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  1. I have only been here for a few days and, so am unfamiliar with what has and has not been written previously, plus, out of concern, I felt it my duty to write what our Church is saying. I also read your quote (from Archbishop Sheen) and thought it fit perfectly to what I should do. I did not mean to offend anyone. Please note though that it is not just one bishop saying this, but three. Obedience is a mark of true revelation. That being said, I will say nothing more on the subject.
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    The problem here, ellabellastella, is that despite all the red flags about Medjugorje regarding the lies of the seers and the way the are profiting from their "apparitions" there are still people that think they should be considered true apparitions without any prove at all apart from the testimonies of the seers. Take for example the famous "parchment". Why it is not presented to a commission to analyze it? Instead the seer said that a scientific cousin of her (!) analyzed already... and son on so forth. There is nothing supernatural that can be proven here and, instead, many red flags... The Church has a huge problem. If it declares as a hoax and fraud, then a lot of people will lose the bases of their new found faith and the Church does not want to lose followers. On the other side, if the Church declares it as true apparition despite all the evidences against, then it will be the Church the one loosing credibility. A huge problem here that was not treated conveniently from the very beginning. I have analyzed the problem extensively in my blog (in Spanish) :
  3. Thank you, Jose, for your explanation and I will try and read your blog.
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    From an earlier post
    1. On Good Friday 1989 in Medjugorje it was announced that the apparition would occur on Krizevac at (I think) 10:30. I was there with two friends and we climbed the mountain in good time (having fasted on bread and water for the day - not bragging - it's relevant to the story). Several hundred of us sang hymns and said the Rosary while awaiting the apparition. We were unable to find a place near the front of the cross and so went behind it where there were many fewer people. We understood, after some time, from applause on the other side of the cross, that the visionary(ies) had arrived - to my shame I don't remember which of the visionaries were there - but anyway, the apparition finally began.
      Everything fell silent except that I could hear a buzzing noise (which continued throughout the apparition) and was surprised to see a 'neon sign' suddenly appear on the cross (a series of vivid, large, horizontal, red, wavy lines moving alternately left and right just under the arms of the cross). I knew that neon made a buzzing noise when up close so that explained the noise but I had no idea what the neon sign meant and assumed that it had some local significance.
      At the end of the apparition, more hymns were sung and more rosaries said, then things broke up and the throng started to move down the mountain. I and my two friends had brought up a flask of coffee and some chocolate and, as it was now after midnight, we decided to break our fast on the mountain top.
      As we ate, sitting on the rocks below the cross, one of our group of three moved off to talk to others sitting nearby and I asked my remaining companion whether he knew what the neon sign was meant to signify. He said that he didn't know what I was talking about, I told him that he MUST have seen it as it was several feet high and in vivid red and was moving. He had no idea what I was talking about. I asked other people sitting nearby and they all said that they had not seen a neon sign. I was amazed and suspected then that I had received some sort of personal message but had absolutely no idea what it meant.
    2. While walking down the mountain, we met up with the other member of our group, Kevin. I asked him if he had seen the 'neon sign' and he said that he had. He is an electrician and said that he was trying to work out how the such a sign was so bright and large without any noticeable cabling or generator. We could find no-one else who had seen it.
    3. The next day, I sought out our travel group leader who spent much of each year in Medj. and described what we had seen and asked if she had ever heard of this particulary sign. She had not but said, 'don't worry, you will know what it means maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for weeks, months or years but you will find out exactly what it means'. I was eaten with curiousity and was hardly in a state to wait possibly years. Then she went on to ask if we had been to see Fr. Jozo during our visit and I said that we hadn't. She said, 'Oh, you really must go to his church, the last time I went he said to the pilgrims - where do you think that Aaron's rod is today? The rod that gave water to the Israelites, that parted the Red Sea? Of course, no-one answered but he kept asking them where they thought it might be. Finally he said - I have it, I have Aaron's rod and I am going to show it to you, people gasped. Then he drew out his Rosary and said, 'here it is, this is as powerful as Aaron's rod'. I thanked her for her time and went on my way.
      I carried on asking people throughout the rest of the visit whether they had seen the 'sign' and no-one had and no-one could guess what it might mean. On the evening I arrived home, I managed to put two and two together, I had seen a representation of the Red Sea and this linked to the story that I was told by the group leader about Fr. Jozo and the power of the Rosary. I picked up the phone to tell Kevin that I had solved the mystery but he had beaten me to it, he had arrived home earlier than me and immediately picked up the bible and asked what the sign meant, he found himself reading about the crossing of the Red Sea! Mystery solved, though why Our Lady would tell us especially and in this special way, when She tells everyone to say the Rosary, I really don't know.
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    I think that what you wrote about the church having a problem here could be the reason why they will not rule on it if they know it to be false for example. If some in the church know the date of the miracle because conchita revealed it to the pope once and if the date is approaching, then they will not have to rule on it once the warning comes. I feel we will know many truths after the warning.

