Announcing (my) New YouTube Channel for Ireland and the Faith

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Roger Buck, Jun 3, 2017.

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    Julia, I had forgotten about Roger's videos, I am so glad that you renewed this thread. Thank you.
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  3. Roger Buck

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    Julia, I am sorry. I regret to say that I have been very VERY much out of normal life. An extended crisis/death in my wife's family meant I needed to go away to England and I was also in France, Belgium and Scotland. Have been away from Ireland, indeed hardly even online for months.

    Though re:

    I did manage to get back briefly to home for a bit, where yes, I somehow thought I might have seen you, Padraig!

    I wonder if you are there regularly? I am meaning to get back ...

    So forgive me please for these long, long delayed responses. Things have been both VERY difficult and demanding and also very beautiful at times. I had an extremely rare, precious opportunity to spend a whole month at Paray-le-Monial where St. Margaret Mary Alacoque saw his Sacred Heart. And by God's mercy, I also visited the astonishing Rue du Bac in Paris and the Chapel of the Holy Blood in Belgium. I had no computer in this blessed time so was completely offline. Bliss.

    So I've been away and I hope it is not amiss if I just post here videos of a two-part EWTN interview I did with Paul MacAree - maybe some of you know him? - recorded in Belfast, last year, before I went away in December ...

    The second one particularly has a lot about Ireland. The first is more about my conversion ...
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    Prayers for you and your family.

    Yes I am at mass there nearly every Sunday. When I next see you we must have a chat
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  5. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    Thank you for your prayers and kindness, Padraig. I look forward to talking with you. What you are doing at this forum seems more important than ever to me in light of the darkness that has fallen over Ireland. (I mean, I think you are a moderator here - although you are listed as new member!?)

    Speaking of that darkness, I am posting my latest video here about May 25th, the rejection of 1,600 years of Christianity. I also dare to speak about the men and women of 1916 and how a genuine Irish Nationalism (not Sinn Fein!) would regard this horror. I dare to speak, as of course, I am not Irish, but (mainly) English ... or Anglo-American.

    Just one more thing, some may notice that in the course of this video I mention two different internet fora both run by friends I've come to treasure. But I didn't mention this one. I can rectify that in another video. And I will. As I say, what you are all doing at this forum seems more important to me than ever in the light of what has happened.

    Anyway here is my video:

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  6. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    First I want to quote what I said last time, adding some bold.

    Second, I want to say that I have now rectified that. I spoke about this forum and the people here in the video down below, only in the last quarter hour of what I know is a LONG video.

    Third, due to the normal stress of life plus extra personal distress at present, I am very slow at commenting here. HOWEVER, I meant what I said about the good people here at this forum. AND I think you may have unusual qualities and capacities here to re-evangelise Ireland that other initiatives don't have.

    I want to expand on that when I get some time - but if you go to that last quarter hour or so and hear what I say about the people here, you may get a sense what I mean.

    Again I hope to expand on this, say more when I get half a chance ...

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    Thankyou Roger. Thank you for speaking out.
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  8. Light

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    Great stuff Roger

    God Bless you and Kim in your work of evangelizing and in your efforts to better understand who the enemy is and making us more aware of this reality.

    I love your obvious passion for the Lord.

    God Bless.
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  9. Dolours

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    1968 happened. The route from where we were to where we are simply took longer for Ireland with localised twists and turns. This talk by Prof. Tracey Rowland member of the International Theological Commission gives a more global perspective, but it shouldn't be hard to correlate much of what happened elsewhere with what was happening here. If only hindsight were foresight. I think that every Catholic in the Western world would benefit from listening to Prof. Rowland's talk.
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  10. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    Thank you all for your kind, supportive comments. Have not heard Rowland talk yet, but I have read her excellent book on Ratzinger. I agree 1968 simply took longer here in Ireland, in large part I think due to the very pious and, as I say, in video above, unusually sensitive, even mystical nature of the Irish.

    I will just paste in my latest video now ...

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  11. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    There were a few videos I never posted in this thread, partly due to the fact that I went away from Ireland for six months, indeed offline almost completely for months.

