Alert: Volcano eruption in La Palma could result in mega-tsunami

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by luz, Sep 14, 2021.

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    I apologize if I misunderstood your post.:)
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    333 Our Lady of Fatima

    In retrospect I should have responded to the person with the Scriptures but my own passions got in the way. I will do it here.

    And he sent messengers before his face; and going, they entered into a city of the Samaritans, to prepare for him. And they received him not, because his face was of one going to Jerusalem. [54] And when his disciples James and John had seen this, they said: Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them? And turning, he rebuked them, saying: You know not of what spirit you are. The Son of man came not to destroy souls, but to save. And they went into another town. Luke 9:52-56

    From Genesis 18, the prayer of Abraham to God not wishing evil:

    [20] And the Lord said: The cry of Sodom and Gomorrha is multiplied, and their sin is become exceedingly grievous.

    [21] I will go down and see whether they have done according to the cry that is come to me: or whether it be not so, that I may know. [22] And they turned themselves from thence, and went their way to Sodom: but Abraham as yet stood before the Lord. [23] And drawing nigh he said: Wilt thou destroy the just with the wicked? [24] If there be fifty just men in the city, shall they perish withal? and wilt thou not spare that place for the sake of the fifty just, if they be therein? [25] Far be it from thee to do this thing, and to slay the just with the wicked, and for the just to be in like case as the wicked, this is not beseeming thee: thou who judgest all the earth, wilt not make this judgment.

    [26] And the Lord said to him: If I find in Sodom fifty just within the city, I will spare the whole place for their sake. [27] And Abraham answered, and said: Seeing I have once begun, I will speak to my Lord, whereas I am dust and ashes. [28] What if there be five less than fifty just persons? wilt thou for five and forty destroy the whole city? And he said: I will not destroy it, if I find five and forty. [29] And again he said to him: But if forty be found there, what wilt thou do? He said: I will not destroy it for the sake of forty. [30] Lord, saith he, be not angry, I beseech thee, if I speak: What if thirty shall be found there? He answered: I will not do it, if I find thirty there.

    [31] Seeing, saith he, I have once begun, I will speak to my Lord. What if twenty be found there? He said: I will not destroy it for the sake of twenty. [32] I beseech thee, saith he, be not angry, Lord, if I speak yet once more: What if ten should be found there? And he said: I will not destroy it for the sake of ten. [33] And the Lord departed, after he had left speaking to Abraham: and Abraham returned to his place.
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    Don't forget to get a blessed picture of Divine Mercy posted on your front door or a front window. You may just wake to find that the flood split and went around your house.
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    I admit to having been a dunce at Irish but even I know that seacht bliana translates to seven years. You spell it seachd with a d rather than a t. Is that old Irish, taken direct from the prophecy? If so, maybe it has a different translation than the number seven. Otherwise, the translation is seven years. And I thought that St. Patrick had the vision after he prayed that Ireland would be spared the persecution of the AntiChrist. Did somebody invent the meaning that Ireland would disappear beneath the sea seven years before the end of the world - the period of the AC's emergence and reign of terror? Do you know whether there's a source for the belief that the vision came after Patrick prayed that Ireland be spared?

    Also, Iona is flat. It would have to float to not be covered by the wave that covers Islay. Islands don't float. But seismic activity on the sea bed could push it higher.

    The Sally Gap is just a few ft. higher than Islay's highest point. Glendalough was my plan B. It's surrounded by higher mountains but the river feeding the lakes could turn the whole glen into a swimming pool, so that's not an option. That leaves Lugnaquilla which doesn't look car friendly, and the hike would kill me:

    I like Muzhik's suggestion of hanging the Divine Mercy picture on the hall door. Might get another for the back door.
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    Ah sister you'll have at least 8 hours to work it out ,maybe your recent drive to derry had more reason than you think ;) My plan is a little place called mother of the hill Windy gap ;)(y)
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    Yes seachd was the original so could be scotish gaelic...

    as for the visoin of st patrick and ireland being spared i think that is the light in ulster prophecy that you refer to if you search the forum for light in ulster you will see Ive posted on this before..
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    Whatever Archangels

    Not sure that we'll have 8 hours. Mother of the hill is a nice name for a place of refuge.

    Just had a look at the list of earthquakes for today. There was a mag. 2.0 at a depth of 0 two hours ago:

    Won't do us any harm to keep an eye on that website for the next few weeks.
  8. "Quis ut Deus"

    "Quis ut Deus" Powers Staff Member


    you might like this prayer card for your back door....

    this is the vision when st padraig fell to his knees

    Once the Saint had a great vision, in which the actual state and the future of the Church in Ireland were revealed to him. In the first place, he saw the whole land, as it were, like a great furnace whose flames reached to the sky. And he clearly heard the voice of an Angel saying, "Such is now - the state of Ireland in the sight of the Lord."

