Announcing (my) New YouTube Channel for Ireland and the Faith

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Roger Buck, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Well done Roger

    I watched your video on Padraig Pearse & Eamon DeValera -- and enjoyed it very much.

    Highly recommended

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  2. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Roger you said something very profound in the video the 'Indoctrination of Ireland' that struck a deep chord -- that abortion came late to Ireland in 2018 so many thousands of Irish people are alive today who would otherwise have perished if Ireland had fallen earlier to the pro-death culture -- thank God Ireland was Catholic for so long as it saved many infants' lives.

    It is time to confront the diabolical liberal culture with all our might even to the point of risking our jobs and being sent to jail (They won't kill us (yet) as they are too cowardly in my opinion).

    I mean NOW is the time! I feel that very strongly in my spirit.

    Keep up the good work!

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  3. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Roger -- not sure if you have heard of Mary Wagner?

    For me she is an example of resistance to the culture of death -- I personally think she may be a saint in our midst.

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    GRENNAN New Member

    Just t et people know that there is a Latin Mass in Kilkenny every Sunday in St. Patrick's Church (opposite St. Kieran's College ) at 5pm.
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  5. padraig

    padraig New Member

    So jealous! It would be my dream to do this.

    Looking forward to watching!!
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  6. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    Oh my ... have only just seen all these very kind responses.

    Finding it hard to keep up with internet stuff, right now.

    I mean to say more to several of you. But right now will quickly note Garabandal that I had not heard of her, but have just bookmarked these to watch later.

    And very quickly maryrose - this is what too few Irish people see, alas ...

    Ireland is SO different. People think I'm being dewy-eyed about the Irish, as I say on the latest video.

    But frequently they haven't lived elsewhere. There are stories of Irish human-ness and kindness I could tell that you really don't find elsewhere, at least anywhere near to the same extent.

    Of course I know the Irish have their problems too ... I see that. But you are very right, maryrose.

    God bless you in all you are with and God bless all of you. More when I can ...
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  7. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    Belated thanks for this Garabandal ...

    I did not know about her - I have trouble keeping up with everything going on these days - but am grateful to see her enormous courage and sincerity here.

    Thank you!
  8. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    Been struggling to keep up with everything, including this good forum.

    But I'd like to place the last two videos here - both from my wife Kim - but in reverse order.

    I put the second one first, because I think it's the more important of the two. It's maybe the best video on the channel so far and better any video I've done.

    I hope it will get shared as I really think it could help a lot of people that my own videos won't reach.

    From Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll to the Sacred Heart of Jesus . . .

    Still, I also feel her first video was very good too. I fear that some here might feel she is a little harsh about the Ordinary Form (?). If so, I would understand. We had arguments about this for years with me defending the OF. Obviously, I've come around to her view, but don't feel quite as strongly about it as she does. I know the OF CAN be celebrated with great dignity and beauty. Alas, the more one travels to different parishes, the more one sees that isn't always the case.

    Whatever one feels about this, I hope it won't put people off the many other things she is saying, which I think many here may appreciate.

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  9. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    Here is my latest video, which - despite appearances - has a _lot_ relating to Ireland, either directly or indirectly.

    Directly, there's a tribute to the Irish people at the beginning and there's more directly about Ireland at the end.

    But there's indirect stuff as well, including what I'm trying to say about the power of GAFA etc and how the French get the sheer power of the Protestant influences in the Anglo-American world, in a way that I personally don't think the Irish always do.

    Because as terrible as Brussels is, I personally believe GAFA, Wall Street, London etc are even more powerful than Brussels in this country ...

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  10. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    Of New Age Gnostics - and Galactic Lizards! More of a problem than you may think …

    (This is an older video, but I've never posted it before here. It's also very relevant to something I want to announce here later.)
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  11. Sanctus

    Sanctus "Pray, pray ,pray!"

    Hi Roger, you were speaking about the galactic lizards in your video. There is a book called "Bringers of the Dawn" which seems to describe this, and is perhaps the book your former new-age friend was referring to. It is a "channeled" book and is very dangerous.
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  12. Sanctus

    Sanctus "Pray, pray ,pray!"

    From personal experience of the New Age, in many cases it seems to go beyond Gnosticism and actually delves into Luciferianism, which is even more dangerous for those involved. Many unfortunate people have even been led into suicide as a result of the New Age. Some branches of it seem to be particularly darker than others.
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  13. Irishguy2

    Irishguy2 Guest


    Whats your experience of new age? Might be helpful to us whom we may come across it now and in future.

