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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by darrell, Nov 27, 2008.

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    Hi everyone,

    Wanted to tell you about something that happened on the way to work early this morning. I was a couple miles from home, driving in the far left lane which was about to become a left turn only lane, so I needed to change lanes to the right. There was a black car to my right and slightly behind me, so I accelerated in order to have plenty of room to get over. The black car accelerated to match my speed, so I let off the gas to let the black car pull ahead of me, but the driver of that car slowed so that he was right beside me. He was deliberately blocking me! I braked pretty hard in order to drop back and get over before reaching the next intersection. When I pulled over behind the black car, I saw there was a large pentagram on his rear window, and I realized I had seen this car before in the parking lot at St Timothy’s (In addition to the pentagram the license plate is "666"). On that day, I had seen the owner of the car, a young man, skinhead, dressed all in black, stalking around the parking lot. I was leaving after mass and the young man stopped and glared at me. There was a sense of pure malice about this young man, and I have no doubt that he has at least one demon, and I feel probably more, attached to him. I was praying my Rosary as I was driving to work, and I wondered if this had anything to do with him choosing me to harass…

    Anyway, we can’t know whether or not he has given himself totally over to evil, but I would like to ask everyone to say a prayer for this young man that the love of God might touch his heart and lead him out of the darkness.

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    Wow, Darrell, thank God you came to know harm. In a weird kind of way I suppose you could take this as a kind of compliment!! :wink:
    Strange times. there seems to be a real upheaval of this kind right round the world. I wonder if it means Saran has realised something big is coming down!1

    Father Bernard used to urge me to keep Holy Water in the car. I hope you told the police about this Darrell and I'll pray for your protection. I'll also be praying for the young man, whoever he is...

    Strange, strange times....

    I heard a couple of similiar stories from exorcists on two occasions but never from a lay person, the devil is very,very active at the minute, maybe he knows he hasn't much time...its amazing how many Satanists there seem to be....
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    Fortunately, there was no one behind you so that you were able to brake. I will pray and fast for the young man soon.

    ...but please don't ask me to do it today! :D

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    v. 8-9 Be sober, be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith...
  4. Lee

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    Year and years ago(I was in my 20's) I met Dick Gregory on an airplane on Thanksgiving Day. He was an interesting man and told me he was fasting for Thanksgiving, what better way to thank God he said. It always struck me that on the midst of our "eating season" that this man chose to fast instead of feast on Thanksgiving. I think about him every Thanksgiving. I'm not there yet, fasting on this day but I'm glad he said what he said because it caused me to pause and really get to the heart of the Holiday.

    Darrel, I will offer prayer also for the man in darkness.
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    Sorry to hear about your encounter with what was apparently evil. (Though, if you've met one demon driving like that on the road, I meet many, every day!!!)

    Obviously sounds like a man who has willingly given himself to the devil.
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  7. Lee

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    Darrell, what a great article and the site is a gift as well. I've already sent it around the nation...thank you so much.
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    I'd say two curious things I believe about Satanism. When we pray for Satanists I suspect they are often struck dead by God. Why? Well in order to prevent them being plunged further into hell by doing evil actions. Thus its and act of mercy by God, mercy and Justice. Converting a Satanist from his/ her path is no easy task because the road they are on is downright evil,as bad as you can get.

    Another thing is when they attack someone by say cursing them they release evil spirits against them. If the attack fails the evil spirits that have been summoned finding say the person is a Catholic and protected whom they can't harm return to attack the witch or Satanist who summoned them.

    I am always reading up on this stuff, its very interesting. On the bright side I was reading a book recently by a famous Spanish Exorcist and he says so long as we practice our faith curses cannot harm us, we are completely protected. He also says that because a Devil is a Spirit it is not inside a particular person or place, but that it ACTS IN THE PLACE OR PERSON. But its a fine distinction ; to all intents and purposes it looks like its surely there.

    Another thing with Satanists they tend to congregate in places they can do the most harm to the innocent ,so they like to work in places like Children's Homes, Hospitals , schools etc and as well as this they can be very,very well organised with people like Law Enforcement, Coroners Prosecutors working for them...

    Italy , particularly Northern Italy is full of them, loads of them used to go over to Medugorje to be exorcised, I met one there. The tradition of the Black Mass goes right back to Ancient Rome, so you are talking of a tradition that goes right back 2,000 years and beyond, right back to idol worships of idols such as Be'elzebub, a name which means, 'Lord of the Flies' because the flies used to flock to the blood of the human sacrifices.

    The difficulty is this the Secular Media find it very hard to take these things seriously, they tend to think of witches on broomsticks rather than the guy next door.......

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