Annual Croagh Patrick pilgrimage cancelled due to bad weather

Discussion in 'Spirit of Ireland' started by garabandal, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    The annual "Reek Sunday" pilgrimage at Croagh Patrick Co Mayo, has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

    "It's disappointing that the pilgrimage has been cancelled. I'm not aware that it has ever been cancelled before and I have been climbing this mountain since I was a young lad many, many years ago," Dr Neary added.

    I think this is a 'little' sign from above!
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  2. Scolaire Bocht

    Scolaire Bocht Archangels

    I think it only can be cancelled nowawadays because the powers that be control the site much more than was the case in the past?

    Meaning that now the gardai are out in force and have put a ring of Garda bollards and tape all across the base of the mountain and only allow selected spots where you can park and walk etc. Hence they can cut it off if they want to, you couldn't do that before the heavy policing arrived.

    I cannot understand anyway how the presence of rain should put them off, you get that a lot in Mayo!
  3. Torrentum

    Torrentum Guest

    I agree.
    I also think it's a sign.

    Medjugorje, 2nd October 2014:
    My dear children, do you not recognise the signs of the times?

  4. I'm not surprised it was cancelled due to the weather. It can be a very dangerous place to be in heavy rain etc. I have had first hand experience!!
  5. Sanctus

    Sanctus Guest

    Was reading some of the comments online in the MSM about the pilgrimage being cancelled and the comments seem to be a lot darker than usual, very blasphemous and hostile etc. like "where's their God now" as one example. There definitely seems to be a darkness descending over Ireland and a sifting with some people generally becoming more pleasant and open to the faith and others going the other way.
  6. Torrentum

    Torrentum Guest

    Indeed Sanctus, I also read the same article and saw that comment too.
  7. Sanctus

    Sanctus Guest

    It's interesting that they are calling anyone who doesn't agree with their mindset a "phobic" or a "bigot" or " intolerant", but it seems that anyone having a most basic religious conviction is open to ridicule and attack, and not much seems to be thought about doing it either.
  8. Indy

    Indy Praying

    I also think its a sign and a knock-on from the referendum.

    The morning of the referendum the sun was about to burst through I felt wow we are in for some great weather, that evening it rained and has almost rained each day since in the west of Ireland. I know many farmers who can not get their hay and crops because of the weather. I think this is the first of seven years of wet summers like we have seen before except the last two sunny ones.
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  9. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Poor summer here too in county Down, unusually cool. Rather depressing actually. God is not blessing us with any good weather at all.

    Just booked a week in Tenerife next week. I need a wee bit of that 'yellow orb' in the sky that you rarely see in Ireland!
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  10. jackzokay

    jackzokay Archangels

    In recent years I've attended various familial celebrations. Much like anyone that happens to read this, I suppose... I've been to weddings, birthdays, christenings and suchlike. On the other hand we've all attended funerals, and probably been privy to less positive news with regard family and friends.
    As such, I can honestly say that the people of Ireland, by our very nature & culture, are the warmest and most supportive during such events. Not to sound corny; but we sing together and we cry together.
    More often than not though, this is still the case. And I have over-the-years remarked upon how truly great people are.
    Something has changed though. We are regrettably a nation that is rapidly losing its faith. We still want to sing and to party, yes. To comfort, and to marry and to give in marriage. The majority still offer friendships. On the face of it, things are moving along just as before. Unfortunately however there is in my opinion an attack on the Irish people that is rooted in atheistic communism ( - please google the true meaning of this phrase); and we are being defeated. This attack is demonic. It is rooted in television, alcohol, pointless and endless sport on TV, it is seen in the rise of drug-use, in ambition, greed, violence, hatred, individualism, broken homes and marriages, empty pews on Sunday's, parents failing to pass on the faith, recreation as the be-all-and-end-all, while what passes for entertainment is skewed... oh, God, I could go on.
    On top of this we have a sophisticated liberalised, political elite (backed by a media that is blatantly anti-Christian) which endlessly pushes 'wrong' as a civil 'right'. The faith is often mocked, scorned; the butt of jokes.
    I do not wish to criticise the clergy; so I won't (in the main, they are weary and certainly overworked) however, I will say that the faithful do not encourage homilies that are more meaningful.
    Ireland has lost its way.
    Unless there is divine intervention I cannot see a reversal.
    Please, please... Someone tell me I'm wrong.

