised when I discuss another part of the sequence.

    Basically, now we are in rapidly spiraling crisis. That will culminate in complete crash and collapse which will usher in a period of utter chaos – which I believe will last for three to six months. Then order will begin to emerge – and it will emerge fairly rapidly, though the crisis remains. It must emerge for us to seriously confront the threat of radical Islam, which we will. At some point, political Islam will suddenly collapse, but only after we confront it seriously and vigorously. That will pave the way for mass conversions. I don’t know whether that conversion will happen before the Storm is over or after. Islam may be in a period of disorientation for the balance of the Storm or it may convert quickly and become real allies in the battle against China and its drive for global supremacy. At some point, Russia and America will become steadfast allies in the fight against China. That will ultimately contribute dramatically to the reunification of Christianity. China will discover that it has got more than it bargained for as many internally convert to Christianity and fight for the soul of their nation. China will ruthlessly and brutally suppress the rising tide of Chinese Christians. The global war will get more and more desperate…stalemated to a certain extent, like the trench warfare of WWI. The struggle will become so desperate that all will lose hope that peace, order and stability can ever be restored to the world. At the darkest moment, Our Lord will send Our Lady to rescue us, visibly and miraculously – and the Storm, while not completely over, will have lost its power and force. Then begins the process of rebuilding the world – through ordinary means as I have described."
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    I like Charlie and think he has much to offer. However, his is the only timeline that has the end of the tribulation and rebuilding of the world to take place in 2017, via the 'rescue'.. If, (as Antonio's Sacred Astronomy, the Garabandal messages, Akita messages and most every other credible prophecy informs us that after the Warning and Miracle comes the Chastisments from God), then it is hard to accept Charlie's position that after the Triumph of Our Lady comes peace and rebuilding (era of peace). I have no problem accepting his premise that the Triumph (Rescue) comes in 1917, but I am thinking the 'rescue' is a decisive point where Satan is defeated by Mary crushing his head and binding him in hell fire until the end of the world. However, we have yet to deal with the major chastisements coming from God (Garabandal messages), along with the Lawless One (the anti-Christ) to do his damage upon the world. My study seems to indicate that after the Triumph (or rescue as Charlie calls it) there will only be one Church and all who do not accept the one true Church will be on the side of the evil one for a period of time (3.5 years). I know that things will not be quite this simple, but seems most all other prophecy has the stuggle going on much longer than 2017.
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    Mark, I also have struggled with the time lines from Charlie and balancing against other prophecies. But I think he's put out so much info some of us get confused. He actually addressed that before. He says that the Rescue by Our Lady comes when things are at their absolute worst and we've all but given up hope, but he said that doesn't mean that upon that day that things go "poof" and we're in the era of peace. He says that the Rescue is when Our Lady intervenes and saves us from the brink and that is the day that we know we'll survive the tribulation, but the tribulation won't end on that day. He says evil will be defeated and the tide turns and we have hope (clearly if we see that God sends our Lady to save us, we'll know we're going to survive--but it'll take time to sort things out). I've come to grips with that meaning that evil will be on the run after the Rescue but the mop up operation will take some time after that, does that make sense? By the way, Charlie is on a roll today and just posted this about our inclination to fit things into how we expect them--I think this is truth coming from him and why he talks so much about the next right step as we're going to be taken for a ride so best hold on tight to God trusting in Him and seeking His guidance for each step we take during this. Here's what Charlie just posted in another response to a question on timelines and fitting prophecies:

