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    From what I can gather online this prophesy was "given" to Fr Scanlon.

    I personally found Father to be very inspiring when he was on EWTN in the 1990s.

    He really had an incredible impact here in the U.S. helping to renew the Catholic Church. The faithfulness and othodoxy that emminated from him permeated Franciscan University he lead in Steubenville. This orthodox charismatic spirit has spread from Steubenville across the U.S. through it's graduates and the retreats it sponsors across the country.

    Here is a good article about him....
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    My prayer is still for discernment, guidance to stay in His will, to see and follow His direction. For those in my life to have open hearts & mind, to see the truth when the time in right. If that means with the Warning, so be it.

    I have but prayed God make perfect what is now away from Him.
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    Brian, How is your son, Frater Silvan, doing? Has the building of the new monastery stayed on target?
    My daughter's family still attends their parish in Orange County, St. John the Baptist. About three weeks ago, they held an outdoor Holy Mass for the homeschooling community to which my daughter's family also belongs. God is good!

    St. John the Baptist, stir our hearts with your fiery, holy prayers!
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    The new abbey is coming along very well. Lots of amazing photos at this link (scroll down for the most recent photos):

    My son is doing very well too, and will start his theology studies at the Oratorian seminary in Toronto this fall. They completed their philosophy training at the current abbey already.
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    Toronto is a whole lot closer than California!:ROFLMAO:

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for Frater Silvan who has recourse to thee!
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    Yes, no excuse to drive to California now for the next several years!
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    That’s wonderful!
    Break their hearts to take their haearts!
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    1) By the Grace of God alone, I did not have to miss Sunday mass, in person, even once during this Covid19 BS.
    2) I agree with the good professor here 100%, and without scruples.

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    The 1000 years in prophetic terms is not a literal 1000 years, but has always been understood to be a 'long period of peace time' by credible Catholic messengers. So no problem with the 1000 years of Revelations 20 and our Lady of Fatima's "in the end my Immaculate Heart will Triumph and their will be an ear of peace" are the same thing...... a long period of peace, but not a literal 1000 years as the fundamentalists foment.

    Millenarianism is not what the credible Catholic prophets of our age are referring to. This is an evangelical perspective, not a Catholic one. Not even close. It is confused Catholics who try and connect the era of peace that Revelations 20 and our Lady of Fatima speak to in the same context as Millenarianism. They are not remotely the same and is often used by confused Catholics to discredit credible Catholic messengers who speak of the era of peace coming.
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    You interpret Rev 20 (Satan being bound for a period of time until unleashed) as referring to the promised era of peace at Fatima.

    I will say that the traditional Catholic interpretation sees Rev 20 as referring to the time between the Resurrection of Christ until the final trial.

    Hence my quotation from the Bishops...they (1000 years) symbolize the long period of time between the chaining up of Satan (a symbol for Christ’s resurrection-victory over death and the forces of evil) and the end of the world.

    You are free to interpret it differently, however.
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  11. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I would not want to get into a debate to call this a grave misunderstanding; but it is totally lacking in reason and rational thinking. IMHO

    In a nutshell it sounds like wishful thinking.

    Who in their right mind could say, the devil has been chained since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and will remain chained until the end of the world.

    Who else was behind the martyrdom and persecution of Christians from the day the first Christian was converted to the Faith.

    Who is on a roll in our day, and from a human perspective seems to be in near full power and control of life here in exile.

    Come Lord Jesus, and restore a balance of thought at least before we are all lost and damned for all eternity.
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    This is true.

    In the book, 'The Mystical City of God', an account is given after the death of Jesus on the Cross an account is given somewhat along these lines (which are also supported by the Visions of Blessed Catherine Emmerich.)

    The death of Jesus was a total shock to Satan and the other Demons and crushed them. After Christ's death, as the Church teaches Jesus Descended into hell (the harrowing of hell and give them the old what for and goodness did they ever have it com:):);))ing)

    For a short period of a few weeks hell was in disarray they thought they'd lost it. They thought that this was total defeat. But they began to creep out and start to tempt people again and found it worked, even tempting the New Christians.

    My own reading would be is that at the moment Satan is totally, totally in the Ascendant both within and without the Church. That he's never had it so good.