    If Medj is a deception though, I still feel that God could turn the negative of the devils deception into a positive by producing good fruits and conversions all these many years since it has been going on. The fruits cannot be denied in my opinion but I do agree that there is a possibility that it could be a deception. I have never been there and don't know enough about it so will yield to the church on this one for now.
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    When I saw the first few postings in this thread I thought, here we go again, the usual anti Medjugorje propaganda. But I have come to like this forum because of its readiness to hear different viewpoints. And while I can find hardly any sustainable negative points about Medjugorje, Jose's posting provoked Steve to post a wonderful example of the type of 'sign' that happens in countless numbers in that place. I have my own little 'sign' to relate here:

    A friend encouraged me to visit Medjugorje many years after I had been converted through the happenings there. The friend had recently moved to a house in Scotland where the street had the splendid name of Gogo Street. The friend had encouraged many people to go to Medjugorje and often accompanied them. As we sat outside having a coffee at one of the many coffee shops, a bright red van appeared and parked right in front of us. The van had just two words, large and in white, written on its side. The words were GOGO TRAVEL.

    I won't go into interpreting the sign but anyone who thinks such things are 'coincidences' are living in a world of make believe.
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    So if the Church gives its approval to Medjugorje it will lose credibility? You profess to know and understand Medjugorje more than the Church!
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    Yes, garabandal, I think so. Because it has been shown that the seers have lied in a number of occasions, that they are making profit of the apparitions and that there is not proof of the supernatural. If the Church rules without taking into account these problems then it will approve the apparitions only looking at the spiritual "benefits" of the Medjugorje phenomenon and that it is not OK. If the Church approve the apparitions, even if we are not due to believe in them, many people will be very very critical with this decission. That, for the Church can only mean losing more credibility.
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    Garabanadal, yes I think I have studied Medjugorje to know enough about this. I am not saying I know more than the official of the Church but I am sure that they do not know "more" than everybody seriously interested about this phenomenon. Do they know about the parchment? Do they know about the business of Ivan? Do they know about the ridiculous explanation of Vicka when she said the Virgin was dropping the baby to explain why she reacted during the ecstasy? (Allow me to talk about this a bit: It has been said, also in this forum, that ecstasies do not require not to react to stimuli, but if this is so, why did Vicka try to justify her reaction?) etc.. etc.. yes, I am sure the Church officials know all this, but we also know it. Now, what are they going to say about all these criticisms before declaring the apparition true? A very hard task. So I think the Church is no going to declare the apparitions of Medjugorge true, they are going to allow pilgrimages there and admit the spiritual benefits of those. But not more.
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    DAVID SAID.... I won't go into interpreting the sign... The van had just two words, large and in white, written on its side. The words were GOGO TRAVEL.

    Dont be so sure David....
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    1. If these apparitions are of demonic origin, how can it be explained that such massive numbers of religious vocations and solid, lasting conversions have occurred?
    2. If these apparitions are of demonic origin, why wouldn't God reveal that and shut them down?

    Who is like unto God?
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    I will listen to the Church and obey for she is my teacher.

