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    In Protestantism, or my very long experience with it, angels are thought of as basically being in Heaven, singing praises around the Throne, with an occasional visit to Earth (intervention). You're not assigned an angel, the concept of a Guardian Angel is basically nonexistent.

    I have seen an angel once, years ago.

    That said, and that aside, I always found angels and angelic beings in TV, film, etc., beautiful and inspiring. As in this episode of "Star Trek" (Arena), which I first saw in syndication (I was born in mid-1960s, far too little to have watched it during) as a teenager. "Everyone" is fascinated by the Gorn, but I immediately loved the angelic figure (a Metron). Turns out this "boyish angel" was portrayed by Carolyne Barry.

    What brings this up? I've recently gotten three books devoted to angels (birthday). Happy reading!

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    Great post! What did your angel sighting
    look like?
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    I posted on February 29, in "Share Your Dreams and/or Visions" thread (I don't expect anyone to remember this):

    I saw an angel once, when I was 19 years old.

    It was at a crisis point in my life.

    I'd been resting (though not sleeping or dreaming) when I suddenly became aware of the angel. I pushed up on my left arm -- physically, and wide awake -- to stare in awe at a tall, slender angel dressed in a pure white robe. Around his waist was a thin belt, which held a dagger snug against his right side, near his hip. He did not look at me. I watched as he extended his left arm and pointed towards the door. He then spoke, and his speech sounded like thin metal (this is difficult to explain) being thrashed about. He spoke in a language I did not understand.

    I was not afraid. Simply AWED.

    I looked to where he was pointing (the front door), saw nothing there, and so looked back; he was gone.


    Just last evening I "discovered" Emanuel Swedenborg in one of my gift books. Apparently he (Protestant) had a lot of goings-on with angels. I've been reading web info on this. :) I'd probably come across Swedenborg's name before, but in passing (I go in spurts with reading various histories).
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    Author Janice Carroll has a great book called "Angel Power".
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    Thank you. :) Will check it out.

    One of my gifted books is "On the Wings of Angels," compiled by Gail Harvey, Portland House publisher, 1993. It's a collection of sayings and poems, with large colorful (mostly vintage) illustrations, and a "Florentine design."

    I might post some of the poems from it later.
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    I would like to share an angel story a lady from my Church shared with me. It was the 1st day of the Divine Mercy Novena and she really wanted to start it, but she didn't have an instruction pamphlet. She phoned her Dad to see if she could get one from him, but he didn't have one and told her to just start it the next day. But she was not happy with that idea as she really wanted to begin it that day. She was on her way home and had to take the commuter train. When the train stopped to let her on, she saw that there was only one seat left but there was a dirty looking man seated next to the empty seat. She remembers thinking that she didn't want to sit next to him. She felt badly about that and took the seat. When the train made a stop, the man did not speak to her, but he simply handed her a pamphlet and got off the train. You guessed it! It was a Divine Mercy Novena pamphlet. She never saw where the man went when he got off. I told her I thought that was an angel.
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    I agree, I also think it was an angel.

    I sprained my ankle very badly just before my mother died. I was running down some steps.
    After she died, it always seemed like I was re-injuring it. I was limping around in the grocery
    store when this man came up and told me to go
    to physical therapy. I did. I have never had another problem with that ankle since.
    I believe that man was an angel sent by God probably at the request of my late mother.
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    Without doubt! Wonderful story!
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    Maybe it was by God's design that the angel disguised himself as a dirty looking man so that no other person would take that seat near him, except for your friend which was the angel's intention. At the same time, your friend was tested by God because if she will ever be a disciple of Divine Mercy, she should be ready to help any poor, dirty and needy persons.
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    Our Lady calls the visionaries at Medugorje, , 'My angels'.
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  12. An Guilbneach

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    Wonderful story Shae. Love stories of that sort, makes one feel as a Christian we are not alone.
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  13. An Guilbneach

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    6521.jpg Desertstar7 love your aviator, who is the artist?
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  14. Advocata Nostra

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    Not an angel story, per se, but just to mention how my Guardian Dear has “communicated” with me over the years: using my car! (Not always the same car, mind you.)

    Yep. Headlights coming on that I knew I had turned off (not an auto thing, either) and that being the deciding factor to stay for a particular prayer group I was really thinking I should avoid. Interior bells going off after I strongly spoke out to God saying, “I guess it’ll be in Your time and not mine.” Ding, ding! The radio, if it’s own accord, did the same thing under a similar circumstance. And once when I had something very heavy on my heart as I entered my vehicle, there was clicking and I was so confused until I realized the CD player was trying to get my attention to eject/load something. It was a talk I had left in there from a while ago sent to me from HLI of Ireland on devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus—God is SO on time; Praise Him and His Holy Angels!

    I’ve decided from all of this how humbling it is to be at the level where the Holy Spirit, through my Angel Dear, reaches out to me like I’m a little puppy dog wagging her tail and happily responding to her Master’s bells and whistles! ❤️
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    I always ask my guardian angel to help me find things. When I lose them, misplace them, or can't remember where they should be. My angel hasn't failed me yet, and have been doing this for years. I think my angel likes to keep busy haha.
  16. DesertStar7

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    Sir Edward Burne-Jones. :)
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    Before I go to bed at night sometimes I get a feeling of oppression, like a gathering feeling of spiritual gloom around me and I know that the devil and company are getting set for a strong attack during the night.

    In Defense I pray and mentally place the Arcangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael at corners of my bedroom to defend me. I then call on m Guardian Angels to defend me and surround me.

    After that I call to Jesus, Mary and St Joseph to protect me.

    Then I bless myself and sprinkle the room with Holy Water and if I am really concerned sprinkle it with blessed salt too. Then with my golden cross in hand I go to bed to do battle.

    I would be lost without the dear angels. We may have to do battle, be we, none of us have to go into battle alone.

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  18. HeavenlyHosts

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    Thank you for sharing your experience and giving us hope. :)
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    I actually think my Guardian Angel must get frustrated with me, as I'm not consciously "cued in." Mostly I simply "coast along" on a subconscious level (romanticist/poet), and have this independent spirit ... which lately I'm being nudged to realize there is no such thing.

    If that makes any sense.

    I'm also often easily lost in dreamy reveries.

    Probably it's a minor miracle I haven't gotten zapped upside the head yet.
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