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Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by garabandal, Aug 9, 2011.

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    I see Sister Briege McKenna & Father Kevin Scanlon have withdrawn their support from Direction for Our Times
  2. Lee

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    That's significant. I trust these people. Some thing profound must have happened, any ideas?
  3. Lee

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    I found this in Wikipedia:


    From September 2005 to April 2007, a discussion arose concerning the alleged locutionist ‘Anne’ a lay apostle. What initiated the discussion was a thread started on a Catholic Internet forum named “The Catholic Community Forum.”[2] A forum member going by the name “MDS” posted on September 17, 2005 an E-mail exchange that he had with a representative of the Direction for Our Times (DFOT) apostolate.[3] ‘MDS’ had some questions about the apostolate in order to ensure that it was following proper canonical regulations.

    Among other issues, such as a question on the imprimatur granted to Kathryn's books, the notable problem that MDS had with the DFOT representative was an unwillingness to name Anne’s Bishop. MDS wanted to write the Bishop and ask for a statement as to where Anne and her apostolate canonically stood in his Diocese. MDS, to his understanding, received a less than satisfactory reply and so he then took the E-mail exchange to the Catholic Community Forum for their thoughts.

    In February 2007, Kathryn's spiritual director, Fr. Darragh Connolly, issued a private statement (later published) in response to an E-mail sent to Kathryn's Bishop. Fr. Connolly remarked regarding the discussion on the Catholic Community Forum, "I am afraid...that the DFOT representative who responded to these very early queries lacked the authority to do so. His response was incorrect....In answer to your question with regard to the alleged statement that Our Lady wished Bishop O’Reilly’s name to be withheld, this is simply not true. Our Lady never made a statement like that."[4]

    The matter of Kathryn's Bishop was settled but other questions still lingered such as the matter of the imprimatur (see below).

    Prior to the above response by Fr. Connolly, the above-mentioned thread caught the attention of Mr. Richard Salbato of Unity Publishing who then posted the text of the E-mail conversation on his site.[5] At that time, ‘Anne’ was becoming a name in Catholic circles and MDS’ E-mail exchange created some negative reactions that caused people to start asking questions. These questions eventually led to an avalanche of information that began with a series of articles by Mr. Salbato concerning the anonymity of ‘Anne.’[6] Mr. Salbato publicly exposed Anne’s real identity as Kathryn Ann Clarke, an abused women counselor.[7] Photo evidence has been supplied.[8]

    This exposé has caused ink to be spilled both in defense of Anne as well as Unity Publishing.

    Dr. Mark I. Miravalle—Professor of Mariology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio—wrote a three-page response to Mr. Salbato's claims.[9] This response was not published by DFOT for undisclosed reasons but is available from DFOT offices upon request.[10]

    After the initial media stir, Mr. Salbato produced E-mail correspondence of an intimate conversation between Anne/Kathryn and her future DFOT C.E.O.[11] The correspondence affirmed statements made by Kathryn under her non de plume "Anne" in her DFOT books ("The Volumes") concerning her vulgarity. This and other materials in the correspondence made Kathryn look very poor in the face of her claims to be receiving heavenly messages. Kathryn--as "Anne"--commented on these claims through Catholic writer Deal Hudson in June 2008, characterizing the arguments against her as her "not being holy enough."[12]

    To date, the correspondence was the last major revelatory piece by Unity Publishing on Anne/Kathryn Ann Clarke but the information continued to affect "Anne" and her DFOT apostolate.[13]

    The question regarding the imprimatur given to Anne's Volumes by Bishop Escaler concerns the legality of the imprimatur. The Bishop was retired when he granted the imprimatur, which calls into question its legality under Catholic law.[14][15][16]

    In August, 2011, Sr. Briege McKenna and Fr. Kevin Scallon publicly withdrew their support for Direction For Our Times.[17]
  4. Rain

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    I remember someone here (Lee, was that you?) posting about some questionable messages from Anne. In one of them Anne described Purgatory as a lovely peaceful type of place, people laughing and learning to fly, which pretty much contradicted anything the saints have said about it. Purgatory, as I've read the accounts of saints and certain respected theologians, is described as a place of immense suffering, filled with fires similar to those of hell, the big difference is that the fires in Purgatory aren't eteranl.

    Anne's version of Purgatory made me go hmmm . . . to say the least.
  5. bflocatholic

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    I saw that regarding DFOT as well... Hmmm. Very disturbing. I have read much of the DFOT material- the Volumes and Anne's books- and found them helpful overall. I also have the utmost respect for Sister Briege and Fr. Kevin, two wonderful, holy people. In fact, their support for Anne's ministry convinced me that it was OK! We will have to see what develops, I suppose.

