Alice Von Hildebrand Sheds New Light on Third Secret of Fatima

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    Then they do tie together....
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    I listened to all of that tape, which appears to be on a YouTube channel run by a sedevacantist. Towards the end of the tape, it sounded like someone was suggesting that Fr. Martin "fell down the stairs" because he had revealed in a previous interview that the vatican had muscled into an observatory in Arizona.

    Listening to it made me feel very uncomfortable. It would be wrong to attribute anything other than good intentions to Fr. Martin because he is dead and can't defend himself, but I think I'll give the rest of his interviews a miss.
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    Yes. And Akita is an extension of Fatima. So when cardinals oppose cardinals and bishops oppose bishops then ???
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    Lol...I'm listening.....( ?....the pope?)
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    Fr. Martin's videos are posted by numerous catholic groups and faithful individuals....not just the seds.

    I have listened to all of the taped interviews...hours and conclusions about Fr. Martin is that he was a holy, faithful priest who exposed evil within the church. He loved the faith and the church....and that is obvious if you listen to the body of his work. I guess anyone can can find fault with anyone if they choose. He strengthened my faith ...I think he was brilliant .
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    Please, Beth, don't think I was putting him down. I don't know enough about him to do that. Perhaps he felt he couldn't live with the corruption he saw within the Church and found his own way to pursue what he considered the right course. He spoke respectfully of St. John Paul. Although I didn't care for the way Fr. Martin referred to Pope John XXIII, I have to confess that I have wondered how he managed to achieve sainthood, so that's a touch of hypocrisy on my part. Guesting on sensationalist programmes might well have been the only way he could get his message out so it's hard to point the finger at him for speaking to anyone who would listen. All the same, the people who were most successful at cleaning dirt from the Church did so from the inside. All his efforts didn't achieve a whole lot. There has been no change from the Vatican on the third secret, and it is unlikely that there will be a re-consecration of Russia. Whatever housecleaning that has been taking place in the Vatican didn't happen because of anything Fr. Martin said or wrote.

    Perhaps part of the secret has been withheld, and perhaps there will be another consecration of Russia. If Heaven intends for us to hear the full message, then we will hear it. I read somewhere that the 100th anniversary of the warning of dire consequences if Russia is not properly consecrated won't be until about 2038 because although the children received the secrets in 1917, the warning that mentioned the King of France didn't happen until years later. Do you know anything about that?
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    No Delores, I've never read anything about that. I hope the Lord doesn't wait too long....I guess we might have to wait....but that's a shame. But if that's Gods will, we just need to accept His time table. His will be done+
    Thanks Deloures.
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  8. Those interviews only offered for individual discernments were given for someone who was attempting to remember what had been said during those various revelations by Fr. M. It is speculated that his death was due to murder...which occurred rather soon after he spoke about the incoming system/Planet X having to do with the purification and which the govt. and members of the Church were working hard to keep from the public due to fears of chaos and loss of well as interfering with the plans to protect only the elitists during such devastation. He had already spoken to his long time housekeeper about such plans for his death so that on the day of his death, found at the bottom of the stairs which he had only been able to maneuver via one of those moving chairs with help from his housekeeper and on which day his housekeeper was not there, she claimed later to the police who came that he was murdered. They of course said they could find no evidence of that!

    Of course one of the purposes for that observatory in Arizona as well as NASA's powerful infrared telescope at the South Pole (choice of location seemed rather odd since the location really made its construction extremely difficult and increased in cost)....completed in 2007...was to watch for this already known system of great destruction since its orbit had been calculated to be best observed from such a position. I think Fr. M mentioned in the interview that in speaking of such things he was walking on thin ice!
  9. The reason Fr. M was released from his vows of poverty and obedience was to free him to write his books about the corruption he knew of within (while the faithful had only been given the generalities of "smoke of Satan" without much more).... within the Jesuits as well. Many, many people of all persuasions have read his books and so are looking for such a cleansing and purification and are better prepared for the big changes to come due to such courageous individuals.
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    For the record: Francis compares Jihad with the Great Commission
    We were the first English-language medium to translate a portion (dealing with the SSPX) of the interview granted by Pope Francis to La Croix, and published yesterday.
    As we said in our update to that post, La Croix released a full translation today, and another remark has generated intense debate. We publish it here for the record of current events:

    La Croix: The fear of accepting migrants is partly based on a fear of Islam. In your view, is the fear that this religion sparks in Europe justified?
    Pope Francis: Today, I don’t think that there is a fear of Islam as such but of ISIS and its war of conquest, which is partly drawn from Islam. It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam. However, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest.
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    What kind of conquerors are advised, if rejected, to shake the dust from the soles of their shoes and to move on? Bit of a difference from being told to 'kill the infidel'.
  12. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I don't fear islam any more than I fear the devil. I can speak for myself and say I fear what history shows as the outcome of Christians in a muslim world. It is also evident in the muslim countries what happens to Christians under their yoke. So where is the Holy Father coming from. He can't be informed about European history in the way that previous Popes were.