    After a little time, instead of this far-spreading universal fire, he saw flaming mountains here and there over the land, then torches shining, succeeded by glimmering lights amidst an ever-increasing darkness. Last of all, he saw a few live coals buried and burning deep in the earth. Then an angelic voice was heard, saying that such should be the successive states of the Irish people in times that were coming.

    Then, with tears rolling down his cheeks, the Saint repeated many times those words of the Psalmist, "Will God then cast us off forever ? Or will He never more be favorable again? Or will He cut off His mercy forever from generation to generation? Or will God forget to show mercy? Or will He in anger close off His mercies?"

    The Angel answered and told him to look to the north of the land, and that there he should see the Hand of the Most High. The Saint lifted up his eyes, and, behold, a little light arose in Uladh (Ulster), which had struggled long in the darkness, until at length the whole island was filled with the brightness of its glory, and Ireland returned to its first state of all-pervading fire..

    also my 8 hour quote is based on the scientific evidence of a worst case scenario of 20 km of a landslide from las palma the estimate is that it would take such wave 8 to 9 hours to reach ireland ....
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    Let’s all be positive, now. 0C065281-9C06-4111-9906-BBE3438C14C3.png
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    The attached, taken from Emmet O'Regan's book "Unveiling the Apocalypse", has some detail about that light from Ulster prophecy. It's from a work by a 12th century Cistercian who attributed the prophecy to St. Patrick but he believed that the light from Ulster was St. Malachy who restored the faith after the Viking invasions:

    He's of the same mind as you about the LaPalma tsunami being the one that submerges Ireland. He also links it to Sr. Lucy of Fatima's vision and to the Book of Revelation where a burning mountain crashes into the sea.
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    Sorry in advance if this is inappropriate….. it my dark and as my wife like to tell me bizarre sense of humor!

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    Thanks for the prayer. I'm going to print out a few copies. See my previous post about the light from Ulster prophecy. Looks like St. Malachy was the light. If this tsunami is the answer to St. Patrick's prayer, we may as well stay at home because it's a watery grave for us no matter how high we climb.
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    The living will envy the dead. To be fair do what you can to prepare as reasonably as possible because the reality of events is a lot different to our schemes. So you scramble to the top of a mountain whilst an island is inundated with water and wait for what, and eat what, and for how long, and who with etc etc. I really don't think there is much point thinking of such things it is a waste of time. If the Lord has any use for us and we are still kicking around then we will be were we will be. It's that simple. Everything else is a distraction. Prepare prudently, and try to stay in the state of grace. God's providence will take care of the rest.
  14. Indy

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    Its so hard to know. So many Catholics in Ireland don't even go to confession, I feel God is going to at least wake them up with a scare first before the actual submerging occurs. I might be wrong and indeed people have had plenty of chances to see how evil works and the state of the world. But they are not listening and so many of the same have accepted an aborted tainted injection without repentance. So deserving of punishment. Have let abortion in without a fight.

    But I feel one more warning is going to happen or one more chance given to us all. I pray it does or if I make it home to heaven I am not sure I will know too many there if we just get wiped out right now.
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    It sure won't be pleasant for any survivors. I'm not so sure I would want to be among them but something tells me that doing what we can to escape the rising water would be the right thing to do.

    The state of things in Ireland can be depressing. I was at Mass this morning in a beautiful old church. There were maybe fifteen or twenty people at Mass. Outside, there's a very narrow area with railings and a gate dividing that small strip of Church property from the public footpath. There was a homeless man asleep inside the railings. He was in a sleeping bag and a cardboard box was the shelter for his head. There's a wheelchair ramp beside the steps up to the church door. There was a young couple sleeping on the ramp. I stayed after Mass to say some prayers. There were a few others spread out in the very large church. A young women, evidently a drug addict, approached each of us asking for money. The three homeless people were still sleeping when I left the church. This in a busy street. I can't get that young couple out of my mind. I didn't see their faces but I know they were young because I could see the girl's hand and she must have been very young. Lord have mercy on us for squandering what had been passed down to us.
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    The prayer is so beautiful. And St Patrick's vision gives me chills.
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    Lol..yes…stay positive…Gods will!
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    I have printed that beautiful prayer when you posted it before. It’s in my garage.
    Thank you.
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    Thanks for this, Beth. It’s a good presentation for why the mega tsunami theory is not viable given subsequent studies after this initial paper was published twenty years ago. It should go a long way in calming people’s nerves.

    I don’t know what to think. The La Palma issue has always been fascinating, and prophecy indicates something resembling a tsunami but my reading has always been more towards global inundation from one or more asteroids or even from a pole shift.
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