    Regarding the purgatory thing, Rain- I think that Anne's description/vision was more complicated that that. As I recall, there were levels of Purgatory. The types of things you describe may have occurred in the highest levels of purgatory (i.e., those closest to heaven), but certainly not in the lowest. Anne wrote about purgatory in her book "Mist of Mercy."

    Be that as it may, I find it sad that yet another seemeingly holy, positive Catholic voice has been "tainted." I suppose it reinforces the need to stick to the tried and true aspects of our faith: Eucharist, Confession, Prayer, Scripture, devotion to Our Lady. It reminds me that Jesus gave us everything we need, truly (including his Mother). If we search for answers outside of Him, we very often end up getting burned.
  6. Lee

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    I do as well and it was due to their so openly coming away from the DFOT that sent red flags for me. It certainly is "await and see" situation. It seems we do have a lot of those these days.
    Discernment is so important. I had a very wise, close friend say to me once as she was taking her leave "discern every thing, even me!" I was stunned but took it straight to heart.

    Rain, I think someone else had earlier questions about Anne's writings. I don't remember commenting on them in a negative way.
  7. PotatoSack

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    I stopped following Ann some time ago. I had bought all the books and even saw her speak at an event with adoration and it was wonderful, just so peaceful. I was on fire for awhile after reading her books, and I can see how her writings inspire people. But then it seemed that I was being led astray, and I just lost my peace over her writings. I was beginning to question their authenticity. And then I found out she was an author by trade and I really thought she could be a false visionary despite how beautiful some of the writings are. Lastly I got mail from Direction for our Times, asking for donations because they wanted to buy some castle. That was the final straw I needed and I literally threw all her books away. I know the Medj visionaries do not send direct mailings to people who have stayed in their homes on pilgrimage asking for money and they are not buying castles. I figured I'd rather be safe than sorry, so I just trashed all the books. This very holy priest and nun now not supporting Ann just validates the decision I made a few years ago to throw the books out. Below is the link for Ann/Kathryn's book.
  8. MomsCalling

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    A castle? Where was it located? Just curious.
    I have not really followed her except the posts that have been put on this forum. They seemed insightful. I love Fr. Kevin and have the utmost respect for Sr. Briege, so well...
  9. PotatoSack

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    the castle was in Ireland MCalling, and I do think they actually did buy it. I did not think a castle was necessary for her ministry. It just seemed odd to want to buy it and worse that they were hitting up those who bought the books for the finances. that was the last red flag I needed to stop following her. My general attitude is Medj will give you all you need to know for these times, so I am skeptical on most others. If God wanted us to know more about what will happen in the future (like the predictions from maria the european seer), we'd find out through the Medj seers. This is why I don't read the predictions made from Maria the european seer. although, this is just my opinion.
  10. PotatoSack

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    forgot to mention, I do read Mark Mallett. I think what he writes is genuine. And since people here have such high regard for Norman's visions, I'm definately listening to what he has to say.
  11. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    I do find it sad that many still do not believe in Medjugorje either. Puts us in the mix too, in a way. Some on this forum, like Aviso, do not. Yet we all are looking toward the same things, and right or wrong with who we follow, we all try our best to hear with our hearts what we think is right. It is painful when someone whom we think is with God and holy becomes shunned by others whom we deem holy and perhaps more credible. Some on here are following Maria very devoutly. Some, like me, still read her posts, but am reading them as a doubting Thomas. Medjugorje, since having been there, just cannot to me be false. But others are not convinced. This is a hard thing, discerning all this. I pray for discernment and for wisdom these days, to make the right decisions and to say the right things to those whom I feel need to know what is going on. Sigh... :(
  12. maryrose

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    There are weeds in the wheat. I think this is always a possibility as long as we walk the earth. I dont believe it invalidates everything the visionary/locutionist says but discernment is always called for.
    My maxim is take what is good. I have read some of Annes books and I thought they were good but I have never felt attracted to them so I follow my heart. Pray for her and all those involved her ministry. They have helped in bringing people to the Lord.
    He ministry were buying Kilnacrott Abbey which is an old monastry and I believe they operate from there and run retreats etc. The monastry was up for sale and I suppose they were trying to buy it. I dont believe it was for any personal use or gain.