    I hope it will not be amiss if I post two of these "back episodes" here that I was particularly happy with.

    First, this one - which may be disturbing to some ...

    And another very short, unusual one which I have been told by some is very inspirational. You have to get past the first minute or so to get to the "unusual" part ...

  12. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    And in addition to those two, I'm also pasting in my latest on Ireland.

    May be controversial for some (???). I'm standing up for Patrick Pearse, de Valera and the Easter Rising. I suggest that the Catholic Irish culture that was established more solidly than ever by 1916 worked to hold back the changes in the rest of the world and, till now, save babies' lives ...

  13. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    And another video from me. There is only a little on Ireland this time (but still a striking, very important little I think). I also feature my wife in this one speaking very beautifully and sincerely from her heart about the Holy Eucharist ...

    Oops - accidentally posted wrong video. THIS is the one I meant!
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  14. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    And another video announcing my upcoming new book THE GENTLE TRADITIONALIST RETURNS. Which is very, very much about Ireland including the May 25th horror - though I don't want to give too much away. Also on the fate of the movie version of the Gentle Traditionalist, which some possibly recall I announced some time ago at my blog ...

  15. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    I regret that I've been absent from this forum for a bit, due to a crushing round- the-clock work project. And I'm going away shortly, offline completely, so I won't be able to be here for a few weeks.

    But I have managed to finally edit a video of a talk I did last year in Belfast. I've put it up now and personally I think it might be the best video I have done yet.

    It's about many things: May 25th and the de-humanisation of Ireland. And how I found that it is far, far better being Catholic than SBNR (Spiritual But Not Religious).

  16. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    I am going to add something . . . an unusual request.

    As I say, I am more happy with this video, I think than any other. I cannot help but feel a certain grace was given to me in doing this.

    And I dare to hope that it says something that needs to be said and heard after May 25th . . . the link between Ireland losing the faith and becoming de-humanised and killing babies.

    If anyone sees this video and agrees, my unusual request is if you could think about sharing it on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or wherever on social media.

    I would not normally ask this here, but again I do think a certain grace was with me in doing this and I want to go to unusual means to promote.

    Thank you if you can help.
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  17. Roger Buck

    Roger Buck Angels

    Irish Friends in Christ and in love with the Holy Mother ...

    I've been away from this important forum for a long time, because I've been away from EVERY internet forum.

    Went off in a camping van for three months, mainly to France, with no internet device, smartphone anything like that. (Can't stand these things and too much internet and I start to lose my soul ...)

    But I want to say I am not only obviously not forgetting you, but that my pilgrimage has brought me into deepened solidarity with so much that you are with at this forum.

    This is partly because I went not only to Pontmain for two weeks, but also many times to the extraordinary, extraordinary Rue du Bac.

    One result of this pilgrimage is that I feel closer to the Holy Mother than ever before, as I say on the below video.

    Another result is that after intense prayer in France for so many weeks, I came back to Ireland ... and the CONTRAST was very, very striking.

    France obviously has many problems, but I think there are things the Irish and Anglophones in general can learn from her.

    So I've done a new video, about Our Lady of the Rue du Bac, Our Lady of Pontmain and the tragedy of Ireland that I felt even more keenly stepping back on these shores.

    It is also the most controversial video I have ever done I think and very, very personal. Uncomfortably personal.

    It also a turning point for me and it is here:

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  18. Mario

    Mario Powers

    I'm working my way slowing through your video, Roger, fascinated by the dichotomy you found between France and English-speaking culture. Well done!(y)

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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    I watched your video.
    I remember in the 90's travelling quite bit in Europe for a high tech company I worked for. Every time I arrived back in Ireland I was struck by the different spirit I experienced when I touched down at the airport. Suddenly I could breathe again. Even the taxi drivers were different. I am really devastated by the results of these recent referendum's. 800 years of occupation failed to achieve what a few years of prosperity have done.
    Still I hope because there is a very faithful remnant.
    One of the trips on my bucket list is to visit Patsy. Perhaps you could give me some advice on best travel plan etc.
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    That should read Paray
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