  11. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Jack, I think there are strong committed good old faithful Catholic communities all across Ireland.

    But there are some communities which have got very lax when it comes to Sunday Mass.

    I think the media is the devils tool to make it seem like all is more or less lost, and take our hope away.

    Pray, Hope and don't worry. God has the whole thing under His control, and will act when the time is right. We need to demonstrate who's side we are on; ie the wheat or the chaff.
  12. jackzokay

    jackzokay Archangels

    I agree, God has everything under control. And it's funny you say that Julia, because I was reflecting upon just that today. But, but - at what cost? How many souls lost....
    Awe I suppose He knows what he's doing.
  13. "Quis ut Deus"

    "Quis ut Deus" Powers Staff Member

    ok Jack your wrong :):) (sorry brother Irishman I couldn't resist:D:love:)

    I hear what your saying but I have a sense of great Hope for our country it comes from believing that our Irish forefathers will not let Ireland go down..lets us have great Hope Jack ;)
  14. CathyG

    CathyG Principalities

    Ireland sounds much like the US in this decline. My local church outside of Boston is very well attended but most of the attendees are secularized and I know don't believe most church teachings. They are cultural catholics. Ireland is my ancestral home and I have a great love for it. My heart aches at your description, Jack, but my first thought is that God will fix this....soon! Let not your heart be troubled.
  15. jackzokay

    jackzokay Archangels

    I wish I had your confidence, Quis.
    With respect - with the greatest of respect, I feel strongly that the Ireland of our forefathers is no more. Here in the North the faith has been usurped by academia; by the civil service with it's silly notions of never calling a spade a spade; and by political parties such as SF who are repeatedly trying to introduce abortion, gay marriage and the negation of gender. A new wave of immigrants will likely follow and further dilute the Christian faith all over Ireland. And I feel the idea of our forefathers riding to our rescue is somewhat fanciful.
    In my opinion, Ireland IS going down. Unfortunately, it is my belief also that we will face a chastisement if we press ahead with plans to spill the blood of innocent Irish babies; abortion is a primary goal of many of our political leaders.
    I pray for people like Paddy McCrystal of HLI and Bernie Smith of Presious Life. They are facing monsters in the shape of Planned Patenthood / Family Planning - as well as the Irish establishment.
    I see nothing, Quis, to change my belief that Ireland is on a desperately wrong path.
    This may sound somewhat pessimistic. But it is, I believe, precisely where we are.
    Then again, this is just my opinion... God knows, I've been wrong about many things.
  16. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    Relative to the US, the decline in faith in Ireland happened almost overnight. I think it wouldn't be unfair to say that the US decline started with Kennedy's presidency when faithful Catholics didn't see the warning signs as he more or less said that his religion could take a back seat to his faith. Nobody here gave a heads-up on that either. He was the wonderful Irish American Catholic who had made it all the way to the top. The leader of our Government actually quoted him when pushing through one of the more controversial changes (can't remember whether it was abortion or gay marriage).

    I could be mistaken because I don't pay a lot of attention to the Irish news (propaganda), but I think there was mention of Irish-American money backing the Gay marriage campaign. I expect there are also plenty of dollars behind the dismantling of our anti-abortion laws piece by piece. Poland is getting the same treatment, except that there are fewer Polish politicians willing to sell their souls for whatever is the dollar equivalent of thirty pieces of silver plus inflation. Bill Clinton has been complaining about Poland's ingratitude for the US saving them from Communism. In time, Lech Valesa, Solidarity and Pope John Paul 11 will be traitors when the revisionists get their hands on Poland's history books. That could happen sooner rather than later if Hillary gets to park her bum in the White House.
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  17. Harper

    Harper Guest

    Sorry to be slightly off topic...