  13. Rain

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    I haven't been to Medjugorje, so maybe I'd be totally gung ho if I had. At this point I'm not completely convinced the messages genuine, but I'm not convinced they're bogus either. I go back and forth. Sometimes I lean strongly in favor of it--other times I feel really skeptical. Right know I'm in a "troubled" phase concerning Medjugorje. A video of one of the visionaries flinching during an ecstacy when someone jabbed a finger in her face has made me go hmmm. More troubling than the flinch was the allged excuse from the visionary for the flinch. It's hard to know what information to believe and what to dismiss coming from that place. Med is going to have to be a wait and see for me. I thank God the Church is investigating because I probably won't be settled about it unless/until the Secrets are Disclosed and Events Unfold as described (in that order) . . . and/or Church decides on it once and for all.

    As for Norman's messages, I don't know enough to make any sort of personal decision about their authenticity whatsoever.

    Personally, concerning most modern alleged apparitions I seldom straddle the fence for long. I feel comfortable dismissing them as false under my own discernment. Anne was different. Her messages seemed "cleaner". There were few reasons to outright dismiss them. I read them every month, wondering if they could be true, even despite the Purgatory thing. The news about both the nun and priest withdrawing their support is a big blow to Anne's credibility.
  14. catholicthinker

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    I read all of the early books over six years ago and quickly realised that this woman was an impostor, a failed writer who was now claiming to write in God's name. Her so-called locutions were quite well written rubbish, and contained many internal contradictions and much that contradicted Catholic teaching. I made my views known to her early backers, but was rebuffed by people who had not read her writings in any detail. It is not enough for Sr. Briege and Fr. Kevin to disavow her and move on - they must work to undo the damage done by promoting her across the globe, at their Intercessions for Priests and within Divine Mercy circles. They lent her their considerable credibility early on and before the fruits were known at all, and must now address the damage done. How anyone could read this crap and consider it as coming from God is totally beyond me...
  15. Rain

    Rain Powers

    I didn't follow Anne beyond the monthly messages posted here on this forum. I never read her books. I didn't promote her messages, but I didn't denounce them either. I didn't even know she was supported by Sister Briege McKenna & Father Kevin Scanlon until I read they were withrawing said support. That's important to know.

    You brought up a good point, catholic thinker, about how those with influence can unintentionally lead many astray if they don't practice careful discernment.

    Considering I'm so free with my opinions, that's a sobering thought. I tell myself it's okay because I have little influence and nobody listens to me anyway.
  16. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    Except we will be held accountable for every utterance! That weighs heavy on me.

    Catholicthinker, thank you for chiming in on this and welcome to the forum. Your input is valuable. Please feel at home and welcomed here and know that your view is important to us the Body of Christ. Pax.
  17. Rain

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    Really, it does me too. It's hard to think about. Makes me want to buy a puppy.
  18. MomsCalling

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    :) :lol: :) :lol: :) :lol:

    Rain, you crack me up!

    I was thinking when reading your Sr. Briege and Fr. Kevin are from the Medjugorje circle, so if a person is skeptical of Medjugorje, then why be concerned about the endorsements from these two?

    Where did you see this about one of the visionaries flinching, do you have a link?

    I too have only read the posts here for Anne, I never went any deeper either. Spending 2 weeks in Medjugorje, though, you feel the peace, you feel the holiness of the place. Does this mean that all the visionaries are completely truthful all the time? Well, I would hope so, but I suppose it is not neccessarily so. For me, even if one or more of the visionaries were found to be embellishing or faking their visions in some way, I still think I would hold the place special and holy. I just felt it so strongly there. Not everyone who visits any of these places is convinced of their reality however. Many doubting Thomasas abound for Medjugorje and for Garabandal, and even for Fatima and Lourdes, so onward we go as best we can.

    I keep in mind that our Lady told Ivan he would live to see the permanent sign in Medjugorje, I hope that Joey sees the one at Garabandal and regains his sight in time to actually see other things in this physical world (that his regaining of sight is not defined by his death in some way). I read all these messages on the internet that all seem to parrot off each other, tell similar stories and describe similar visions, and wonder if it is all overactive imaginations, schitsophrenic minds, vivid dreams, and medication reacting to images read in old books...the Bible, St. Faustina dairies, etc. Then I pray about it, and remember how I felt the first time I read about apparitions of Mary, and how I felt in Medjugorje, and how I feel in other places I have visited since, and how God got us there...truly an amazing feat in itself... and I smile and my faith returns. I just wish I could be more patient about it all. I want so much for things to commence, so we can all stop wondering, stop just thinking and start doing!
  19. padraig

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    I have always believed in Ann's messages.

    Does anyone know why Sr Briege pulled out? Did she give a reason(s)?
  20. Seán

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    So did I. I have always been struck by the warmth and profundity in the messages. And I haven't seen anything yet to contradict church teaching (unless there's something in her books, which I haven't read).

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