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  13. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    It depends on what "traditional Catholic interpretation" means. Because the early church fathers did not hold to the later understanding, especially the prophets within the past 60 years who have clearly taught that it does. I think Desmond Birch means well, but he is clearly out of the current prophetic consensus and as mentioned what the early church fathers taught as well. Time will tell. Revelations 20 seems very literal to what I believe.
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    Yup, I suggest all of you MOG forumers should also read The Mystical City of God. It is written there on what happened on the Creation and the Day 1: Test of the Angels. I also learned there that Saul/Paul was converted by Jesus through the tears and intercession of Mother Mary, but our Lord Jesus was ready to show his divine justice on Saul because he wants to obliterate His Name on the face of the Earth. You will also learn there the Fall of Judas Iscariot.
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    Chapter IX
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  17. padraig

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    138. Immediately the great Queen in a vision saw Lucifer and a great multitude of hellish followers rising out of the depths of the infernal caverns, where they had lain oppressed since the time they had been vanquished on mount Calvary and hurled to hell, as I have described above. She saw that dragon with seven heads coming up as it were from the depths of the sea, followed by the rest. Although he came forth very much weakened,in the manner of convalescents, unable, after a long and grievous sickness, to drag themselves along; yet in his pride and chagrin he was lashed to implacable fury and arrogance, having on that occasion experienced that these passions in him are greater than his power, as Isaias says (Is. 14, 9). For on the one hand he exhibited the effects of the crushing defeat which he had undergone in the victory and triumph of the Savior on the Cross; and on the other hand he exhibited his wrath and fury, which now was bursting forth like the fires of a volcano against the holy Church and her children. Having come upon the earth, he roamed all over it and reconnoitered; then he hastened to Jerusalem in order to strain all his rabid fury in persecuting the sheep of Christ. He began to spy from afar, gradually approaching and veering around that fold, which was so humble and yet so formidable to his arrogant malice.

    139. The dragon saw what a multitude had subjected themselves to the faith, and how many were hourly receiving holy Baptism; how the Apostles continued to preach and to perform such great miracles for the good of souls; how the new converts renounced and abhorred riches; how the holy Church was founded with all the principles of invincible sanctity. At such astonishing changes the wrath of the demon increased and his concentrated malice and wrath vented itself in fearful howls. Lashing himself into fury on account of his being so powerless against God, and, thirsting to drink up the pure waters of Jordan (Is. 16,6), he sought to approach nearer to the congregation of the faithful; but in this he could not succeed, because they were all united in perfect charity. This virtue, together with faith, hope and humility, rose like an unapproachable fortification against the dragon and his ministers of malice. He roamed about in the vicinity to find some little sheep, that might have carelessly strayed from the fold of Christ, in order to attack and devour it. He schemed and plotted in many ways to attract some one of them, who should give him an opportunity of entering the fortress of virtue, by which all were protected; but everywhere he found his entrance forestalled and prevented by the vigilance of the Apostles and the power of grace, and especially by the protection of most Holy Mary.