    I wonder if the Holy Father has noticed the genocide of Christians in the middle east.... Rwanda repeated.... Maybe this is what our Lord meant when He said love thy neighbour (muslims). And die to yourself. (Christians).

    Kill the Christians and love the muslims. A very different attitude than Pope Emeritus Benedict. Who got in trouble for daring to mention in an academic setting the historical quotes about the violence of islam.
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    Can you share your source of information about the conspiracy between the government and Church officials to keep information about Planet X from the public?

    BTW, placing an infrared telescope at the South Pole is not at all odd; there are solid scientific reasons for this, including high altitude with a thin atmosphere, the extremely low amount of water vapor in the air, lack of interference of sunlight during long period of time, etc.
  14. But it wasn't necessary with regard to the status quo as advertised by NASA and their various probes in space which has been their real emphasis as far as publicity is concerned. They could have easily continued that but that the pathway discovered of this binary system could best be "first" seen from this special vantage point at the South Pole. If all they were doing is what has been advertised such an expense would be way out of order along with the great difficulty of hauling the necessities for this build as well. This South Pole info has for the most part literally been blocked from the public. This is obvious from the cut off of any further concentration by major news outlets since first reported by in the 1980s and before. You have to search for those articles now on the rare sites that still reference them and other more recent sitings by NASA (via that SP telescope) which inadvertently got posted on Google Sky got immediately removed when discovered that amateur astronomers had publicized the image. The Vatican/Jesuits and their powerful telescope in Arizona make no apology for their examining deep space for alien life which they think is inevitable to discover....which astronomers have connected to the history of this incoming system in one of its prior visits. They refer to Genesis and the Nephilim mingling with human beings which got purified in the time of Noah via the flood. This short excerpt from another interview with Fr. Malachi Martin describes the knowledge at least by certain relevant portions of the Church now for some time of this expected incoming system as labeled as Planet X/Nibiru. But others interested in the question and who have done extensive study on this matter like Steve Quayle/Tom Horn, were also permitted entrance to and discussion with the astronomers/Jesuits as well at the Mt. Graham telescope.

    And this article which goes into all sorts of esoteric discussion by those currently involved in questions of the future outlook by the Church that could come when various discoveries become more publicized contains this bit:

    And then there is that LUCIFER device at Mt. Graham, which the Vatican denies being connected to (manned by the Jesuits!) LUCIFER is curiously described on the Vatican Observatory website as “NASA AND THE VATICAN’S INFRARED TELESCOPE CALLED [LUCIFER]—A German built, NASA and The Vatican owned and funded Infrared Telescope… for looking at NIBIRU/NEMESIS.”

    Fr. Martin's expectation of this incoming system is more connected to the purification mentioned in prophecies while this article speaks outside of such prophecies and seems to concentrate more on alien life discoveries and how the Church could be altered by such.

    Since such discussion is not advertised very far and wide such conferences as these speak to at least "insider" knowledge of what is speculated to be "out there" and have referenced programs of cooperation between the Vatican astronomers and NASA, the one with the most reason to keep a clamp down on any newly discovered information or pictures:
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    After reviewing his work, this my was conclusion as well. He did interviews about his many best selling books not for any personal gain, but to put a spotlight on practices and events within the church to awaken the people. He had a special insight to the working at the Vatican and a gift to write about it. His interest was to protect and defend the Catholic faith and to explain how past and ( then) current events were affecting the church at large. He was trying to prepare faithful Catholics for events to come and explain why they were....and are happening. He loved the church and his faith....and worked hard to remind us that the evils going on within the church are solely a reflection of a " organization" , NOT our faith. This speaks to many of us who routinely wittness the unfaithfulness of current clergy. It's a bolster to us who mourn the abuses of members of the church and a reminder that it has nothing to do with our faith....
    Satans smoke has entered into the church....but the gates of hell will not prevail against it.
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    I agree. Increasingly, I see his many efforts to wake Catholics up in spite of intense personal attacks and calumnies to be a great gift. He was certainly very instrumental in making me aware back in the late 70's and by the time I read" Vatican" in the mid 80's I saw it unfolding right in front of me. His interviews with Bernard Janzen helped a lot.
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    oh yes AED…the interviews with Bernard Janzen were very well done and thankfully, we have these now. And we’ve have been watching all of this right before our eyes. Evidence enough for me….
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    I honestly think the message from La Salette (spelling?) sums up what we have heard about the third secret of Fatima more than any other claims.

    Also it was said that when Bishop Ito God rest his soul spoke to then Cardinal Ratzinger about whether he should approve and publish Akita message. Cardinal Ratzinger was reported as saying go ahead and publish it, it contains what has already been given in the third secret of Fatima.

    Linked a site that is hopefully not attached to any of the extremist Catholic types. Well worth reading into La Salette again, and seeing how those times are very much like our own times in how people have turned away from practising their Faith. The prophesies don't come first, but the content is well worth considering for our times.
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