    Didnt know the dangers of reiki and TM. TM was v difficult to get rid of cos i was initated with a mantra. I didnt know it until i saw it on the internet.

    Many years ago i found the spiritual atmosphere in london quite different from ireland but now its the same.

    It has arrived here re evil spirits but not all over it.
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  14. Sanctus

    Sanctus "Pray, pray ,pray!"

    Hi irishguy, I got involved in New Age a number of years ago before I was given the Grace of Conversion. I was very lucky to escape from it, I believe. There seem to be some extremely dangerous branches of New Age from what I have experienced, some more dangerous than others. The practitioners or gurus of New Age seem to have a keen eye to prey on people who are broken in some area of their lives and vulnerable. Believe it or not, it all started by practicing simple empty-minded meditation, then that led on the Buddhism, then that led on to a whole range of other very dark areas like New Age, Shamanism, Reiki. Practically anything alternative you can think of. Before I knew it I was up to my neck in all this stuff and was experiencing deep suicidal depression on a daily basis which was to go on long-term. I very nearly came close to it a number of times but something held me back. It just proves that things seemingly as harmless as meditation and mindfulness can open up doors to very dangerous areas. From my own experience the most damaging of all of these things was Shamanism, which unfortunately is becoming very prevalent in Ireland at the moment and seems to have taken hold. It left me feeling totally broken and emasculated in just about every area of my life. The Shamanic sessions went on for a year and a half and I have spent the last ten years recovering from them. Only recently have I begun to feel some way normal again with God's help and though receiving the Sacraments of the Church regularly. There have also been numerous deliverance sessions I have had to partake in, once with an exorcist, and I have been graced with a number of other special people that God has sent my way to help me to heal up from all this. Honestly, the entire thing has been a nightmare, but have managed to get though it somehow.
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  15. Sanctus

    Sanctus "Pray, pray ,pray!"

    The sin of curiosity seems to be a big door way to all this for many people, just to add.
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  16. AED

    AED Powers

    Curiosity is a huge sin. You are right.
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  17. Irishguy2

    Irishguy2 Guest

    Interesting when you mentioned mindfullness. Have had sessions with therapist cos i was abused at young age. I didnt understand whats happening to me re me freaked out for some reasons. Hence the therapy. He warned me of mindfulness cos i said to him previously off hand that its all the rage. He explained it as it got me warned.

    Who was that shaman? Think i have seen few names bandied around.

    The exorcist who helped you, was he good?

    Just curious re special people? You mean healers or people in deliverance ministry?

    You made a very good point re curiousty. It wasn't curiousty in my case cos surgery didnt go right then i went to new age healers such as reiki or vortex healing or TM that got me into trouble. But the door was already open due to abuse which made it easier for them to enter. See news on exorcism on catholic register re married woman. I understood her cos it was abuse that opened the door first then the rest is easy. She went into a very deep end of it.

    Indication if something evil bothering me was when i enter the church not all church but some church in particular which i never understood. Then long time to get over it then peace came. Its not that easy as it was a huge struggle.
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  18. Sanctus

    Sanctus "Pray, pray ,pray!"

    Thanks AED. Hopefully it might serve as a warning to others. And this is coming from someone who comes from a Catholic family, both parents who are practicing Catholics who have never missed Mass and brought us all up that way. Unfortunately, a family member who is a staunch unbeliever brought communist,socialist and atheistic beliefs( and pretty much every other thing you can think of that is offensive to God and Jesus) into the home years ago, which seems to have caused much harm to our faith as a family. I often suspect it was the root of alot of this for some reason.
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  19. Sanctus

    Sanctus "Pray, pray ,pray!"

    The special people were people who seemed to have a deliverance ministry and were lay people. Very thankful I met them. The exorcist was very good, even he was taken aback with the level of some of things I got myself into trouble with. Thankfully all these things never led to full blown possession, however there were very severe obsessions, vexations and levels of oppression.
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  20. AED

    AED Powers

    Praised be Jesus Christ for your peace and freedom from this grave evil. You and Sanctus are wonderful witnesses to the power of Jesus and the true ministry of the true Catholic Church ( not this sad imitation we see so frequently) our Blessed Mother is our fierce protector in these travails. This I know! She was the one who stepped in to protect me when I was young. Between her and St Michael and our Guardian Angel's we have been given powerful armor. But I have learned the importance of being vigilant at all times. Prayerful vigilance--the Rosary is the weapon!!
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