    I will let God judge whether the seers are liars or not.
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  13. A very simple manifestation, or lack therefore, are the following three examples, of which through the years, I have forgotten where I read them. So, if Jose, you remember, please let me know.
    The manifestation is dividing us, what kind of fruit is this? Many will go into schism ( the ,Church is quick to point out, if She rules against the false apparition. Obedience is not adhered to by the seers or some of the priests. If one priest was excommunicated, yet continues to offer Mass in DISOBEDIENCE. This is fruitful? You are either with the Church - obedience or against Her - disobedience. Read our wonderful example of St. Padre Pio. The apparition is unlike real true apparitions even to the human eye: the manefistation appears with a robe and mantel that is dirty. Our Lady is pure and dazzling white! NEVER has a true apparition not revealed Our Mother's complete body. The it in Medjugorgie does not reveal its feet.!!!!! There have been accounts of the thing turning to face to the left and at the same time a wolf is heard howling. Neon lights appear, not pur white light only. Our Blessed Mother would not be a part of a circus or light show. Be aware for Satan can show himself as an angel. Read St. Paul.
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    From the earlier thread once again.
    I had just got home from Medjugorje after an Easter trip. I and two friends had been and had prayed the Rosary most of the way home from the airport in my car (a three hour drive). My wife offered to cook me a meal when I arrived but it was late evening and I didn't want to put her to the bother so I said that I would go and buy a takeaway. She said that she would go for it because I had been travelling all day (she is a sweetie). So she drove and I went as a passenger.
    We parked under one of several mature trees in the street, a few yards behind another car and beside houses that were set a long way back from the road. The street was totally quiet. My wife went to get the food and I sat in the car. I turned the radio on and listened to some music for a while but then thought, I shouldn't be wasting time listening to music, I should be praying. So I turned the radio off and only managed to get the words "Our Father...." out when 'all hell broke loose'. There was a massive shower of stones from above the car, the sound was like thunder and hundreds of stones poured down the windscreen and off the front of the car. I was stunned and assumed that someone had done the pouring but couldn't work out who (no-one about) or how (they were coming from above). Just as I was recovering from the shock, I saw a big white stone hurtling towards the windscreen, it seemed to have appeared out of the back of the car parked in front of me which was empty, I ducked. I waited for the smashing of the windscreen but instead I heard a thud, I raised myself and saw that the windscreen had turned white. My wife was approaching the car by this time but I couldn't see her, she saw that the windscreen was completely covered in something and wondered what was going on. When she opened the door I shouted, 'Get in, we are under attack'. She got in and turned on the wipers - the windscreen was covered in egg (it WAS Easter)! We drove off fast and I told her what had happened, she said 'but there was no-one about' and then said, 'this has something to do with where you have been'.
    When we arrived home, I got out expecting to see hundreds of dents in the roof - nothing. The egg was real enough, it took some cleaning off the next day.
    There had once been a monastery in the area and I read later that there were many stories of the monks being troubled by showers of black stones falling from the sky when they prayed in the grounds. I also read that the Jews believe that trees can harbour evil spirits and this was confirmed to me by a former Satanist (now Chrisitian) who said that he had actually seen such spirits in trees. Anyway, I believe that I had disturbed something and that the many Rosaries said in the car just shortly before might have been the cause. I sometimes drive past the same point and always say a prayer (but am ready to duck!)
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    I have visited Medjugorje and prayed there. The sense of peace is incredible. I was present during apparitions and felt only the presence of God. The confession lines were enormous: there have been many conversions and vocations as a result of Medjugorje. By the tree ye shall know the fruit.

    I have read and studied every message from Medjugorje and they are profoundly biblical. They resonate of a mother's voice calling her children to repentance. Every Wednesday and Friday millions do a bread and water fast praying the Rosary, a fruit of Medjugorje.

    There are ten secrets to be announced to the world. Tbe third is known. A permanent and everlasting sign will be left on the mountain to convince the world that Medjugorje is truly from God.

    When the secrets unfold Medjugorje will prove itself to be true. Each of these secrets will be announced ten days in advance. Medjugorje is living prophecy.

    Now, when the first secret is announced ten days in advance and does not happen, I will personally post an apology on this forum for promoting Medjugorje.

    But, should the first secret occur ten days after the announcement, will those on this forum who oppose Medjugorje be magnanimous and likewise issue an apology?

    I look forward in anticipation to the announcement of the first secret of Medjugorje.
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    I too have been, I too have prayed, I too, have felt the immense peace and love there. My avatar was an amazing sun halo with orbs surrounding the sun that manifested itself at station 13 on Cross mountain., It was my sign, as I needed something that I could photograph. I have several phases of its appearance in pictures. All the beautiful sun spinnings I had seen did not photograph. All you can see in a picture is a dull sun.

    We stayed at Mirjana's home, she served us breakfast and dinner. We talked and laughed with her and her family. I petted her dogs. We attended the apparition, up close. There was a mass-sighting of the spinning sun immediately after the reading of the message. A South African priest who was with us actually saw Mary on the right side of the spinning sun, beckoning to him. He was the only one in our group who saw this. Father Peter Rookey was there with us, in our group. I have no doubt that this place is a real place of miracles, of conversion, of our Lady's presence in a special way. I have heard firsthand so many testimonies of conversions and life-saving miracles that have occurred there. I too wait for that first secret. This year is the 33rd anniversary. Maybe soon? I am thinking about going back this year if possible.

    If you have never been, you cannot begin to imagine.
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    I have just found a very good video from 2010 with good information about Medjugorje, in particular documents from Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa.

    Now, of course, our friends above who are very negative about Medjugorje are unlikely to be influenced by the video but it is quite a good, easy, way of informing friends and acquaintances.
  18. padraig

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    Wow. How interesting.

    Is suspect Steve this may have been a sight of Pagan/ Demon worship at some time in the past. I noticed on one occasion a demon going about in a wooded area were there had been sacrifice thousands of years previously.

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