    "But your lament touches on why I am so adamant against building detailed timelines and concordances. If the only way you can believe is if God does it exactly the way you have erected in your head, your odds of getting through it and enduring go way down. You are, in fact, relying on your capacity to penetrate these things and lay them out precisely. God will act in unexpected ways – and ways during this Storm that I do not expect. That is why I emphasize the next right step; that is all any of us are capable of – and often not even that. The more we make our plans dependent on our ability to see beyond that, the more likely we are to run aground. Keep in mind that the Saducees and Pharisees knew precisely what must happen for the Messiah to come – and because Jesus did not fit, He clearly could not be the Messiah. But He was. It was not prophecy that was ever wrong; it was people’s determination that they were so deeply insightful and wise that they knew in precise detail what prophecy portended…and so all their trust in their astuteness made them miss the Messiah – and even persecute Him – when He came. That is what the next right step means. Trust God no matter what happens. Don’t restlessly impose your interpretations on everything you hear. Rather, be still and know that He is God. There has never been a time of major upheaval that God acted precisely as the most knowledgeable expected Him to. He is always fresh and new – and acts in ways we did not expect. I know I will be surprised at many things as they come…but when a surprise comes, that will not shake my faith in God, for I already know He is beyond my capacity to penetrate…and though He may have shared as much of His secret plan with me as anyone walking today, it still amounts to next to nothing. I, too, must depend on Him for each step…and I do not demand that He fulfill His promises in a way I can foresee and understand now.

    I am not trying to be hard, but I get scared about this. It is good to contemplate…it helps train your mind to develop flexibility. But you must know your expectations will not match up with the reality that follows – and much of that reality is beyond the capacity of anyone to imagine. Who imagined that the Messiah would re-establish the Kingdom by being executed in disgrace – and then rising again. Next to no one…and when He told His disciples that they still did not understand or believe Him. If the disciples had truly trusted Christ, listened to Him and believed Him, they would have recognized the Passion as the beginning of the fulfillment of His prophecy of rescue and establishment of the kingdom instead of scattering in panic thinking it was the end and their hopes had been upended. Our minds are a thimble and God’s plan is an infinite ocean. And we insist that we must be able to contain His plan within the thimble of our minds to fully believe?! No wonder we have so many disappointed expectations. And thanks be to God that when our expectations are utterly dashed, He gently comes to show us that it was not His promise that was deficient, but our pitifully limited expectations – just as the risen Christ came to the disciples after they had scattered in panic at the fulfillment of what He told them was going to happen.

    Please, don’t believe me, don’t believe any other private revelation…but hold fast to God and stick to the next right step. He is there for you, but only in each present moment as it comes. Above all, don’t insist that you must be able to fit God’s plan into the thimble of your own understanding in order to believe He is with you each step of the way. Whoever is the most right about the way that things unfold is still going to be wrong about a lot of it. That is fine as long as they know that and trust to God for each step. It will be disaster if they trust to their own understanding, for their mistakes will shake their faith.

    I tell you these things not to upset anyone, but because I desperately want all to endure…and these compilations of interpretations of prophecy are going to cause many to perish if they hold fast to their understanding of them rather than depending on God for EACH STEP."
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    I agree whole heartidly that we must not fit ourselves into a box. After the Warning we are told by prophecy (specifically GSWYL) that there will be no need for more than one Church as all will know the one true Church and there will be no need for others. The whole world will either be with God or against him from that point forward. It also seems highly probable that Russia will be converted then as well. So yes, it will be a rebuliding of the Church, but as Pope Benedict said, it will be a very small Church, but very holy. It is hard to believe, but many will not convert, even after having their sins revealed to them via the Warning. Seems probable that this next period is when some of the greatest persuctions will take place. Who knows for how long and what geographical, societal and governmental changes will take place then, but Russia will be an example of holiness when this moment comes. I think Russia will be the first example of the 'recue' in how they lead the world in and through the next phase of the Tribulation and ultimate era of peace.
  16. Fatima

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    Luz de Maria gives some indication on her February 26th message:
    I SEE CORRUPTION NOT ONLY OUTSIDE MY CHURCH, BUT ALSO—PAINFULLY—I EVEN SEE IT PROWLING AROUND MY CHURCH’S HIERARCHY. I call on you to pray, My People, pray because My Church will be shaken and the schism is near.

    It seems highly probable to me that this schism takes place at the Vatican synond in early October 2015. One has to wonder whether Pope Francis is shrewd enough to have planned this synod, full well knowing it will expose and seperate the sheep from the goats?????
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    Ah so that's what it is.

    Winston Churchill once famously described the Russians as a , 'Riddle , wrapped up in a mystery inside an enigma'. I feel the same about the Vatican and its goings on . :)

    Thank God , when I go before the Judgement Seat of God it will only be as a very humble lay person and not as some of these Cardinals and High Churchmen stained by heresy.

