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    After reading about this play I decided to do an internet search and straight away found the
    website of the author Jo[hn] Clifford. I e-mailed to explain why I found the title of the play as
    offensive and within 10 minutes had this e-mail back.

    Dear Bobby,
    Thank you for writing.
    I am sorry that sensational and inaccurate press accounts of my work have caused you such distress.
    Like yourself, I revere the name and teachings of Jesus and find it distressing that people should assume otherwise.
    I like the way you talk of us as a family; like any family, we fall out and disagree sometimes, I am sure.
    But I would like to think that maybe underneath it all there is something that unites us.
    Certainly I admire your readiness to stand up for Jesus and leap to the defence of His Holy Name.
    All good wishes

    Jo[hn] is living through an identity crisis [calling himself trandgendered male to female] so any
    wonder there is confusion in understanding God as Father.

    Let us pray for John to find peace in Christ and healing through the name of Jesus.
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    I think, often the desire to shock is a cry for help.

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