    140. When the great Mother saw Lucifer and such an army of demons rising up with malicious wrath against the evangelical Church, her loving heart was pierced by a dart of compassion and sorrow; for She knew on the one hand the weakness and ignorance of men, and on the other hand the malicious and cunning hatred of the ancient serpent. In order to restrain and check his pride, the heavenly Mother turned upon them and said: “Who is like God, that dwells in the highest? (Ps. 112, 5). 0 foolish and vainglorious enemy of the Omnipotent! The same One who vanquished thee on the Cross and crushed thy arrogance, redeeming the human race from thy cruel tyranny, commands thee now; this power annihilates thee, his wisdom confounds thee, and hurls thee back to hell. In his name now shall I do this, so as to deprive thee of the power to hinder the exaltation and glory due to Him from all men as their God and Redeemer.” Then the solicitous Mother continued her prayers and spoke to the Lord: “Supreme God and Father, if the power of thy arm do not restrain and quench the fury, which I see in the infernal dragon and his hosts, I doubt not that he will cover the whole face of the earth with the ruin of its inhabitants. Be Thou a God of kindness and mercy to thy creatures: do not permit, 0 Lord, that this venomous serpent pour out its poison upon the souls redeemed and washed in the blood of the Lamb (Apoc. 7, 14), thy Son and the true God. Is it possible, that the souls themselves should ever deliver themselves over to such a bloodthirsty beast, their mortal enemy? How is my heart constrained with fear, lest any of the souls, enriched with the fruit of this blood, fall into such a deplorable misfortune? 0 that the wrath of this dragon might be turned upon me alone, and that thy redeemed be placed in safety! Let me, eternal Lord, fight the battles against thy enemies. Clothe me with thy power in order that I may humiliate them and crush their pride and haughtiness.”
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    141. In virtue of this prayer and the resistance of the powerful Queen, Lucifer was struck with great fear, and for the time being he dared not approach any of the congregation of the faithful. Yet his fury was not allayed on that account, but he plotted to enlist the scribes and pharisees, and all of the Jews, whom he perceived still clinging to their obstinate perfidy. He betook himself to them and by many suggestions filled them with envy and hatred against the Apostles and the faithful of the Church; thus, through the unbelievers, he roused the persecution, which he could not begin himself. He filled them with dread, lest by the preaching of the Apostles and disciples a like or greater damage would arise, than from the preaching of Jesus the Nazarene. He suggested to them, how evidently the followers of Christ intended to spread the glory of his name; how, since they themselves had crucified Him as a malefactor, his glory would redound to their dishonor. And, as there were so many disciples and as so many miracles were wrought in his name, how all the people would be drawn toward them; the teachers and the learned in the law would be despised, and lose the accustomed perquisites, as the new believers would donate all their goods to the new teachers; and how inevitably this damage would very soon overtake the teachers of the law, on account of the great multitudes following the Apostles.

    142. These malicious suggestions appealed very strongly to the avarice and ambition of the Jews and therefore they accepted them readily as sane and as very conformable to their own desires. Hence arose the many meetings and cabals of the pharisees, sadducees, magistrates, and priests against the Apostles, as mentioned by saint Luke in the Acts. The first occasion arose at the miracle wrought by saint Peter and saint John in healing the paralytic, who had suffered under his malady for forty years from the time of his birth and who was known throughout the city. As this miracle was so evident and remarkable, the inhabitants gathered in great multitudes, all astonished and excited beyond control. Saint Peter preached them a great sermon, proving that they could not be saved except by the name of Jesus, in virtue of which he and saint John had cured this paralytic of forty years standing. In reference to this event the priests held a meeting, in which they called the two Apostles to account. But as the miracle was so notorious and as the people glorified God in it, the iniquitous judges were too much confused to attempt to punish the Apostles, although they commanded them not to preach or teach in the name of Jesus the Nazarene for the future. But saint Peter with invincible courage told them, that they could not obey this command; because God commanded them the contrary, and it was not right to obey men in opposition to God (Acts 4, 19.) With this warning they were dismissed and the two Apostles immediately repaired to the most holy Queen to report their experience, although She, by a special vision, had been informed of it all. Then they engaged in most exalted prayer, in which the Holy Ghost again came upon all of them with visible signs.

    143. A few days afterwards happened the miraculous chastisement of Ananias and Saphira, who, tempted by their avarice, tried to deceive saint Peter. They lied to the Apostle in bringing to him a portion of the price of an inheritance they had sold and secreting the other part. Shortly before, Barnabas, also called Joseph, a Levite and a native of Cyprus, had likewise sold his inheritance and brought all the proceeds of it to the Apostles. In order that it might be impressed upon all, that each one should act with the same integrity, Ananias and Saphira were punished, falling dead at the feet of saint Peter one after the other. Through this formidable wonder all in Jerusalem were struck with fear and the Apostles preached with greater freedom. But the magistrates and sadducees were roused to anger and had them seized and cast into the public prison. There they remained but a short time, because the Queen liberated them, as I shall soon relate.

