Alert: Volcano eruption in La Palma could result in mega-tsunami

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    Not sure how to read that response...could be a cultural thing but if its sarcasm we have a saying here in Ireland ..." Sarcasm is the lowest form of intelligence " (y)..

    Hopefully Im wrong but just a heads up I wont tolerate rude behaviour especially towards AED ;)
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    Yes. A mountain of fire falling in to the sea. Isnt that in Revelation?
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    God bless you John.
  4. You may have also noted on the "spaceweather" site, the Giant Jet (Sprite) that appeared recently over a thunderstorm in Puerto Rico. The sun is now emerging from its profound state of quiescence (Epic Minima beginning in 2012) in vigorous response to UNPRECEDENTED Comet C/2017 K2, due to reach perihelion in Dec. of 2022. This comet, from an "Electrical Universe" perspective, has the potential to fulfill "The Three Days of Darkness". The UNPRECEDENTED increased frequency and magnitude of seismic, volcanic, meteorological and aberrant human psychological events here on earth are all in direct response to Comet K2's hyperbolic approach. Comet Hale-Bopp (1997) served as a cosmic warning of things to come with K2. Due to the GREAT DECEPTION that overshadows this world, academia has concealed the true nature of our sun...along with just about everything else. What you see as the sun is actually a very tenuous sheath of plasma hovering over the inner planetary core and is highly susceptible to the interference of comets that have an opposing electrical charge to the sun. The glow of a cathode in an electronic vacuum tube is a perfect analogy. Due to K2's UNPRECEDENTED nature, which comes down to its electrical charge that opposes the sun's, it has the potential to extinguish the very sensitive and tenuous plasma sheath (photosphere) enshrouding it. Another analogy that might be helpful in understanding is that of a Coleman lantern. The lantern mantle is analogous to the sun's photosphere...very, very delicate and susceptible to shock, so much so that even the smallest of comets induce profound Coronal Mass Ejections. Those that will be induced by K2 will be of a correspondingly UNPRECENDETED nature, perhaps, even, of Biblical proportions. (See Ed Dames' "Kill Shot")

    The highly controversial pandemic followed closely upon the heels of K2's discovery on the 100th anniversary (one cosmic day) of the visions at Fatima which represents the Adversary's shot across the bow-shockwave of K2 in order to preempt the chaos that is to come and already manifesting...for those who seek and knock and are not completely knocked-out. The pandemic is the Adversary's 'kill shot' in anticipation of the cosmic 'kill shot' now hurtling towards our sun.

    "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you..." Matt. 7:7

    One may wonder just how many more 'signs' will be needed to induce humanity to crash down upon the earth with its collective knees, invoking Divine intervention in order to counteract the current reverberations currently emanating therefrom and beyond.

    Now is the time to rally behind Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano as the light of Christ shines brightly upon him.
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  5. Jesus is knock-knock-knocking on earth's door from Heaven, such that His knuckles are bleeding almost a copiously as that from the wounds in his hands.

    It behooves humanity to at least crack the door open to see who is knocking before He has to resort to bashing it...completely in.
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  6. The Adversary is "playing it down" as a play-down of what Diabolos fears most...the end of his time on earth and the annunciation of Heaven as portended in The Book of Revelations. He is so beset with fear that he is sweating magma.
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  7. Yes, you surely have misapprehended my meaning. In Scotland there is a saying, "The highest form of mental activity is in the pursuit of Truth, which often times is best apprehended 'tongue-in-cheek' ". There was absolutely no sarcasm intended. My meaning is that, what appeared before is appearing again as it pertains to signs in the skies. My spirit is high in anticipation of His coming. The Irish often brawl with the Scots, but in the end they are brothers at heart. I assure you from my heart, there was no intention to raise your ire, whom I consider my brother at heart.
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    Amen!!!! ( shouting)!
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    Fair enough apologies if I read things wrong.. Hard to know when reading text...
  10. With this I hope you understand my meaning: "Words will always retain their power. Words are the means to meaning, and for those who listen, the enunciation of truth, and the truth is there is something terribly wrong with this country [world], isn’t there?” "V" as in Victory!

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    I thought it was a pun on the words apparent and appears, the inference being 'here we go again'.

    The Irish and Scots brawl because they're too alike!
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  12. Yes, indeed, hewn from the same Israelitish stock. We were told that in the end of times, all will be made clear, who we really are and from what land we hail and hold so dear.
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  13. Actually, you apprehended my meaning well, but erred as to what I was referring to...another war...WW3. So close, but yet so far away in the minds of those who have not been made aware.
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    I was thinking and praying about the poor, poor people on the Canary Islands today. They are in a terrible dilemma. On the one hand there is the strong urge to flee and leave the islands and head for cover.

    But on the other, their homes are there, their families are there, their friends and neighbours are there , there jobs are there and their whole past the history is there. To flee is to head into a great uncertainty.

    The same thing is true for many thousands, people from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Haiti, Afghanistan, the list goes on and on.

    It just occurred to me that the same scenario might present itself to ourselves in the future and how would we react if it did?

    It reminds me of people who are told by their Doctors they have terminal illness and are about to die. They go through a whole process, Anger, denial and eventually acceptance.

    I think with Catholic prophecy it can be much the same and people find it hard to come to terms with things. Prayer, I believe is the key. But if there is no prayer, there is no coming to terms with it.:)
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  15. They are on the front lines in this decisive strategic battle for all of our souls. With their strong roots in the Faith they are no doubt deep in prayer asking for consolation for their losses and giving thanks for their lives. The world will open its heart and help see them through this crisis. As the Evil One enters the final battle with all of his armaments in play, so too will the Spirit pour forth in exponentially greater magnitude to bolster their courage and win the day.
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    Could all this cause a tsunami on East coast of Canada and U.S. if an earthquake occurs?
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    Yes, but it’s a very remote risk. But that’s why there’s so much concern about this particular volcano. Otherwise no one would have taken much interest in it.
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    I notice on the Spanish speaking sites which discuss this , much more reverence and prayers for Divine Intervention than I do on the English speaking ones. It is very touching indeed.

    Also on the BBC today, a source of the greatest joy and hope that the virus appears to be causing the hearts of the young to turn to the Good God:
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    Latest from la vent opened and four earthquakes from 2.4 to 2.8 recorded at the volcano site since 9pm last night..lava continues to flow and explosive eruptions continue...I finally managed to obtain a video of the destruction of the volcano mountain and the current flow of lava as of yesterday....

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    That's some footage John!
    It captures it perfectly, for those of us struggling to picture it in our minds, thanks... It's asolutely astounding.
    I fly drones myself. I appreciate those shots. It be easy to lose one getting them ( and they're not cheap!)

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