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    Thats was pretty cool. I can't imagine how they can walk out on his arm like that.
  5. Agree....I had a fit of vertigo just watching them!
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    Leo, thank you for posting this. I love this man's insights.

    I do have one question for Glenn or other Garabandal experts. Can you confirm what he says around 58:50, that
    access to Garabandal will be difficult and not possible through the Pyrennees, and that it will be necessary to come from the South of Spain or Portugal?
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    Andree, I checked with Antonio and he replied that the answer is in these two videos: and
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    I am new to this site, enjoying the postings already found. I would like to share my feelings on this.
    From what I have so far read, would like to offer my feeling on Joey RIP passing before the expected Miracle. This leaves me at peace with the unexpected passing of Joey before the Miracle.

    I feel maybe, we can thank God, because it may be the warning and Miracle have been delayed due to the Divine Mercy of Jesus to give us more time to repent, saving as many more souls as possible.

    Devotion to Divine Mercy has by the grace of God began to spread, and may it continue.
    Thank you and God bless all here.
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  10. The reason for Garabandal not being accessible through the Pyrennees is due to the invasion of Europe down to the Pyrennees by a combination of Russian and Muslim forces. In the videos you have this in great detail, the scripture basis, the interpretations, and then comments of the Garabandal seers that point to that invasion.

    This happens before the Warning, and "when things are at its worst" the Warning and the Pole Shift happen. The Pole Shift -all this according to the videos of Antonio Yagüe- with the overwhelming floods create a barrier cutting off the invaders from entering Spain, but there is no access from that area. Think that Garabandal is pretty close to the sea and everything north of Garabandal may be flooded or run over by the Pole Shift water movements, and infrastructures destroyed.
    Garabandal could then be accessed only from the south [as per Conchita's saying to a German person that Antonio quotes], and the Spanish army will help the people, particularly the sick, to get there.

    This makes a lot of sense since the access to Garabandal from the south would mean having to cross mountains or very small "lost" country paths. There is no good communication from the south to Garabandal. Remember that Garabandal is a "dead end" hamlet. If you don't come from the road built to get there from Cosío, you probable would have to walk and climb the mountains to get there.

    Also we know that Conchita has her own place in Fatima where she goes often. That may very well be also because she knows that it will be the sure way to get to Garabandal.

    Hope this helps. It's all in the two videos that Leo has posted. It's a while since I watched them but I think this is more or less accurate as a short answer.
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    This is a the thread I was looking for....I read it and then forgot where I read it.
    If you watch the Gog invasion video you can see that Antonio Yague predicts this to happen this summer 8/24/2016. So, if this does not happen at that time then maybe we can assume that the rest of his predictions will not happen either. At least, in my mind it will give me some indication to the events that may or may not be imminent.

    PS - For the record, I just cannot believe that Antonio Yague can be correct about the Warning event but only God knows now and we'll see later. It also does not match up with other predictions.
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    Please don't say " we know " what Conchita does "often", unless you do actually do know , because your statement is not true for several reasons, she has not been there. ( maybe ask me first ).
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    When dealing with unapproved private revelations, these are verses I keep near and dear to my heart:

    "And if in silent thought thou answer: How shall I know the word, that the Lord hath not spoken?

    Thou shalt have this sign: Whatsoever that same prophet foretelleth in the name of the Lord, and it cometh not to pass: that thing the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath forged it by the pride of his mind: and therefore thou shalt not fear him." - Deuteronomy 18:21-22
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    ..but it is also true that great saints and have also, seemingly gotten things wrong.

    A for instance is St Bernard of Clairvaux , the greatest mystic and saint of his age, listened to raptly by Popes and Kings ,said to be the FOunder of Modern Devotion to Our Lady. He prophesied all over Europe that the Second Crusade would be a huge success, it flopped catastrophically:

    St Catherine of Siena, another visonary and Doctor of the Church said she had a vision of Our Lady in which Our Lady was said to have told her she was not the Immaculate Conception. Another huge no, no.

    3. Human action may mingle with the divine action: St. Catherine Labouré
    foretold many events correctly, but failed on others. It is especially
    easy for this to happen with ideas that appeal to our own desires or fit
    with preconceived ideas. St. Colette thought St. Anne had married three
    times and had several daughters, so she thought St. Anne appeared to her
    with all this family. Benedict XIV ("Heroic Virtue" III 14 p. 404) said:

    "The revelations of some holy women canonized by the Apostolic See whose
    saying and writings in rapture and derived from rapture are filled with

    St. Elizabeth of Schoenau had many revelations on historical subjects.
    Imprudently she begged her guardian angel to get more of this for her,
    especially on St. Ursula whose bones were just discovered. And she also
    told her community to pray urgently for 17 days for that. Yet the
    Bollandists said her visions are full of historical errors, even though
    she demanded they be published in her lifetime. The works of St. Hildegard
    contain many scientific errors, those prevalent in her day. Bl. Anna Maria
    Taigi predicted a great temporal triumph for the Church - but it did not
    come. She wrote on physics and medicine, with much error. St. Frances of
    Rome claims she saw in a vision that the sky was made of crystal - a
    belief common in her day. Mary of Agreda made the same error on a crystal
    sky. She thought the 6 days of creation were 24 hrs. each. She even said
    it was a sin not to believe her! So Pope Clement XIV, a Franciscan stopped
    the process of her beatification on account of her book. Even Dominican
    writers often reject the revelations of Alan de la Roche, though Alan
    said, "May I be accursed if I have departed from the way of truth."

    Benedict XIV ("On Heroic Virtue" III.53.#16) examines an ecstasy of 1377
    of St. Catherine of Siena, in which the Blessed Virgin seems to deny the
    Immaculate Conception. Benedict quotes some authors who try to blame
    editors or directors. But it is very possibly her preconceived ideas -
    Dominican opposition to Immaculate Conception - really caused the

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    All of the above are excellent reasons to keep ourselves Focused on Jesus! ... Especially "These Days"!!

    JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!! .......... & SAVE ALL HERE!!
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  17. Gosh, those pics are really beautiful. Can you or anyone identify some of the buildings? I recently received the newsletter from the 101 Foundation, Rosalie Turton, and in it she mentions a house they are trying to build from which you will be able to see the Pines. So are these images recent, showing construction that is currently going on there? How very different from the original days. And is the road in first image completed and from where to where does it go? Thanks.
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  19. And here is the 101 Foundation's "Miracle Flight" to Garabandal:

    I noticed in the link in my comment above that Rosalie Turton "speculates" that the Miracle may occur on April 13, 2017....same as Antonio Yague's projection.
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    From the Google Maps link, it says it's Sept 2014. The link below will tell you more about the road (It's more of a path actually). And what pics are you referring to? As it's google maps, just point the arrow where you want to go and 'walk'.
    Yes the road is completed and goes all the way to the Pines. You will find that the 'walker' who took the images did not go all the way because there is a fence preventing going further.
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