    144. I will not pass over in silence the mystery connected with the fall of Ananias and Saphira, his wife. When the great Mistress of heaven and earth perceived, that Lucifer and his demons incited the priests and magistrates against the preaching of the Apostles, and that through his suggestions, they had dragged saint Peter and saint John before their tribunals after the miracle of the paralytic, this loving Mother feared lest the conversion of other souls might be prevented and therefore, as her divine Son had enjoined Her, She, with greater courage than that of Judith, took up their cause as her own and addressed that cruel tyrant: “Enemy of the Most High, how dost thou dare, and how shalt thou be able to rise up against his creatures, when by the passion and death of my Son and the true God thou art so completely vanquished, subjected and despoiled of thy tyrannous empire? What canst thou do, O venomous basilisk, chained and imprisoned in hellish torments for all eternity by the Almighty? Dost thou not know, that thou art subjected to his infinite power, and that thou canst not resist his invincible will? He commands thee, and I in his name and power command thee, immediately to descend with thy hordes to the depths, from which thou hast risen to persecute the children of the Church.”

    145. The infernal dragon could not resist the mandate of the powerful Queen; for her divine Son, to the greater terror of the demons, permitted them all to see Him sacramentally present in the bosom of the invincible Mother, as in the throne of his omnipotence and majesty. This happened also on other occasions, whenever Mary put Lucifer to confusion, as I shall relate farther on. This time he hurled himself into the abysses with all that had accompanied him, and they fell oppressed and annihilated by the divine strength of that peerless Woman. For some time the demons remained there in consternation and lashed themselves to fury on account of their woeful state, which they could not escape, and because they despaired of overcoming this powerful Queen or all those who should come under her protection. In this furious dismay Lucifer conferred with his demons and said: “In what calamity do I see myself plunged! Tell me, what can I do against this my Enemy, who thus torments and overwhelms me? She alone battles against me more strenuously than all the creatures together. Shall I then give up persecuting Her, in order that She may not succeed in destroying me? Ever have I come forth from battle with Her vanquished, while She remains victorious. I must acknowledge, that She is continually diminishing my powers and that step by step She will succeed in annihilating me, so that I shall be powerless against the followers of her Son. Yet how am I to suffer such an unjust oppression? Where is my exalted sovereignty? Am I then to subject myself to a Woman of a condition and nature so inferior and vile in comparison with mine? But I dare not at present battle with Her. Let us seek to overthrow some of her followers, so that in some measure my confusion may be allayed and my revenge satisfied.”

    146. The Lord permitted the dragon and his hordes to return and tempt the faithful for their probation. But on becoming acquainted with the state of their souls and the great virtues, with which they were adorned, they found no approach open, nor any of the faithful that would listen to their insane deceits and illusions. Yet on searching the dispositions and natural inclinations of each one, through which unfortunately they always carry on their fierce war against us, the demons found that Ananias and Saphira were attached to money and had always sought after it with a certain amount of avarice. Of this weakness they availed themselves for their attack and they suggested to their imagination the expediency of reserving a part of the price of a heritage, which they had sold in order to give its proceeds to the Apostles in thankful acknowledgment of the faith and Baptism received at their hands. They permitted themselves to be entrapped by this low deceit, because they found it harmonizing with their base inclination, and they sought to deceive saint Peter. The Apostle knew of their sin through a revelation and he chastised them by permitting them both, first Ananias then Saphira, suddenly to fall dead at his feet. Saphira, without knowing what had happened to her husband, shortly afterwards practiced the same deceit and expired in the same way in the presence of the Apostles.


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    This latest commentary by Ralph Martin on the End of Times is full of wisdom and definitely worth careful consideration. When he talks about the “removal of the the one who restrains him” he mentions several possibilities as to whom the one who restrains is but fails to mention the Pope as one of them - IMO he does this on purpose to avoid controversy. But it has been stated in some interpretations of Fatima that, among other things, the third secret is the apostasy from the very top of the Church, whereby a future Pope could eventually become an antipope because he lets himself be carried away by the worldly doctrines of these world, just like Peter ended denying Christ because he failed to resist the power of the mobs that arrested Christ (just like some bishops today are afraid of saying loud and clear what they should say to avoid the social martyrdom the leftist or liberals would subject them to). In a way this could make sense, because a treason from the top and part or most of the bishops is what opened the door for Christ to enter his sorrowful Passion, and it could also be what the remnant Church (Christ’s Bride) has to go through to enter its passion and fulfill what the Cathechism explains.

    677 The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection.
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    I listened to this yesterday. He has been a favorite evangelist of mine for years. Ralph is consistently on target
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