Allegations of Satanic Abuse in London

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    This story begins as a custody battle between this guy, Ricky Dearman an actor originally from a coal mining family in Rotherham in England, and the Russian born mother (Ella Raulyevna Draper, works as an internet entrepeneur on things like face yoga) of his two children (Gabriel and Alisa Dearman):

    It seems that on or about August/September of last year (2014) the mother's new partner (Abraham Jemal Christie, a nutritionist interested in natural foods including hemp) became concerned that the two children were touching themselves, and the dog, inappropriately and became concerned as to what they were doing while in the care of their father. So their mother and Mr Christie, and a friend of hers from the North of Ireland, began asking questions of the two children and recorded the answers on video. Initially they probably hoped to use the videos in the court cases but frustrated on that front, and conscious of corruption in both social services and police, they decided earlier this month (February 2015) to release all the videos and documentation on a google drive site available to anyone on the internet: .

    What the children have described is absolutely incredible. It basically resembles what was revealed in relation to the McMartin preschool and Nebraska cases in the US, that is very well organised, and embedded in the local community, Satanic Ritual Abuse. You can watch it yourself here on youtube and make up your own mind on the subject:

    It centres on a primary school attached to the Anglican church called Christ Church in Hampstead Square in London. This is quite a posh area in fact, Hampstead Heath, but is still quite near well known spots like the Arsenal football grounds, Finchley and Cricklewood etc. This is the church:

    The allegations of satanic practices centre on the church (which has an aisle cut off from the main body of the church for use as a kind of kindergarten, as you can read here: ) but even includes references to a local McDonalds, a shoe repair shop in Finchely Road tube station, a local swimming pool etc.

    Could this be true, could what the children describe really be going on? Well we only have their word for it but they are certainly good actors if they are making all of it up. It is curious though that a primary teacher from Hampstead got treated very leniently is a recent court case where he pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a 9 year old girl: .

    But if you haven't seen the videos - whose popularity is spreading like wildfire across the net - you should be warned that some of it is pretty fantastical. We are talking about repeated murders of babies, whose entrails are cooked and eaten and skulls danced around etc. On that score I would like to make these points:

    1) Be under no illusions, there most definitely is such a thing as Satanic Ritual Abuse, something like these practices definitely do go on, how widespread they are is hard to figure out sometimes though.
    (For a simple summary of research in this area see for example chapter 5 in "In Defence of Conspiracy Theories: with examples from Irish and international history and politics".)

    2) At the same time if you research these groups and practices you will find that they also heavily use hoaxes - using say fake blood etc - as well as the real thing. They do this I suppose because they want to conduct their rituals but frequently dont have live subjects, as it were, but also because by these means they can confuse and discredit witnesses later. For example, if a given witness X, who thought he/she had observed the murder of a given person Y, and gave this information to the police, and it later transpired that Y was alive it would heavily discredit X and hence you can see the utility of using hoaxes.

    3) Also these groups will often use peculiar settings again to discredit witnesses later. So for example there was one case I believe where the perpetrators used animal masks in their rituals so hence any later witnesses could only describe how a 'bear' or a 'fox' did x or y abuse and of course most people would just not believe children who would talk that way.
    They also just lie to the children about some of the things that are really going on, again with exaggerated nonsense that will serve to discredit the child witnesses later.

    Any one or all of those two above factors could be at work in this case even if the underlying story is correct.

    In any case I think its hard to believe that the children are just making this up so hopefully this publicity they are now getting will break open this case and they will not have to wait the decades that victims of Jimmy Saville etc had to endure.
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    I could only bear to watch so much.

    Is it my imagination or is their black marks on the children's foreheads.

    I will pray to St Michael tonight and the rest of the month. What can I say? Utter horror.

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    This is an interview on the subject by Sabine Kurjo McNeil who is assisting the mother as a 'McKenzie friend' in the family law courts:
    She has dealt with lots of these corrupt family law cases but even she, and the mother, have now had to flee Britain because of police pressure.
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    The police are notoriously Masonic.

    I will be honest, if I had been the mother I would have grabbed the kinds, run for my life and kept my mouth firmly shut. I would be terrified.

    Prayers for her and the children...and all involved.
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    Yes there are a lot allegations about Masonic involvement in some of this, particularly with respect to some of the care homes in Wales.

    In any case these are the Russian grandparents of the children, who are in London to support their daughter:

    And just in case people think what the children said is completely off the wall you might like this video from England in the early 90s:

    The interesting thing there is that the MP in the video, Geoffrey Dickens, is now a kind of hero in the mainstream media because he prepared a much talked about dossier on this kind of stuff in the 80s, which has since gone missing.

    But as you can see his perspective was that Satanic Ritual Abuse, not just child abuse, was involved in these cases but of course the media never mention that bit.
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    Did you ever think of writing a book about these things, Scholaire? It would shed a lot of light in dark places and Satan would hate that!

    ..also its such a sensationalist subject I think it would be a best seller.
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    I am worn out writing books!lol Well actually I wrote that chapter in "Defence of Conspiracy Theories" which I think goes into it quite a bit. In fact its quite an involved subject because what happens is that children in these circumstances can repress the pain of the abuse and forget about it in a certain manner, a manner that can damage their brains and be exploited later by their abusers.

    Anyway Ricky Dearman gave a few weeks ago a really soft focus interview to the BBC which (if you are in the UK) you can view here: (Its the Victoria Derbyshire show of the 20/4/2015.) Also here on youtube:

    I must say I don't believe him, his eyes betray quite a hard type of character whereas he is trying to come across all sensitive. That said he is clearly not some great leader in this Occult thing but the truth is I suppose that it has attracted all types.
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    Abuse of others exists. Satanic abuse exists. I believe that Malachi Martin's vision of how that happened and how it was used against the church is true and real. I don't think you can separate the ritual from its effect. That would be like saying that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was something that happens but has no effect. We know that is not true. So if the Mass is real, then it only makes sense to say that the anti-Mass is real. And if the Mass has real impact on the word, surely the anti-Mass does as well.
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    I am afraid it does exist. We have the evidence of our Exorcists on this. One told me of a lady whose uncles and aunts offered her up to Satan as a child and caused her subsequent possession. Actually as far as I remember the souls of her uncle and aunt from hell were two of the demons possessing the poor woman, who was ,incidental,y a daily mass goer and communicant.

    Reports of Satanic abuse, especially on children are food and drink to exorcists. Very common.
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