    If there is in fact a schism as indeed general Catholic Prophecy indicates there will be, one thing should give us pause. It is clearly indicated that there will be a Faithful Remnant,

    In other words the great part, by far the greater part will go into heresy. In other words the False Part will look the official, the right, the important part.

    A bit like the Religious Authorities who crucified Christ. A replay. Or to put it another way it may well be that right is not on the side of the Big Battalions.
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    I BELEIVE in these apparitions of Edson Glauber. Approval by the church is very important to me. I see the message above speaks about famine etc.
    I am a big fan of the book THE BOY WHO MET JESUS. It's about Emmanuel Segatashya. I truly believe that Emmanuel spoke with Jesus. In the book
    Emmanuel was quoted saying that Jesus told him in the last days before HIS coming, there would be bad famines. of the big signs would be that when we witnessed fighting/ wars between religions ......that once this started, nothing would stop the fighting. Emmanuel died a martyr during the genocide.
    The book is amazing.
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    Message of St Joseph, March 14, 2015

    The peace of my Divine Son to you all!
    Here I am, before you all, in order to bless you and to grant you my love. Do not be afraid to carry your cross, because it sanctifies and saves many who are afar off with almost no chance of salvation.
    Pray for those who sin and offend the Divine Heart of Jesus, who loves mankind so much, but from it only receives insults, disrespect and abuse which hurt him violently.
    Pray that you might have strength forces to offer up your cross, when God ask you to carry it. I am by your side and with my protective mantle I welcome and protect you. Return to your homes with God's peace. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
    During the apparition, I saw St. Joseph looking so beautiful and majestic, wearing a light green cloak and a beige robe. In his right hand he was holding a lily, and to his left, my Italian friend Maria Chiara suddenly appeared holding his left hand, with a beautiful white robe and a crown of roses on her head. Behind them appeared many, many young people. I realized that they were the souls that Maria Chiara had saved for Jesus with her offering [of herself], pains and suffering.

    St Joseph told me:

    Courage! ... On the cross with Jesus Satan is overcome and many souls are saved for heaven. Many young people still need to be saved and many more need to be brought back onto the path of truth. Contend, contend without ceasing for the conversion and salvation of sinners.

    St Joseph made me understand with his gaze full of love, that Jesus stands before us, not as one who accuses us and who has a stone in his hand to throw at us and stone us, like those who wanted to kill the adulterous woman, but stands before us with his hand held out towards us as a merciful King, showing us his heart full of love, in order to raise us up and save us.

    Then, St. Joseph ascended slowly to heaven with Maria Chiara and all those saved souls.

    Italics: Edson Glauber
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    Message of St Joseph, March 19, 2015

    Today the Holy Family appeared. All were dressed in white. Our Lady was holding the Infant Jesus in her Arms and St. Joseph was by her side. He was the one who conveyed the message:

    The peace of Jesus to you all!
    My dear child, I come to you once more to convey my message to all mankind, by order of my Divine Son.
    This is the time for you to decide [in favour] of God and the road that leads to heaven. Difficult times will come to the Church and to the world, but do not fear. Entrust yourselves to my protection and I will protect you, covering you with my protective mantle.
    Here is my most Chaste Heart, my Heart full of love for you. It shines, sprinkling rays of blessings, graces and virtues for you all.
    Pray that you might merit these graces that God wants to grant you by means of my intercession.
    Intercede for the good of humanity, for the conversion and salvation of sinners. God loves you and wants you to be more obedient to his call of love.
    Do not be deceived by the things of the world, because they are temporary. Dedicate yourselves to the Kingdom of Heaven. Do not waste any more of your time!
    I love you and bless you and also your families, united to my divine Son and my Immaculate Spouse: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

    During the apparition, St Joseph opened his protective mantle, as if to welcome us beneath it. He was standing with Our Lady and the Infant Jesus wrapped in a beautiful light that radiated the graces and blessings of heaven upon us and the world. Only he showed his Most Chaste Heart in this apparition, sprinkling many rays - rays of blessings, graces and virtues, as he told us.
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