    I'm also Boston Irish, Cathy. Phil Lawler, who once was the editor of the archdiocese paper here wrote a wonderful book on what happened to Boston and its Catholics called "The Faithful Departed: The Collapse of Boston's Catholic Culture." He mostly blames the Irish becoming assimilated, going back to the pre-Kennedy days -- but with the Kennedys and the radical Jesuits of Boston College being most to blame. I worry we sent some of our secularism back to Ireland and infected it.
  18. CathyG

    CathyG Principalities

    I agree with both you and Dolours, Harper. The US is the great satan in that it has infected the world. I wouldn't send my kids to BC if you paid me. Most of the once wonderful Catholic colleges have fallen by the wayside due, in no small part, to the coming of age of the radical "me generation" social justice radicals (both priests and lay people) who now run these institutions. The Kennedys played no small part in this culture shift and their charitable foundations have exported it to the world. As part of my job, I read research articles and the global agenda that pushes abortion, contraception, euthanasia in the name of social justice is very evident. Most of this research is funded by such notables as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Eunice Kennedy Shriver non-profit, etc. I think throughout the world, the cultural shift has come about because of the indoctrination in our schools and the poorly catechized and secularists who now run the show. At my son's "Catholic" high school, his freshman year religion class "Jesus and the Gospels" was taught by a "married", gay, ex-seminarian who told the kids Jesus was nothing but a peasant and when challenged by my son he said "Oh, I can see you've been brainwashed."
    I think, Dolours, I heard somewhere that George Soros provided $$ to dismantle your laws. No surprise there.
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  19. fallen saint

    fallen saint Baby steps :)

    The priests that talked about fire and brimstone have all died out. The next generation of priest have been talking about how we should act as Christians. Always being politcally correct without really talking about heaven or hell. But that generation of priests are also dying out. The new generation are small but spiritually strong. I see them as being the spiritual children of St. John Paul 2 and St. Theresa of Calcutta. They are much more conservative and understand the soul and the calling to be a saint. We might not see the numbers that we did in the past but those of us that are in the pews are spiritually stronger then past parishoners. The change has arrived...will one persons prayer be stronger then 100 persons who lack faith. I say yes. Something is in the air, when evil grows God sends His most powerful saints. Our mission is to continue our calling to become saints.

    May Gods Will be Done
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  20. jackzokay

    jackzokay Archangels

    Ive read with fascination the very insightful posts above. And I agree wholeheartedly. There are countless examples of the assault on everything Christian. Malta, for example, is under heavy pressure from planned parenthood and the weight of international people-with-money, conglomerates etc. attacking it's anti-abortion laws ....there seems a wave of gigantic proportions, attacking the faith of western society with its traditional Catholic & Christian foundations from all sides. appears so concerted, so overpowering - and menacing, it really is an all out attack on everything holy!
    Does anyone else feel that something is coming?! Something overwhelming... My friends, neighbours, family members laugh at me when I speak of it. But I can't shake the feeling.

    I read an article recently Harper, it spoke of the ideals of communism, as outlined by its founding members. Among its principal ideals were a redefinition of the family; an attack on gender; the taking-over and control of the media; the shifting of control of children from parents to the state; the elimination of the Christian faith/religion; and more...

    All this was to be undertaken by means of subduing the people with endless distractions such as the promotion of frivolous pastimes. We saw this 'innocently' come to pass in the elevation of sports on tv; in the silliness of the celebrity culture, and similarly in more sinister ways... such as the promotion and normalisation of pornography. This list goes on...

    To this backdrop, the communists realised that they couldn't win militarily. So they sought about this more sinister ideal: which basically was to seize America in its slumber.

    America has been infiltrated along these battle lines. And now exports its anti Christian, atheistic ideals to the entire world.

    You have to admit, it was a brilliant plan. Who could argue against its success...

    Below is the most fascinating article I have ever read. (If anyone has come across anything of interest please post a wee link, I adore fresh insights. I already frequent mark mallet and Charlie Johnstone sites).
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