Alert: Volcano eruption in La Palma could result in mega-tsunami

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  1. Michael Pio

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    Dear Lumena,
    Thank you very much, highly interesting. I think you have once shared where you live. When you talk about where to live, would you mind specifying what you mean specifically?
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  2. Jo M

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    Dreams that stay with you like that are very significant.
    There may come a day when your children will be very grateful for your warning.
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  3. BrianK

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    Amazing tidbit about the Krakatoa volcano:

    The pressure wave generated by the colossal third explosion radiated out from Krakatoa at 1,086 km/h (675 mph). The eruption is estimated to have reached 310 dB, loud enough to be heard 5,000 kilometres (3,100 mi) away. It was so powerful that it ruptured the eardrums of sailors 64 km (40 miles) away on ships in the Sunda Strait, and caused a spike of more than 8.5 kilopascals (2.5 inHg) in pressure gauges 160 km (100 miles) away, attached to gasometers in the Batavia gasworks, sending them off the scale.​

    The pressure wave was recorded on barographs all over the world. Several barographs recorded the wave seven times over the course of five days: four times with the wave travelling away from the volcano to its antipodal point, and three times travelling back to the volcano. Hence, the wave rounded the globe three and a half times. Ash was propelled to an estimated height of 80 km (50 mi).​

    The eruptions diminished rapidly after that point, and by the morning of 28 August, Krakatoa was silent. Small eruptions, mostly of mud, continued into October 1883. By then, less than 30% of the original island remained.​
  4. Byron

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    What Worries me are the nuclear subs, etc.., a volcanic (wave) / earthquake eruptions may destroy more than anyone can imagine. Where are the safest places to live?
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  5. miker

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    I just clicked the live feed from La Palma. It appears that explosions and lava flow has increased tonight. Almost appears as if even more lava is exploding up out of the vent? Anyone else following and can confirm.
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    Good question.
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  7. Muzhik

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    It's also worth noting that in America (esp. in the northeast), 1884 was known as "The Winter of Eighteen Hundred and Freeze-To-Death." You had a VERY late spring, and snow falling in August killing all the crops. This was because the fallout from Krakatoa blocked so much of the sun.
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  8. padraig

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  9. "Quis ut Deus"

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    Lava flow and eruption intensity has continued at a relatively similar pace since first eruption the lava continues to flow to the sea at a rate of 4m per hour..
  10. "Quis ut Deus"

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    As I have mentioned before because of the lack of the explosive element of the current eruption the most dangerous scenario is when the lava reaches the sea.. News report seems to agree..

    Below is a recent news report from El Pais

    The geologist Raúl Pérez rejects Ward and Day’s apocalyptic scenario. “This eruption does not involve high-violence phenomena. As far as volcanism is concerned, this is a small phenomenon. In order to see a collapse of the caldera, there would have to be enormous volumes involved, and that is not the case.”

    “What is being considered is the possibility that minor interaction between the lava and the water might produce some kind of explosion,” he adds.
  11. Lumena

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    Hi Michael

    I live in Christchurch, NZ, and specifically in a Suburb away from the ocean, Merivale. I have my daughter, Son in Law and my first Grandchild living with me. They moved in a week ago.

    Prior to that they were living VERY near to the ocean, in a Tsunami inundation zone. I worried so much about that. Twice they had to flee to high ground when there were earthquakes and warnings of waves. But now we are safe, I hope!

    (My 2 Sons are further inland and my other (youngest) daughter lives on high ground. )

    I feel a great sense of peace we are together and well away from the sea.
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  12. AED

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    I remember reading about it. "The year without summer:
  13. FatimaPilgrim

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  14. "Miracle house" in La Palma:

    The lava flow opens itself to encircle a little house and closes itself again after sparing it for no apparent reason. It has become a sign of hope in the middle of the destruction.



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  15. FatimaPilgrim

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    Its like the gates of hell have opened...or...God has lifted His restraining hand and now we are going to be blessed with the cleansing Grace of the consequences of what we have sown
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  16. Muzhik

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    It probably had a picture of the Divine Mercy on the front door or front window. Or maybe a statue of the Virgin in the garden by the door.
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  17. BrianK

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    On La Palma, directly below the volcano, “the Church of Pope St. Pius X has remained un touched by lava in what many describe as an incredible miracle”: 59E26602-3855-4843-8822-2C2F57B6B747.jpeg
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  18. PurpleFlower

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    Where did you find this info? Amazing!

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