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    Last Sunday I started really praying for the wellbeing of my future wife and children, trusting that God would eventually have me meet my future spouse soon. I have made some major advancements this past weekend, and last week I started reading the Bible regularly. Right now I'm towards the end of Deuteronomy where the Israelites are about to enter the promise land, and I have been sort of hoping that it's a sign that I'm about to get my job, met my spouse and start our family. However, today I've gotten to the part where Moses is about to die, and God is warning the Israelites about falling back into sin. Moses cannot enter the Promise Land, because he struck the rock twice in anger against the rebellious Israelites. A couple of times today I have had memories of past wrongs bubble up, and just now I went onto blog of someone who is rather hostile to Catholics who engage in the kind of stuff common on this site; and I realized that being on that blog was a near occasion of sin for me, I'm now worried I may have engaged in an act of rash judgement against him. (I really hope and pray I didn't.)

    Can everyone please pray that I can complete this leg of the journey? Also if anyone knows any Catholic site that's in need of a content writer, can you please let me know? I'm almost done one of my courses on content writing, although I'm also still thinking about finding a local job here.

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